Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

ME: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, traveling out? , what for?


BETTY: onihaxy, pls sit up, there is something I wanted to discuss with you.


ME : *** got scared ***** ok dear. I’m all ears.


BETTY: it happened that when I was in my third year at the university, my dad introduced a young man to me who happened to be the son of his friend. daddy wanted us to be friends and we started as friends back then.


ME: ******getting scared the more****** ok, I’m listening.


BETTY: so, we continued our friendship for few months until he eventually asked me out in my final year which I declined.


ME: why?


BETTY: the guy was just so rude, spoilt, proud and arrogant. I tried changing him while we were friends, but he was very difficult to change. he had this mindset that he is a billionaire’s son and can do anything he like.


ME: hmmmmmmmmmm.


BETTY: yes dear. and also, I had a boyfriend during that period whom I loved so much and wasn’t ready to leave or hurt.


ME: Another rich guy I guess?


BETTY: not at all. he was an eatery attendant. it happened that one day when I went to a eatery in abuja for lunch. I forgot my purse inside the eatery which contained lots of money and some other valuables, this guy found the purse and my address and brought it to our place. we exchanged numbers in the process and that was how everything started .


ME: so what happened next?


BETTY: so when I declined the rich guy’s proposal. he reported me to my daddy and that was the beginning of troubles between my dad and I.


ME: trouble?. how?


BETTY: yeah. my dad insisted that I must marry his friend’s son by fire by force or else, I would see his trouble. I thought it was a joke until I finished my NYSC in his firm, he refused to retain me as we both agreed, he froze my account and decided not to further my education as he promised earlier.


ME: hmmmm. eeeyah. so what happened next and where is the eatery guy?.


BETTY: that was double trouble my dear. one day when I was frustrated at home . I couldn’t access my account, I couldn’t work, he even went as far as informing all his friends not too assist me unless I do his wish by marrying his friend’s son. so this day, I picked few of my cloths, picked my car key and decided to stay few days at my boyfriend’s place just to clear my head. onihaxy guess what?, I got the shocker of my life.


ME: Shock?, you caught him on bed with another guy?.


BETTY: if it was that one, shebi it would have been better.


ME: so what really happened?


BETTY: On that day, I didn’t inform him that I was coming to his place. so on getting to the entrance of his apartment, I over heard him and his friends discussing about me. he was telling his friends that he never loved me and that he was with me because of my father’s wealth and that he would dump me when when he obtained enough from me. I was shocked and I didn’t know when I started crying out loud. in fact, it was my cry that got his attention and he was shocked to see me outside.


ME: eeeyah. some men are cruel sha.


BETTY: Can you imagine, I have spent over a million naira on this silly guy since we met.


ME: so sorry dear. so what happened next?


BETTY: I just got frustrated and tired of this life. I can’t stay in my Father’s house because it was hell. I can’t date the son of my father’s friend because I had no single love for him, the only guy I loved and trusted with my life also said he was dating me just because of the money. I just made up my mind and ran away to stay with my grand mother and that was how I met you.


ME: eeeyaah. so sorry dear. you have passed through a lot.


BETTY: Abi Jaree. that was why I didn’t accept to date you in the first place until I discovered something amazing about you that got me convinced that you truely love me.


ME: really?, what is that dear?


BETTY: Onihaxy, you know me to well, you know how wealthy my family is, and I know your class is far below mine, sorry to say,


ME: hmmmmmm.


BETTY: yes. and what amazed me was that since the first day we met till today. you never for once demanded a kobo from me. even at some certain times when you are badly broke. I still expected you to make demands but you didn’t.


ME: I never knew you were watching me. Betty, I’m not dating you for the sake of money or material things, but I’m dating you because I love you and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. i see myself as the man who should be the one spending money on you and not the other way round. and that is why I’m trying to work hard to be a good husband.


BETTY: ******kissed me******* I love you so much onihaxy


ME: I love you too.


BETTY: so when I got to Lagos to stay with henry. he promised to sponsor my masters degree program, my daddy found out and he vowed to dis-own henry , remove him from the family company and also freeze his account too. so henry had no other choice than to pull out.


ME: so sorry about dear. so what are you travelling abroad to do?.


BETTY: I’m going for my masters degree program. my father has approved it.


ME: wAOooh. I’m happy for you.


BETTY: he agreed after I accepted his terms and conditions to marry his friend’ son.


ME: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, so you are leaving me?

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