Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

I woke up so late on sunday morning at around 9am, I looked beside me and couldn’t find bimpe on the bed, I stood up, checked the kitchen and bathroom and couldn’t find her. I checked around and didn’t see her bag and purse but I saw her wristwatch and chain in my trolley.

“Where could she be?”, I went out to check for her car but couldn’t find it outside. I returned back to my room and sat on my bed to reminisce about what happened the previous night.

“Onihaxy!!!, why did you fell last night?”

“But I tried to resist her oooo”

“But I vowed never to be intimate with this girl again?”

“But it wasn’t my fault sha!”

“But do I have a choice?”

“What could I do with a Unclad girl on my bed with me alone in the room”

“When I’m not impotent?”

“And I couldn’t chase her out in the night!!!”.

I stopped thinking and I picked up my phone and discovered that it was switched off. I switched it on and I got a message from bimpe saying “thanks so much for the host, I had to leave very early because of an important outing and I don’t want to disturb your sleep. Do have a nice day”. I just smiled and dialled her number and she picked up, I could hear the background of a moving car. I told her that she forgot her chain and wristwatch and she told me to keep it till the next time we see.

It was late to prepare for church so I spent the rest of the day preparing for the next day work.

I got to work the next day and sat on my desk waiting for time to be 7:30am before going for the connect session. At around 7:19am, I was on my seat pressing my phone when the main door of my office was opened, behind the door, funmi walked in and she was looking so cute and hot in a new gown, I checked the gown very well and realised it was the one I bought for her on her birthday, it looked so fitted on her and it reminded me of Funmi’s statement when she said “I’m just surprised how you knew my size”. As she walked in, my co-staffs greeted her and she waved at them but when she got to my desk, she stopped and smiled at me and she said “onihaxy, how is my outfit?”, I smiled and replied her saying “you look good and so nice in it”. She smiled and said “I know that’s what you will say, because its your handiwork abi?, people said I’m not looking good today”. I smiled again and said “don’t mind them funmi”, our compliment lasted for about two minutes before she entered her office.

When it was 7:30am, I walked out of the office and I noticed my office-mates staring at me and I was like “na me these people go take gossip again today”. I went to the connect session and returned to my desk at the end of the meeting.

At break time, funmi called me to see her in her office and I went there, I greeted her and sat down on the chair.


FUNMI: onihaxy, how is the work going?


ME: going fine


FUNMI: that’s cool. You have always been dedicated to your work and I want you to keep it up. Just have it in mind that the bank is watching you.


ME: thanks funmi.


FUNMI: and thanks for the dress, I so much love it.


ME: ***smiled*** you are welcome


FUNMI: but I did you know my size?


ME: I measured you with my brain and instinct.


FUNMI: hmmmmmmm, you are wonderful, that’s nice.


ME: thank you.


FUNMI: so let me ask you, what is your schedule for this weekend?


ME: uuuhhmmm. From friday evening to sunday evening, I’m always free.


FUNMI: ok, in that case, I’m inviting you for a lunch at my home on saturday.


ME: ***felt excited**** waaaoohhh, I so much appreciate the invitation.


FUNMI: will you come?


ME: ***full of anxiety*** yes I will.


FUNMI: no problem, I will give you the address of my house at the close of business for today.


ME: ok


FUNMI: you can go back to your work now.


I stood up from the seat and left funmi’s office with anxiety and happiness as if I won a lotto. “Me?, been invited by funmi for a lunch?, this must be a dream”. My office mate were just looking at me as I was happy and fantasising on my seat. I had a chat with segun to update him about the latest invitation from funmi, he was happy and he said he would give me tutorials on my next steps.

I closed for work that monday and returned home after getting the address description from funmi.

On thursday night of that same week, I was in the kitchen preparing my noodles as usual when my phone began to ring on my bed. I came back to my room, checked the screen and discovered that it was betty calling me and I picked.


ME: hello baby mi


BETTY: hi love. How are you and how is work today?


ME: fine dear, just that I missed you so much


BETTY: I missed you too dear. Shebi you have fully relocated to your new apartment you told me about?


ME: yes dear. I’m even in my kitchen presently, doing some cooking.


BETTY: cooking noodles abi?


ME: ***smiled**** you are right


BETTY: ok ooo, I just want to inform you that I will be back to Lagos tomorrow,


ME: waooooh, I’m so happy to hear this.


BETTY: and I will be coming straight to your house from the airport. I will be with you till sunday before going to lekki.


ME: its alright dear.


BETTY: so, I will come to meet you at your bank, and we will go home together from there, abi what do you think?,


ME: its fine and ok like that.


BETTY: alright baby, see you tomorrow.


ME: ok dear


BETTY: I love you so much


ME: I love you too.


BETTY: **hanged up****


“Which kind wahala be this?”

” I have a lunch to attend on saturday and betty wanted to be with me that same weekend?”

“Betty is coming to the bank and I don’t want funmi to see her so as not to spoil my plans”

“What do I do now?”. I stopped thinking and decided to consult segun for an advice.

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