Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

*** over to segun on whatsapp ******


ME: hi segun.


SEGE: how far guy?


ME: I dey jaree. Small wahala don shele oo


SEGE: you don give bimpe belle abi?


ME: you no well.


SEGE: oya wetin happen?


ME: you know I told you that my boss invited me for a lunch at her residence this weekend?


SEGE: you mean funmi?


ME: yes


SEGE: so what happened?, did she cancel the date?


ME: No ooooooo, betty called me just now to tell me that she will be coming around tomorrow and she will spending the weekend with me before going to lekki.


SEGE: chai!!!!!!!! Show spoiler!!!


ME: the funniest thing is that she told me she will be coming to meet me at the bank tomorrow so that we will go home together.


SEGE: that’s very risky, funmi must not meet betty at all.


ME: you are in the same spirit with me bro. I don’t know what to do.


SEGE: wait, are you planning to spend the night at your boss’ place?


ME: no oooo. Just to go there and return latest in the evening.


SEGE: then you don’t have to panic, its a simple issue.


ME: simple kee?, really?


SEGE: yeah.


ME: so what do I do?


SEGE: first, get somewhere around your entrance where you can drop the spare of you key that no one can see it unless you tell someone.


ME: ok, I can keep that behind my door net. So what next?


SEGE: then go to work and flex yourself.


ME: I still don’t get it


SEGE: when she calls to tell you that she is around, just tell her that the bank sent you on an errand to dispatch some materials to another branch far away from you and you might not be back to your branch until 5pm or thereabouts.


ME: hmmmmmm. Sege!!!!!!!!


SEGE: so you will tell her that she can go home and that you will join her at home, give her the address to your house and the location of the spare key and that’s all.


ME: hmmm, SEGE the event planner!!!!!!


SEGE: na me be that jaree.


ME: what about the lunch date on saturday.


SEGE: its simple. Tell her that you were told to come to work for some special duties. Just use one bank term sha.


ME: and you think that it will work?.


SEGE: offcourse it should. Better still, I will send a customise sms to you now in the name of your bank. You can show that to her as an evidence and that’s all.


ME: hmmmmmmm.


SEGE: but make sure you tell her that your phone will be switched off or placed on silent due to the ethics of your bank. With that, she won’t be able to monitor you with calls and you will be able to concentrate fully with funmi.


ME: hmmmmmm. Badoo!!!, thanks jaree.


SEGE: you are welcome. Just make sure you score more points with your boss. I can guarantee it that goodies are attached to your relationship with her.


ME: no wahala. I will give you feed back as e dey go.


SEGE: no wahala.


ME: ok sege, I want to sleep. I’m going to work tomorrow.


SeGE: ok, chat later, be expecting the text.


ME: ok, bye.


I ended my chat with segun, dropped my phone and began to tidy up my room as I might not be chanced to do so the next morning. I removed my bed sheet which was stained with Fluid and watched the stained spot. I cleared all the tissues we used in cleaning up and disposed them. I picked bimpe’s chain and wristwatch , wrapped it in a cloth and kept it at the bottom of wardrobe. Before I was through with the sanitation, I received a sms from segun about the notice of coming to work on saturday and the sms was bearing the name of my bank. “Chaiiiii bad boy!!!!”. I dropped my phone on my bed and slept off thereafter.

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