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Episode 9












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Emmanuel was the one that signed for Mirabel’s surgery to be performed. That means Emmanuel will be responsible for anything that happens to Mirabel during the surgery.












Emmanuel met Samuel In the car waiting.


“Sorry I kept you waiting for long. I went to return the favor the lady did for me last week.” Emmanuel said.


“That’s true. I’ve even forgotten as well. Thanks goodness you remember. Did you saw her?” Samuel asked.


“No, I didn’t saw her.” Emmanuel said skipping the lady’s pregnancy issue.


“Alright. At least you let her know you’re grateful. That reminds me, have you seen or heard anything about the Prostitute you slept with months ago?” Samuel asked.


“Who was that?” Emmanuel asked.


“Silly! The lady you said you slept with and lost 2million.” Samuel said.


“Ohh…that? I’ve forgotten about that! She must be a Prostitute. Since I didn’t see her again. Don’t remind me that stuff please. I don’t wanna remember it anymore. I can’t imagine I slept with a Prostitute.” Emmanuel said.


“Well, it’s happened. Let’s branch here and eat. I’m hungry.” Samuel said.


“Me too.” Emmanuel said.


Samuel stopped the car and both stepped out.










Mirabel was rushed to the theater. She has lost weight. She was suprised when she saw the doctor because since last week only a nurse always came to give her medications.



She only expect to see the doctor when she’s paid for the surgery.


“Doctor…?” Mirabel called weakly with a question face.


“Save your strength for the surgery. I’ll explain later!” The doctor said and she was taken to the theater for immediate treatment and the delivery of her baby. .








The lawyer has filed a divorce paper and has taken it to Rose in the station to sign on it.


The court date for Rose’s judgement for attempted murder and for the divorce papers was scheduled on a day, the same day.


When Rose saw the divorce papers the lawyer was holding, that was when it dawned on her that she’s really in trouble.


“Lawyer? Did you filed this yourself or my husband asked you to?” Rose shamefully asked.


“Madam, yours is to sign here..” the lawyer said and pointed to where she will sign.


“Lawyer….help me to beg my husband. I’m a changed person now. I won’t trouble


him anymore please.” Rose cried.


“I’m sorry ma. Please sign.” The lawyer said.


After some minutes of crying…she finally signed the papers and the lawyer left the












After 2hours of being in labor, Mirabel finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy!


After giving birth,she fainted due to the lateness. The doctors were scared and they quickly set to save her back to life.


“Her son is too handsome for her to just die! She hasn’t even looked at him! Poor


her!” One nurse said softly pitifully.








After some minutes, she came back to life. The doctor quickly gave her medications as a nurse took the baby away to take care of him.


Mirabel slept off. She slept for hours before waking up. Her crying baby woke her up. She was still sleeping when the nurse brought back the baby.


Seeing her still asleep, she laid the baby beside her. Suddenly, he started crying and he woke up her sleeping mother.


“Huh? Is this you? Wow! You looked so much handsome. Like I’ve seen this face before…? But no, you are mine. I’m glad you came out safely. This is mummy,huh?” Mirabel said tearfully as she carried the baby in her arms and the baby stopped crying as he looked at Mirabel’s moving mouth.


Mirabel smiled and the baby started crying again.


Mirabel petted him and br**stfed him.








The court of law disunited and divorced Rose and Emmanuel’s marriage.


And also, Rose was sent to 30years imprisonment with hard labour for attempted murder of her husband.


She cried endlessly as the police led her away.


“Take heart bro!” Samuel told Emmanuel and he nodded.



“Finally! You ended up like this. I prayed God forgives you. When will you be able to get out of there now? Rose…. After all my advices and all. You still


decided not to hear. See what my husband is handsome and wealthy has turned you into? A prisoner?” Esther lamented tearfully as she left the court. .






“It’s time to rise and shine! Find a new and cultured wife!” Samuel said as they’re back to the car heading home.


“I will…” Emmanuel said.


“How’s that your stupid maid?” Samuel asked.


“She’s there with her madness! I’ve warned her though.” Emmanuel said.


“That reminds me, my maid as went back to the village to marry.” Samuel said laughing.


Emmanuel joined him.


“To marry?” Emmanuel asked laughing again.


“Yes! She said her fiance is waiting for too long. And she needs to go. I gave her some money and she left!” Samuel said.


“Wow! I don’t know maids do marry. Better find a new maid quickly!” Emmanuel said.


“No, they don’t get married! Silly guy! Yes! I will get a new maid soon. You know I’m a lazy type. Since she left I haven’t sweep, cook or even wash.” Samuel said.


“Lazy butt. I won’t visit you for a while then.” Emmanuel said.


“Why now?” Samuel asked.



“Since everywhere will be smelling and stinking. What will I come to do In that kind of house?” Emmanuel said laughing.


“Seriously…you are not serious. I’m hungry. Let’s eat.” Samuel said and stopped the car.


“Silly guy. Only for food.” Emmanuel said.


“What” Samuel asked.


“Nothing.” Emmanuel said hiding a laugh but couldn’t help it, he bursted out laughing.


“You’re not serious.” Samuel said and entered the restaurant.


“You too!” Emmanuel said and followed suit.








Mirabel has regained her strength and was discharged. Her thoughts was to resumed her job as a cleaner again in the hospital.


But, she was suprised to see a new cleaner starting work already.


She was sad…she held her baby tightly and went to the doctor’s office.


“Sir…I” she started but was interrupted.


“Ohh…sorry Mirabel. You’ve stayed longer than expected in the labor room, and we can’t left the hospital untidy, so we hired a new cleaner. Sorry about that!” The doctor said and Mirabel was crying silently.


“Now I remembered, someone that pays for your surgery asked me to give you this..” the doctor said and handed a note and some cash to Mirabel.


“Really? Help me to thank the person. Tell whosoever it is that I’m grateful.” Mirabel said joyfully.



“He’s a man though. You saved him. So he saved you in return.” The doctor said.


“My regards. I’m grateful for him.” Mirabel said and left the office with mixed feelings.


“Where will I start from now? I need a home, food and clothes. How can I get these? I need to work as a maid in other to get these three things.” Mirabel said and patted her crying baby.


She left the hospital in search for a needed maid. She believes she can do it. I will surely endure!


She backed her baby and set to walk. She walk even more than the distance she covers over 7months ago.


She was heading to estates area. There she believes she will find a job as a full maid in someone’s house.


It’s evening and it’s started raining heavily…


She quickly looked around to figure out a place to hide herself and the baby from rain but unfortunately, she’s in an estate as every houses around the place were fenced.


“What do I do? What should I do? This baby must not get cold.” She cried and bent in front of a house.


She carried her baby in her hand and use different kind of clothes to cover the baby as she make use of her body to shield the baby from rain.


The rain started falling on her. Poor her!








“I got to leave now! It’s raining already!” Samuel said.


“Stay overnight now. It’s my house.” Emmanuel said.


“My instinct is telling me to go home now. I will drive slowly and safely.” Samuel said.


“But… okay then. Give me a call when you get home.” Emmanuel said.


“Alright.” Samuel said and walked out to his car.


Then, he drove out.








The baby started crying…


Sorry my darling. Mummy is so sorry. It’s because mummy didn’t have a house.” Mirabel said tearfully to the covered baby.


The baby continue crying..


“Maybe he’s getting cold. Maybe he’s not comfortable. Maybe he’s hungry…but I can’t br**stfeed you in this my position. I bent down dear… Sorry. The rain will soon stop. Let’s sing a song!” Mirabel said and started singing.


“God, I look unto thee


For your help and mercy


From you above


I have no one but you


Lord God,please help me out


From this problem, save me


Help me oh God!”

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“Let my cry come near thee


Thou that live in heaven


Hear me oh Lord


Plead my cause deliver me


Save me oh Lord my God


And I shall keep testimonies


Oh Lord!”


She sang sorrowfully with her eyes closed…the baby has slept off.


She heard a car honk, she opened her eyes widely in fear. The rain has reduced by now, she carried her baby on her shoulder as the car headlights shone brightly into her eyes. She used her other hand to shield her face.


The car moved forward and the gate opened. A guy opened it.


The car was drove in and the gate closed.


Mirabel was pleased, she thought it was some kidnappers.


“Thanks goodness.” She exhaled.


“Sorry my child” she said softly.


Suddenly, the gate opened again and a man walked out heading to where Mirabel was by the other side of the gate.


Mirabel shifted back in fear.


“Please, don’t kill my baby..” she said fearfully.


“Relax lady! I’m not a kidnapper.” He said and Mirabel relaxed a little.










Ehh! Guys… what’s happening here oh?







Can you guys imagine being in the rain….



The baby too….



Can someone please help me with a sweet name to name the baby?












Accidentally In Love



[She’s Not A Prostitute]

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