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Episode 12












Emmanuel has his own key to Samuel’s apartment likewise Samuel too has Emmanuel’s apartment’s key.


The bond they both shared as friends is more than siblings love. They too much loves one another.


Emmanuel fetched out the key from his pocket and opened the door.


He went to the kitchen to find himself a drink.

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“Is someone here? ’cause Samuel isn’t the kind that would clean up the house. Or…is his girlfriend around? But ..she can’t just get pregnant overnight and give birth without me knowing. This is serious! Definitely, someone is in here with Samuel. The house is too dazzling. Samuel can’t do that!” Emmanuel said to himself as he search for an orange juice in the refrigerator.


He found one and took it out with a glass cup and went out of the kitchen to the living room.


He on the TV and started listening to music as he sip from his drink occasionally.


“Where the hell is he now?” He asked himself and his phone rang.


He checked the caller…


It’s his secretary at work.



What’s it? he asked.



Sir, the CEO of D&C enterprises is here



OMG?! Why didn’t he informed me before? This is crazy!



He just suddenly showed up sir. He’s waiting for you.



My God! I’m somewhere right now and I’m there on a purpose. What’s all this shit now? Tell him I’ll be there soon.


Alright sir.


She said and hung up.



“This is stupid! How can someone just visit without telling the person you are visiting. Nonsense!” He said pissed off.


He empty his drink in a gulp, switched off the TV and left a note for Samuel.


He walked out, locked the door and drove out handling some money to the gate keeper.


“Thanks sir. You’re so kind and good!” He said closing the gate.


“Anytime he came here even if it’s midnight, he always hand me something. I love


this man I swear. His workers will be in enjoyment oh. I envy them. My own boss


is good too but…hmm not like this man. God bless you!” He soliloquize to himself


and entered his apartment.










Still shopping…


Samuel is the one picking clothes for Mirabel. Since she is always looking for the one with cheap price.


“Choose that one now!” Samuel said pointing at a silver gown.


“No….can’t you see the price tag? It’s too expensive for goodness sake. I don’t


wanna stress you.” She said.


“You know what? Go sit over there and nurse my baby. I will do the pickings for both of you.” Samuel said.


Mirabel knowing what he’s driving at did nothing but stared at him.


“You’re really something!” She said and walked away.


She sat down and nursed her baby.



“Ma, your husband is so caring. You are so beautiful as well. Your son is also cute. You have a wonderful family. I prayed for that too. Having a caring and cute children!” A lady said to Mirabel referring to Samuel as her husband.


“Huh….? Hmm… thank you.” She managed to blurted out.


‘only if she understand’ Mirabel said in her heart.


“Can I take a selfie with you? You’re too pretty. I envy you oh. Your husband will be glad to have have a really killer body! I admire you. If I was to be a guy, I would have asked for your number.” The lady said again.


“Yeah…a picture.” Mirabel said and the lady happily brought out her phone to snap picture with Mirabel.


“That’s so kind of you. Many beautiful ladies out there are so proud and arrogant.


Thanks for your time. Bye! Bye cutie baby!” The lady said and walked away










“Let’s get going.” Samuel told Mirabel.


“You’re done?” Mirabel asked.


“Yeah… it’s now inside the car.” Samuel said and was wondering how fast he was.


He carried the baby from her and Mirabel stood up walking side by side.


People were watching them and admiring them which makes Mirabel uneasy.


Samuel noticed that and smiled then held her hand.



They are so cute together



Wow! Their baby is too handsome



The lady is a goddess. The man too….is cute


They whispered to themselves.






Finally, they’re inside the car and the car zoomed off.


Mirabel now breath out comfortably.


“Sorry for the uneasiness I caused you.” Samuel said.


“It’s not your fault though. Stop apologizing for everything!” Mirabel said.


“You should start working on Monday. You will work in my company. You’ll be paid as well coupled with the monthy payment as well. I want a good life for you.” Samuel said and Mirabel was amazed..


“But… I’m okay being at home.” Mirabel said.


“No but in this situation. Work as my P.A. Don’t say no” he said.


Mirabel looked away to stop her tears. And Samuel as warned her he didn’t want to see her cry again.


“You are not saying a thing?” Samuel asked glancing at her.


She didn’t answer since her voice is failing her. The suprises are too much for her to bear.


“Mirabel..? Okay then.” He said and focused on driving.








They reached home safely and Mirabel got down carrying her baby.


One look at her, Samuel understand her but says nothing.



The gate keeper came to them to help with the loads. It’s just too much both for the baby and Mirabel.


“Welcome sir.. madam, I shouldn’t lie, you are too beautiful without make up. Ladies out there use make-up to boost their beauty. Without make up you looked like a princess, am sure by the time you use make up… you’ll look like a goddess. Oga….good catch!” The gate keeper said and smiled taking the loads inside.


Mirabel was speechless…


“Is there a thing people are seeing on my face?” She asked herself.


“Let’s go in… bring the baby.” Samuel said and Mirabel gave the baby to him.








“Where’s your friend?” She asked.


Samuel took the note and read it.


“He has an emergency! He might not make it.” He said.


“Okay.” She said and went upstairs to change her clothes and the baby’s.








“Wow!!!!!!!!!!!” Mirabel shouted happily.


“Amazing!” The gate keeper said.


“Now, what names have you gotten for your baby?” Samuel asked.


“Okay. His names are: Favour, Miracle, Good luck, Fortune, God’s Will, Oluwabamise, Oluwashina-ayomi.” Mirabel said with tears.


Samuel looked at her and allow her to cry as much as she could today.



“I am naming him my friend’s name. I will name him Emmanuel.” Samuel said.


“Wow! That’s sweet. I love that name, you know?” Mirabel said smiling.


“Really?” He asked.


“Yes! Who’s that your friend bearing that name?” She asked.


“He was the one that couldn’t make it here. You’ll get to know him sooner.” He said and Mirabel said nodded.


The gate keeper clapped.


They toasted to long life and good health. They really had a lovely time that afternoon.


The gate keeper left minutes later with smiles..


Mirabel went upstairs with her baby.


“I’m sleepy. I wanna take some nap.” She told him.


“Alright sweetie. Have a wonderful rest. Will you leave Favour with me so you can rest well?” He asked.


“That will be so cool! Thank you.” She said and handed the baby to him.


Samuel pecked Mirabel and she left.


After some minutes, Samuel’s phone rang.



Emmanuel calling



Hey Mr Raymond



Where are you?



we are at home.






Yes, we






Do you wanna know?



Yes, when I came earlier, I found the whole house cleaned without a tiny dirt. Who is that lady? Is your girlfriend back?”


No, come. It is not something we could discussed on the phone. Come over.



Is it serious?



Yeah…you will be moved.



Alright then. I’m on my way there


Emmanuel said and ended the call wondering what Samuel want to say that’s so










Some minutes later,he arrived to Samuel’s place.


“Hey budd…” He couldn’t finished his sentence.


“What’s up?” Samuel asked.


“Who owns the baby? Did you gave birth?” Emmanuel asked.



“Ohh…. can’t you see he’s cute and handsome as you?” Samuel asked smiling.


“Yeah…he is. But it’s possible anyways since people always looks alike.” Emmanuel said.


“Where’s that lady?” He added.


Samuel told him the story everything without leaving a single word.


“Did you say… Mirabel? 2million? Ectopic pregnancy? ” Emmanuel asked emotionally.


Remembering what the doctor said….and also the 2million he once lost.


“Yes…is there something wrong?” Samuel asked.


“She’s the lady that rescued me from Rose according to what the doctor told me.


The doctor said her name is also Mirabel.” Emmanuel said.


“How’s that possible?” Samuel asked.


“Remembered the 2million I told you I lost in a bar?” Emmanuel asked.


“Yeah….what? Is Mirabel the Prostitute you talked about? Is this your son then?”


Samuel asked.


“I don’t understand…” Emmanuel said and the baby started crying.


Samuel petted him but he’s not listening.


He handed him to Emmanuel.


“Have him…try calming him too. I can’t wake his mum. She’s still sleeping and


weak.” Samuel said.




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Immediately Emmanuel carried him, the baby stopped crying as he looked into Emmanuel’s eyes as if they’ve met somewhere. Indeed blood is thicker than water.


“What’s happening? Did you knew him, Favour?” Samuel asked.


“I don’t understand…what is happening here.” Emmanuel said.








Mirabel got a signal her baby is crying. She reluctantly stood up from the bed.


“This baby won’t let me be for a moment. I was just sleeping.” She said and checked the time.


“Ohh.. it’s been an hour since I’ve been asleep. So fast. It felt like a second. Favour… Favour, pity mummy now.” She said to herself as she weakly moved out of the room heading downstairs…


Only if she knew her baby father is sitting downstairs.


She finally descended the stairs and walked to the living room. The guys were still talking confusingly about the issue when she emerged.


“Angel is this your friend?” Mirabel asked Samuel as she turned her gaze to Emmanuel as freezed.


Emmanuel too on seeing her was shocked!


They’re both shocked staring at each other. Samuel was confused.


“Did you two knew each other?” He asked.













Everything is coming to light…


What’s your opinion, guys?


Should Mirabel be happy he found her baby father or she shouldn’t.?


Or she should be angry?


Should Emmanuel be happy the so called Prostitute is Mirabel ? And has given birth?


Let’s hear your point of view.













Accidentally In Love



[She’s Not A Prostitute]

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