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Episode 13
















Mirabel started crying as she remembered all the pains she went through.


“Darling, are you the Prostitute he talked about?” Samuel asked concerned…


Mirabel looked at him disgusting when he called her a Prostitute.


“Prostitute? Do I look like one?” She asked yelling!

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She took her baby away from Emmanuel then ascended the stairs angrily.


“No…I was just..i… sweetie…not like that!” Samuel said after her but she turned deaf ears to him.


Emmanuel was just speechless and still wondering.


“You caused this,you know?” Samuel said.


“What have I done?” Emmanuel asked.


“You told me the lady you slept with is a Prostitute. And, does this lady look like one? Do you know how well cultured she is? You let me called her a Prostitute! And she’s never got angry at me before…now she’s angry, what will I do to calm her?” Samuel lamented.


“Calm down man. It’s not my fault I said I slept with a Prostitute. Just that….I was


drunk and didn’t know she was the one. How is that my fault?” Emmanuel asked.


Samuel looked at him and gave no answer.








Favour, the baby started crying as soon as she carried him from Emmanuel.


When she gets to her room..


“Favour, you should stop crying for once now! Pity me for God sake. I still haven’t regained my strengths. Had it been my mother is alive or I have mother in law, then I would rest so well. You won’t be troubling me like this.” Mirabel said as she tried br**stfeeding Favour but he is not showing interest in the br**st.


“Is something wrong? Favour..? Baby boo suck now. I’m not in the mood for all this! I need to clear my head and you are crying.” Mirabel said petting him.



Samuel entered…


“What happened to him?” He asked.


Mirabel gave no answer.


“My darling, I apologised for the word I used downstairs earlier. I didn’t mean to, it’s just that Emmanuel couldn’t remembered who he slept with that night and he concluded it might be a Prostitute not until now he saw you. Sorry dear.” Samuel explained moving towards her.


“It’s alright..” she said petting Favour.


“Let me take him..” he said and she handed Favour to Samuel.


He also tried his best but he’s still crying. He left the room heading downstairs still petting him but no outcome.


He stretched him to Emmanuel to try calming him down. Emmanuel took Favour from him and he stopped crying immediately and was smiling at Emmanuel.


“I don’t need any pastor or prophet to tell me this is your son and Mirabel is your baby mama.” Samuel said.


“Samuel….I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say. She’s not coming


downstairs either. This is just…I don’t even know how to put it.” Emmanuel said.


“Calm down. The question is, do you accept the fact he’s your son and she’s your baby mama?” Samuel asked.


“I…I do not have a choice. I can’t deny her.” Emmanuel said concerned.


“Are you sure?” Samuel asked.


“Do I look doubtful?” He asked.



“No, you didn’t. Just wanted to be sure. That lady has passed through a lot. If it were to be some other ladies, they would have terminated the pregnancy. But here, she kept it hoping on seeing her baby father one day. She deserves all the cares,loves and affections in the world. She’s a rare gem.” Samuel said.


“I know. And I understand as well, but we both need to talk. She’s not here now!” Emmanuel said.


“Don’t worry about that…I know what to do.” Samuel said.


Samuel left him with the baby and went upstairs to Mirabel’s room. He opened the door and left it opened a little.


“Is he calm now?” She asked softly.


“Yes… he’s with his dad. Have you been crying? I told you not to cry again. This is a smiling issue not tears matter.” Samuel said.


“But…how am I sure that he won’t think of me as a whore? Or as a thief that stole his money? I can’t face him.” Mirabel said crying more.


“Stop crying now. He understands you. After all, I have told him the story you told me. It’s not as if you did it on purpose. So, stop blaming yourself over this issue. None was your fault. None was his fault as well. You both are faultless.” Samuel said.


Mirabel looked at him and hugged him tightly without a word as she cried softly on his shoulder.


Emmanuel, when he noticed Favour has slept took him upstairs for him to sleep properly…he saw the little opened door and saw them.


Seeing them in that position makes him looked a bit jealous.


He carefully traced back his steps and went back downstairs.



“It’s not like we’re married though. Why am I feeling this way?” He asked himself as he sat down and rested the baby on his lap.


“He looks innocent… and handsome. Too handsome to be a baby.” He said and










“Mirabel…stop crying.” Samuel said rubbing her back.


She pulled away slowly and stared at Samuel.


“Are you okay?” He asked.


She nodded.


“Are you ready to go downstairs now? You need to talk, you both.” Samuel said holding her hands.


“Can I do this?” She asked.


“Yes, you can. You’ve really tried, now you should be happy.” Samuel said staring at her.


“Okay…but I need to freshen up. I will join you guys in a jiffy!” She said and Samuel kissed her cheek.


“Be fast! You can do better.” He said and left the room closing the door…


Mirabel breath out and entered the bathroom.








“I’m doing this for Favour sake, right?” She asked herself.


“Yes, his sake. My son’s sake.” She replied herself.


She wore a pair a jean over a white top. She said a word of prayer and left the






“Here she comes.” Samuel announced.


Mirabel gently took her steps and finally in the living room, she sat opposite Emmanuel.


“Then, I will excuse you.” Samuel said and Mirabel looked at him giving him a “don’t go” look.


Samuel understand the look but smile and left.


She breath in and looked at Emmanuel. There she noticed the similarities between him and Favour.


“Indeed I slept with him. They look alike..” she thought.


“I am sorry..” both says at a time and smiled.


“You first..” they said together again.


“You..” they said again then laughed.


“Okay…you first.” Mirabel said.


“No, ladies first!” Emmanuel insisted.


Mirabel nodded..


“Should I take the baby and lay him down first?” She asked.


“No, it’s fine. He’s light.” He replied smiling.


“Alright. I guess my angel has explained the theory part of the story to you ?” Mirabel said.



“Samuel, right?” He asked.


“Yeah, I called him angel.” She said.


Emmanuel nodded feeling a little jealous again.


“I’m not a Prostitute neither am I a thief. It was my problems that made me indulged in that act. And my thoughts was to find you and returned the money but my step sister took the remaining amount and chased me out of the house. Sorry about that.” Mirabel said.


“Well, I’m not a fornicator neither am I a drunkard as well. It was my wife that made me did all what I was doing then. But I stopped attending clubs or bars after the incident between you and I. Sorry, I could not remember immediately that it was you until now I saw you. And thank you for saving me as well..” Emmanuel said.


“Saving you? I don’t understand.” Mirabel said confusing.


“Yes. You saved me from my wife when she wanted to kill me with a knife. I heard you were the one that screamed for help.” Emmanuel said and Mirabel remembered.


“You were the one? I don’t know oh. Besides, that means you were also the one that paid for my surgery when I was in labor?” Mirabel asked.


Emmanuel smiled and nodded.


“I didn’t know I was saving my baby mama then. I would have told the doctor I want to see you. But I don’t know then.” Emmanuel said.


“OMG!! Thanks so much for everything. I’m grateful. Thank you. I wasn’t able to attend antenatal care since I’m a cleaner and I’m always working. No adequate meal or rest. It was all these that result in ectopic pregnancy I had.” Mirabel said sadly.


Emmanuel left his seat and sat beside her and hold her hands.


Mirabel felt the same way she felt that night when he touched her.


“So, it’s only this guy that my body reacts to his touch? Samuel has held my hands and even pecked me many times and I didn’t feel this way…my body isn’t reacting to Samuel’s touch.” She thought to herself.


“Are you okay? You looked lost” Emmanuel said.


“No, I’m okay.” She said.


“Don’t feel bad., okay? This day was meant to be that was why God made you to passed through the pregnancy alive. Ectopic pregnancy isn’t a tiny issue. Now, that pregnancy was what gave us this handsome baby boy. He’s even more handsome than me, right?” Emmanuel asked.


Mirabel stared at him and laughed. He smiled.


“Thank you for keeping the pregnancy. You’re one in a million. I cherish you…so much. Sorry I made you passed through it all alone. I promise to make sure you’re happy.” Emmanuel said.


“It’s alright..thank you also as well. I’m grateful too. Hope it’s isn’t getting late, so your wife won’t be angry..” Mirabel said trying to take the baby from him.


He laughed and she was puzzled.


“What’s with the laughter?” She asked smiling.


“I’m not married. Do I looked like a married man to you?” He asked laughing.


“What happened to your wife?” She asked concerned.


“She’s serving her punishment in jail. Mind you, she’s no longer my wife ’cause I’ve served her a divorce paper immediately she tried killing me.” Emmanuel said.


“It’s alright. May God provides for you, a good new wife.” Mirabel prayed.



“Amen to that. God has answered my prayer already!” Emmanuel said.


“Ohh… you’ve gotten a new wife?” Mirabel asked eagerly.


“Yes but not yet. Let’s see how it goes. Can I get a hug?” He asked..


Mirabel nodded.


Emmanuel hugged her tightly feeling bright. He was elated.


He pulled away slowly…


“Where’s this man?” Mirabel asked looking around for Samuel.


“In his room probably..” he said.


“I’m here guys! Are you done?” Samuel asked descending the stairs.


“Yes…” Emmanuel said and Favour woke up with a cry.


“Not again Lord!” Mirabel said.


Emmanuel chuckled as he handed her the baby.


“He won’t let me rest since he came out of my tummy. I couldn’t get enough rest.” Mirabel said br**stfeeding him.


“Really? Is he that troublesome?” Emmanuel asked.


“Yes! Just like you!” Samuel answered.


“Who asked you.?” Emmanuel said and Mirabel laughed.


“Don’t worry, you’ll get enough rest when you guys start living together now.” Samuel said.


“What do you mean?” Mirabel asked.

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“Yes now, Favour needs both his mother and father by his side.” Samuel said.


“I can’t leave you now, it’s barely two days I got here.” Mirabel exclaimed.


“We have no choice. You have to live with your baby father.” Samuel said and on the TV.


He’s hurt though but he wants both Emmanuel and Mirabel’s happiness. He wouldn’t wanna do anything to hurt them.


“Or… Emmanuel, don’t you want to live with her and Favour?” He asked again.


“Her choice. I wouldn’t force her to do a thing.” Emmanuel said although he badly want to live with her.


“Mirabel…you?” Samuel asked.


“Well…I …the baby needs us. No problem with that!” Mirabel said and Emmanuel was almost jumping.


“Good! I got a gift for you though. I placed it on the dressing table in your room.” Samuel said.


“What?” She asked as she removed her br**st from Favour’s little mouth.


“When you get there. But first I’m hungry.” He said


“Let me prepare something for us all.” Mirabel said and gave the baby to Emmanuel.


“Alright. Thanks dear.” Samuel said as Emmanuel took the baby and pecked him..


Mirabel entered the kitchen to prepare some food.


“Emmanuel the father of Emmanuel” Samuel teased.


“You named him Emmanuel?” He asked.


“Yes now. I didn’t know you are his dad. It’s sweet though. Mirabel said she loves that name. We’ll just call him Emmanuel junior.” Samuel said.


“You are not serious.” Emmanuel said facing the TV.


“Can’t believe my friend is now a father.” Samuel said.


“Bad guy! Better marry that girl fast. And be a father too.” Emmanuel said.


“Don’t be in haste. I should be the one telling you to quickly nack the lady and get her pregnant again. I want to eat naming ceremony food.” Samuel said laughing.


“She might hear you. Silly guy!” Emmanuel said.








Mirabel was wondering why they are laughing so hard. She just smiled at the thought of living with Emmanuel,her baby father.


“I just hope he’s as caring as Samuel.” She thought and started singing.


She sang a song by Maurette Brown Clark.



Just want to praise You,


Forever and ever and ever,


For all You’ve done, done for me,


Blessings and glory and honour,


They all belongs to You,


Thank you Jesus for blessing me!











Wow! Really God’s way is unsearchable. When God is ready, He always do it so fast that one would think he/she is dreaming.


I’m happy for Mirabel.


Now, will they develop feelings for each other? How?Let’s hear….
















Accidentally In Love



[She’s Not A Prostitute]


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