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Semi Final Episode (14)










{I made a mistake while editing the previous episode yesterday. The last episode wasn’t the semi final. This is the real semi final. Sorry for the inconveniences.} .








“Okay…. You two should come over to the dining table. Food is ready.” Mirabel


announced to the guys.


Samuel joyfully stood up in haste.


“Thanks goodness…I almost fainted.” He joked.


“I know… you are both lazy and you love eating.” Mirabel joked as she went to Emmanuel.


“Is he asleep?” She asked.


“Yes. He seems to like sleeping.” He said and chuckled.


“Let me take him so you could eat.” She said and made to carry the baby from him, in the process, her hand brushed his and they stared at each other.


Mirabel quickly looked away and took the baby,then headed upstairs to lay him down.


“OMG!! What was I thinking?” She thought.


She opened her door and laid Favour on the bed covering him.


She glanced at the dressing table and saw a bag. She walked to it wondering what would be there that Samuel got for her.


“Wow! This is so lovely!” She squealed happily.


It was a brand new phone. The lastest one to be precise. And also two registered Sim cards.


She quickly turned around with the phone and rushed out of the room.


“Wow! My angel, I’ve seen it. You’re so sweet!” Mirabel said as she descended the stairs hugging Samuel from behind making Emmanuel jealous and wondering what he bought for his baby mama.


“You scared me. It’s alright dear. Eat your food first.” Samuel said.


“He got me a brand new phone. The lastest one as of today. And also two registered sim cards. Help me thank him.” Mirabel told Emmanuel.


“Thanks dude!” He said and Samuel nodded.


Mirabel soon found her seat and sat down eating her meal.


“That was so sweet. It’s delicious. I will be coming to your place to eat your food everyday.” Samuel said leaving the dining.


“Then, come and be staying with us permanently. Silly guy! Thanks for the meal, it’s super delicious. You’re a good cook.” Emmanuel said smiling helping her in packing the used plates.


Samuel wanna do that before but he stopped himself so that Emmanuel won’t think of it as another thing.


“Seriously…my friend has gotten a better wife other than that Rose of a thing.”


Samuel thought.








Mirabel was washing and Emmanuel was rinsing since he insisted.


“OMG! Who knows there’s still a lady , good one I mean out there again. Since Rose’s issue, I never thought my heart can love any other lady..but here is my heart, fluttering at the thought of this lady here.” Emmanuel thought. .






“Finally, we’ve gotten our latest couple in town back. I thought you’re giving birth in there when it takes forever before you came out.” Samuel joked.


Emmanuel threw him a pillow as Mirabel stared at him expressionless.






She looked away and went upstairs to get her things. Luckily, she hasn’t unpack all they bought today. So she carried them downstairs one after the other.



Before she went to carry her baby. Emmanuel helped her with the baby and the loads. Even Samuel.


They put them in the car booth, bade Samuel a good bye after Mirabel and Samuel hugged tightly each stopping his tears.


“Oga, where is the lady going to? I thought she’s your wife.” The gate keeper said after Emmanuel drove out of the compound.


“You can run after them to ask them. Silly boy.” Samuel said and went inside feeling all alone again.


It was as if Mirabel has been living with him for so long. He missed her even more


than he missed his girlfriend.








“Welcome oga.” The gate keeper said opening the gate.


“Boss, you didn’t tell me you’re going out. I was sleeping…and I was told when I woke up that you’ve gone out. I’m sorry” the driver pleaded.


“It’s alright. I’m back now. You both should bring the bags at the back of the car inside.”Emmanuel said getting down from the car and went to opened the car door for Mirabel.


“Thank you.” She said smiling.


“Ehh…! Oga, did you went to take a goddess from the river?” The driver shouted while the gate keeper’s mouth was opened wide in amazement on sighting Mirabel.


Emmanuel chuckled while Mirabel smiled.


“She isn’t a goddess from the river. But a goddess on her own. Mind you, always respect her like you’ve always respect me, understand?” Emmanuel said.



“Oga, what about the baby? He looks like you. Did you gave birth yourself?” The gate keeper’s asked.


“He’s my baby. And there is his mother. No more questions.” Emmanuel said and


walked inside with Mirabel.






“In fact, oga have eyes. I love that lady than that previous madam. She always behave like a mad woman.” The driver said.


“Me too. I liked her already.” Gate keeper said.






“Welcome to my abode.” Emmanuel said.


“Wow! It’s nice here.” Mirabel said looking around.


“It’s so big and more beautiful than Samuel’s.” She thought.


The living room was painted in lemon colour with high ceiling finished with


plaster of Paris, complete with lemon sofas with flared arms, a matching center


rug, two ceiling fans and a window unit air-conditioner. The dining area was on a


side by the kitchen.


It’s indeed a house!!


“Come with me.” Emmanuel said and Mirabel obliged.


He led her upstairs to a room opposite the master bedroom (his room).


“You’ll be staying here.” He said and completed the statement in his mind.


“For some time. Not forever.” Then smiled.


The room was painted in blue.


It’s a large room.



“Those guys will bring your bags and the maid will arrange them here for you.” Emmanuel said and laid Favour down on the bed.


“You have a maid?” She asked.


“Yes, I got a maid then when my ex wife failed as a wife. To keep the house clean and to eat good food, I have to get a maid.” He explained sitting on the bed.


“Okay. Now, I’m here, I don’t need a maid though. I can’t stand them. Some are annoying.” Mirabel said joining him.


“I know. But, for now, you need a lot of rest. You need to stop stressing yourself unnecessarily. Anything you want, tell her, she will get it for you.” Emmanuel said.


“I know but still…” Mirabel said.


“No but, you need maid for now.” Emmanuel said and Mirabel nodded staring at him.


“Let’s go downstairs. Let me take you around.” He said and walked out of the room.


“Maid in some movies I watched, they are proud and disrespectful. Some even try to seduce one’s husband..,” she said and covered her mouth.


“He’s not my husband though, why am I getting tensed about the maid issue. But still,…OMG!” She said and stood up heading downstairs. .






He showed her around and Instructed all the workers in the house to respect Mirabel the way they’ve been doing for him.


They started living together in peace as each is trying to hide his/her feelings.


They’re both developing feelings for each other gradually.

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Emmanuel always makes sure he bought her gifts each passing day.,Whenever he goes to work. He bought her either clothes, watches, cards,chips,ice cream,shoes,cakes, makeups, perfumes,body creams, etc.


He always make sure he came home buying something for her just to keep her happy.


He suprised her one day when he bought her a brand new car the day their son clocked 3months.


Mirabel was so happy. He got her a driver too. They are so happy that one would think they’re couples already. They always played around the house running after each other, swims together.


He take her out to different restaurant. He sometimes skip going to work just because of Mirabel and Emmanuel junior.


He always credited Mirabel’s account every week with handsome amount of money. He sometimes delibrately send her money too.


Indeed they’re happy. Samuel also visit them sometimes. He sees the love they shared and was happy with them. All these happenings in the house didn’t please the maid at all.


“So, after all my packaging, he still went ahead to bring a new woman into this house? Despite my love for him..I know what to do.” She will always say.


Everyone in the house loves Favour as his handsomeness is increasing every day.


The workers always fight on who to carry him.


They lived happily together till Favour clocked six months. They celebrated it as Emmanuel suprised her again.


He opened a large supermarket store for Mirabel and employed workers there. She will only be supervising them.


She was super elated as her love for him grew up more.


Her fame was all over the city. People knew her through the opened supermarket for her cool and humble behaviors.



“You’re really something. I don’t understand you.” Mirabel said the night their baby clocked six months.


“You deserve it. You even deserve more. People like you are rare.” Emmanuel said holding her waist.


“Really? I just thought it’s something expected of me to save the baby and find means to feed him.” Mirabel said.


“Some would have terminated and through that became Prostitute. Thanks again for saving me and Favour.” He said and hugged her.








How time flies, the baby is finally a year older. They celebrated him, even heaven knows.


People come both from Emmanuel’s company, Mirabel’s workers in the supermarket, Samuel’s friends too. People ate and drank to their satisfaction.


In the evening of that day, when everyone has dispersed. And everywhere became quiet, when Mirabel was resting her head on Emmanuel’s lap. The baby was sleeping in Emmanuel’s room. Dammie suddenly emerged from nowwhere.


She entered shabbily. And asked for someone bearing Mirabel. None of the workers knows who’s Mirabel. ‘Cause no one knew her name. They either call her “mummy Favour” or call her “madam” or “oga wife” while Emmanuel call her “darling” “sweetheart” and all romantic names.


“No one is bearing Mirabel here. Wrong house ” the gate keeper said.


“Okay…the person that owns M&F supermarket. (Mirabel & Favour supermarket)


“Ohh…our great madam.” He answered smiling.


“Y…yes.” she answered.



“Come in…” He said and lead her to the main house.








“Oga wife, someone is here to see you.” He said and allowed Dammie to enter.


“Who?” She asked raising her head from Emmanuel’s thigh.


Dammie entered and knelt down sobbing.


“What? Why are you here? You’re here to kill me, right?” Mirabel asked irritated.


“You can go.” Emmanuel said to the gate keeper and he left.


“Darling, who’s she?” He asked.


“My step sis I told you about that chased me out of the house one night and took away the money…” Mirabel said tears welling up in her eyes. .








Guys, what should Mirabel do?


Put yourself in her shoe, what will you do after many months of sufferings?


Will you forgive Dammie immediately?


Don’t lie oh.










Accidentally In Love



[She’s Not A Prostitute]



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