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Shantel drove to where Austin used to live as a tenant.


knocked at the door continuously until a black good

looking man came out.

“Please I’m looking for Austin”


I don’t know anybody here answering that name

Austin” replied the man.

“Austin Daniel. He lives in this room” shantel said.


this is my room and I don’t know anybody by that name”


Austin I’m talking about lives in this room 8years

ago” shantel explained.

“Well I parked in here two years ago. I heard that the


had a problem with the formal tenant” He said and

shantel put on a fake smile.

“Anyway sorry for bothering you”

“Is nothing” The man went into his room while shantel


back into her car looking disappointed.



Mr. Richard was discussing and laughing with Nelson


his sitting room. Nelson is chief Odumegwu’s son, a


to Mr. Richard who reside in abroad. Just then, Mrs Doris

and shantel walked in.


surprise surprise” Mrs. Doris shouted. shantel kept

looking at them, confused.

“Do you recognize this man?” Mrs.Doris Asked


Nelson removed his glasses.

“No. Who is he?” Shantel asked.

“Oh shantel. His name is Nelson. A son to Mr. and Mrs. Odumegwu” Mrs. Doris


making shantel to gasp and cover her mouth with her


“Oh my God” She went and hug him.

“Please sit”

“How are you?” Shantel asked as Mr. and Mrs. Richard


laughing and staring at them.

“I’m fine”

“When did you came into the country?”


was last week I got the visa gal”


“Yeah. How are you doing Mhen. look at you, you’re


so big. it’s been long time mhen I left for the state

you know. the

truth is, I didn’t even recognize you” He said making

shantel to smile.

“I learnt that you’re now a medical doctor, how truth


it dear?” Nelson asked smiling.

“Very truth. what about you?”

“I’m a microbiology” replied nelson.

“Wow. birds of the same feathers” Chief Richard said


“Shantel, why don’t you get him something to drink” Mrs. Doris asked.


so sorry. what should I offer you?” Shantel asked Nelson.

“Anything soft”

“OK. I will be back” Shantel left for the drink.



(At Night)

Nelson and shantel was seen having dear dinner on


dinning table as Nelson kept stealing glances at shantel.


You know we have been friends for long and I have come


see you more than just a friend. I Care about you shantel.


mean everything to me, and I will do anything, I mean


to put a smile on your face. I love you shantel. I hope you


me the way I love you. I will be happy if you be my girl.


share my world shantel” Nelson said.


just taken me by surprise. I really don’t know what to


could you please give me sometimes to think about

it?” shantel requested.

“Like serious. Shantel are you kidding me?” Nelson


“No” Shantel replied.

“Give me your hands” Nelson said and shantel stretched

her hands to him.

“Thanks so much shantel for giving my feelings a so


respect. I appreciate” Nelson said.

“You’re welcome dear” she smile and they resume eating.



Minutes later.(at shantel’s room).

shantel was seen seating on her bed, deliberately


on what Nelson told her earlier. But, when the thought


Austin came into her mind, she collapse on her bed, confused.

just then,

her door opened and Mrs. Doris walked in smiling.


Your father wants to see you” She left after informing


shantel stood up and adjusted her trousers, heading to

her father.:



Minutes later(At Nelson’s house).

Nelson was in his room taking a cocaine when shantel

walked in.

she decided to pay him a surprised visit but was shocked


what she saw. He was taking the drugs as if his life

depend on it.

“Nelson” shantel called surprisely.

“Shantel” Nelson quickly hide it. shantel left angrily.


shantel” Nelson shouted but she has gone already, he

went back to his bed

“Fuck” His voice echoed.




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