Sun. May 12th, 2024

The Next Day.

(At Mr. Williams house).

“So you mean at the end of it. you couldn’t meet them

again?” Mr. Williams.


“Yes. I have to call shantel and tell her that I was leaving.


will go there again this morning” Replied Austin.


still can’t believe this is happening” Mr. Williams said.


told you. I told you that no man, no matter how powerful


is can stop the will of destiny” Replied Austin.

“I see,

let’s watch and see” Mr. Williams said. just then, someone


knocking on the door.

“Yes come in” Austin said.



At the police station.

“Leave me na” Austin shouted at the police man who


holding him like a criminal. meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Richard


seen standing at his front at the police station.


up. Onye oshi (criminal)” Mrs. Doris shouted at Austin.


didn’t do it” Austin begged with tears.


“Yes chief”

“All I want is for the law to take his corpus in this case.


don’t give a damn how much it cost; I want this thing


suffer” Mr. richard told the police mens.

“I promise you chief.

we will take care of it” Replied one of the police


“You have the guts to enter my matrimonial room


steal my money. You will die in jail”


will not daddy. he will not” shantel interrupted, walking

to them.

“Ewo chineke.

what are you doing here?” Mrs. Doris asked shantel.


came to set an innocent man free” Shantel answered.


can a man who stole your father’s 50thousand dollars


innocent?” Mr. Richard asked shantel.


I didn’t do it” Austin said flying his hands.

“I believe

you my love. you didn’t do it. I took the money” Shantel


“What” Mr and Mrs. Doris exclaimed.


is the money dad” Shantel stretched the money to them,


wondered where she got the money from.


please can he be free now?” shantel asked with tears.


thanks for your corporation” Mr. Richard said casting


ugly look on shantel.

“Leave me nah”Austin tried to free himself from the officer


him ‘no way’. shantel went and pushed the officer

in which

Austin was released as they engaged in a tight hug.

“Shantel” Mr. Richard

shouted but shantel payed deaf ears to his calling.



At Williams house.

“How do you got the money?” Austin asked because he


that shantel didn’t stole any of their money neither


their money missing..all was just framed up.


I found out what my father was up to. I have to act


I left the house and went to the bank with Vicky” shantel


“Vicky?” so she helped you to facilitate a loan?” Austin


“No, I withdrew all I have in my account” Shantel


“How do I thank you enough?” Austin asked with

a wave of smile.

“By loving me more” shantel replied smiling.

“I love you” Austin said.

“I love you too. and don’t worry, as soon as I get home,


going to get back my money from my father Ok” Shantel




At Mr. Richard’s House.

Mr. Richard was seating on a cushion, having his drinks


the sitting room when shantel came to him.

“Daddy, please

can I have my money back?” shantel requested.


money?” Mr. Richard asked angrily.

“The money

I gave you at the police station. You know Austin did


steal your money. You just wanted him back in

prison” Shantel spoked.

“I will not give you that money back. If you’re planing


use that money and get him out of my plans(sight)

think again,

I have already withheld your documents and traveling

deeds” Mr. Richard said.

“What! daddy you can’t do that to me” Shantel replied

feeling sad.

“I have

already done it. You can only get them back if you resist


see him again. that church rat” Mr. Richard said.


stare at him and left angrily.



AT 9pm.

Mr. Richard was seen at his backyard with the guns


“You and your boys. I need a neat job this time” Mr. Richard


“We will make you proud chief” Replied one of them.


you’re going in there as an am robbers. when you get


that idiot called Austin, kill him” Mr. Richard said.

“Consider it done my chief”

“This is the address. The flat is ‘flat four’” mr. Richard


the address to them.

“Consider it done, neat and clean” they replied and left.

“Rest in peace Austin. what a sturbbon boy” Mr. Richard smiled’walking inside’.




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