Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Months later.

At the visitors room(police station).

Austin kept staring at shantel’s result smiling to


“You shall continue to fly like an eagle. I mean what a


result. congratulations my dear” Austin went and kissed


“Thank you. I haven’t shown it to my parents. I just brought


from school today and I decided to show it to you

first” shantel said.

“With this kind of result. I believe you will gain admission


any university of your choice” Austin said.


believe so too” replied shantel.

“Wow. this is good” Austin exclaimed laughing.


brought this for you too” shantel brought out a hunch


of money and placed it on the table. Austin stare at the

money, looking shocked.

“Shantel, were did you get the money from?” Austin

asked surprisely.


father opened an account for me. so I withdrew it from

there” she said.

“But you need to have money in your savings” Austin

said rejecting the money.

“No no, you need it more than I do. you need it to buy

something, you need

it to feed please” she said and force it on Austin’s


“I live for you” He said romantically with a s£xy look.


live for you too” she replied with a smile.



Mrs. Doris sat on shantel’s bed, watching Clara their


who was parking shantel’s clothes and properties into


traveling bags. just then, shantel walked in smiling, but


smile vanished on seeing her things been parked into

the box.

“Mum. why is my things being parked into the box?” shantel

asked in a confused state.

“Congratulations dear for an excellent result. the principal


called to inform us” Mrs. Doris said smiling- ignoring

shantel’s question.

“Thank you, but why is my things parked inside….”


the box?” mrs. Doris completed the sentence.


“Calm down it’s for good ok”

“For good? I’m I moving into another room?” shantel


surprisely and Mrs. Doris smiled.

“Anyway your father is waiting for you in his room. Go


and see him” Mrs. Doris said. shantel angrily left,

heading to her dad’s room.



At Richard’s Room.

Mr. Richard stood up on seeing shantel walked in.


here comes my princess. thanks for making me proud.

congratulations” Mr. Richard said smiling.

“Thank you daddy” shantel replied and mr. Richard sat

back on his bed.

“Daddy, mummy and Clara are inside my room parking


things, but don’t want to tell me why” shantel said


unhappy. Mr. richard opened his drawer and brought out

an international passport.

“Taraaah. your american visa is here and in addition


that, you have gained admission to Abraham Lincoln’s


in the united state of america to study medicine.


my dear” Mr. Richard went and hugged her.


you daddy” shantel replied with a smile, taking the

passport from him.

“You’re going to the united state tonight” Mr. Richard said


shantel’s face changed to that of unhappiness.

“Tonight?” shantel asked staring at her father.

“Yes tonight”

“But I can’t travel to america tonight”

“Go and get your things ready. you’re leaving tonight”


I have to make my own preparations and inform


of my friends that I’m leaving the country”

“Aww. call them

on phone. You must leave tonight, go and get ready” Mr.


said with a frown face and took the passport from her.


stare at him helplessly and walked out unhappily

without a choice.




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