Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Ella was seen running, trying to cross the bridge.

“Ella” Daniel

shouted still running after her. Ella got tired and stopped


“Don’t come close to me. I will just jump into the

river” Ella threatened with tears.


do it Ella” Daniel responded- pleading.


do you care? what do you care? go….go and marry


love” Ella shouted at Daniel tearfully.


my one and only true love and you know that” Daniel

responded sadly.

“I gave you my heart. And you promise me. you


me. Why did you break your promise?” Ella asked in


“I’m sorry I did not know. I swear to God I did not know.


mother lied to me. she told me that you were dead.


was I supposed to know? I even saw your grave.


showed me your grave. oh my God. I didn’t know


still alive. I love you Ella. please. the only thing you


to do is to just take my hand and we can start afresh

okay” Daniel

explained with tears. Stretching his hands to her.


I’ve to end it Now. let me jump into the river and


everything” Ella said crying.

“Just give me your hands and I will heal your

wounds” Daniel

responded still stretching his hands to her.


too late. is too late. I want to end my life right now” Ella


“The very first day I met you. You brought sunshine to


life. You’re my life Ella. My final destination. take my


please. I don’t want Cynthia. It is you I love. I love


very much Ella. please don’t do this to me. Take my hands

please” Daniel pleaded. Ella stretch her right hand

forward to him.

just then, Mrs. Emily arrived. immediately Ella saw her,


mixed her steps and fell into the river.

“No oo oo ooh” Daniel cried trying to jump into the

river too.

But Richard hold Him back. He tried to free himself from


and die with Ella, but Richard hold him back to avoid


jumping into the river. Daniel gently went down in

tears with his heart broken.

“Mummy why?”




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