Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

(In The Police Station)

Shantel was seen seating in the visitor’s room waiting


for Austin. it wasn’t up to 3minutes, Austin came in


by a police officer who walked him in. Shantel stood

up on seeing them.

“I’m just giving you five minutes” the officer said and

left the room.

Austin and Shantel sat down on a chair opposite each


“So how have you been?” Austin asked.

“Boring. very boring without you. I have finished my


exams and I hope I get good result” Shantel said.


was worried that you won’t do well because of what


to us” Austin said smiling.

“I was feeling so sad until Becky spoke to me a day


the exam. she sents her regards”

“Very kind of her.

listen Shantel, do not ever give up for any reason,

not even

for me being here. You still have a future to build”


are still going to be together. no matter how long it


for you to be here, I will wait, I swear, I will wait for

you” Shantel

said and Austin smiled.

“I have that confidence”



inspector Sammy was seen seating on the chair at

Mr. Richard’s

office. Mr. Richard angrily went and sat close to him.


are you telling me that my daughter went to the prison


see that bastard?” mr. Richard asked angrily.

“Yes sir.

Infact, when I got to the visitors room, I saw them


in a sweet hug” inspector Sammy replied. Mr. Richard


and collapsed on his chair.

“so, so it has

gotten to that. Shantel lying to my wife and I that she


going to church. Ending up in that prison visiting that


that Idiot, that unwanted vegetable” Mr. Richard shouted


“My chief.

should I stop them from seeing each other? should

I?” inspector Sammy asked and Richard thought for a while.


them continue to see each other. don’t tell Shantel that


know she visits. I am going to separate them soon.


you for this information officer. thank you” they shook


and inspector Sammy left.




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