Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Back to Ella.

she didn’t dare utter a word when she discovered that it was Daniel’s Mother that picked the call. she gently placed the telephone down, feeling so sad. “So?” Nurse Amarachi who came visiting, to check on Ella asked. “it was his mum” Ella responded feeling stranded. “Listen my dear, you can’t let the whole world stand still just because of a heart break” nurse Amarachi told Ella. “you don’t understand. I can’t get Daniel off my mind. I need to know if his alright and why he didn’t bothered to look for me” Ella responded tearfully. “Probably he has,but, doesn’t know your whereabout” Nurse Amarachi said. “Or probably he has forgotten about me” Ella asked. “It could be anything” Nurse Amarachi replied and Ella began to cry again. “Ella. Listen, I think is time you make up your mind on what you really want” nurse Amarachi told Ella. “I don’t know what I want” Ella responded crying. “I know, but you have to face your fears” “what do I do? I’m so scared” ell asked. nurse Amarachi stood up and walked to her. “my mother used to tell me that ‘love’ is for the bold and dead. She said, if you run away from your feelings, it will always come back to hunt you. Ella, what do you really want?” Nurse Amarachi asked. Ella kept staring at her without saying anything. “It’s okay” She wrapped her arms round Ella, like a mother to her heart broken duaghter. : : The following day. Daniel was seen in Ella’s grave putting on black trousers and black top. “it’s not been easy living without you. living without the feelings I wanted more. Day after day, that beautiful smile of yours that brings sunshine to my way. Living without you is like torture to my soul. Night after night, I cry silently. I’m praying you will forgive me, because if I didn’t come into your life, you probably would’ve been alive today. forgive me Ella please. forgive me for what I’m about to do. I’m getting married in next two days. I hope, you understand. I love you. I will always love you,forever. I will always love you. That’s a promise. You will always be in my heart” he said and broke down in tears. He kissed the rose flowers he came with and placed it on Ella’s grave. : : The following day. Ella was seen on a taxi, staring at Daniel’s gate with the glass of the taxi closed. meanwhile, they where at the road side. she wanted to come down from the car but when she remembered that miss Emily may be around she relaxed back in the taxi, hoping for a miracle that will bring Daniel outside. The gateman opened the gate to display Daniel and Cynthia kissing each other happily. Tears roll down from Ella’s eyes. “Driver. let’s go” Ella told the taxi man wiping her tears yet it kept rolling down. He started the car and they left. back to Cynthia and Daniel. they entered Cynthia’s G-wagon and zoomed off taking another road. : : TBC.

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