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____________________( Our 10day’s Contract)

(A month later)

Right now Bella is dressed with a red long gown,

Knight had said his taking her out tonight, she’s

so happy during this one month relationship of

theirs , Knight has been the best boyfriend ever,

he took her outing alot and to his business

parties, infact he had officially announced to his

business co workers that Bella was his girlfriend

, lots of women envied Bella mostly Knights

whores , but she was proud because Knight took

her anywhere he goes apart from his office, his

family are so happy to hear she’s knights

girlfriend but they haven’t told them Bella was

pregnant yet, it was knights decision for it to be

kept first cause his been planning to propose to

her so he wants to expose it after Bella officially

becomes his fiance .

Bella kissed her mother cheek and huged her

brother Before she ran out with her heels when

josh saw her he laughed Bella smiled.

” Why aint you wearing your heels ? He asked.

” Oh josh will you stop giving me that look,you

Know I don’t want to keep Knight waiting” she

said and got into the passengers seat josh

Chuckled got into the car too, he watched as

Bella began putting on her shoe and he chuckled

more, Bella spank him and he laughed .

” Jerk” she muttered and josh Chuckled earning a

glare from her , as he drove off .

” I wonder why Knight will suggest we go out so

late , it’s so dark ” she sighed.

Josh looked at her.

” Its not so dark, it’s just late” he said getting

another spank from Bella .

” Ouch, that hurts ” he rubbed his neck, and she

smiled at him.

They finally arrived at a big hall, and josh parked

the car they got down.

” Why are we here ? She asked.

Music started playing inside the hall as josh went

closer to Bella.

” Please permit me to hold your hand ” josh said

and Bella frowned.

” Knight will kill you ” she said and josh


” It was his instruction that I do so” josh Replied

taking Bella’s hand in hers as she glared at him

and they both walked into the hall.

Bella saw many instrumentalists, some playing

violin, others blowing trumpet, the house was

decorated with shining lights everywhere, some

are stars .

” Wow this place is beautiful” Bella said looking


” I will leave you to go now” josh said standing

at the middle of the hall Bella turned to josh


” Where are you going and why would you leave

me here , and also why isn’t anyone here ? She

asked looking around , the rest of the place was

dark but the stage was light that’s were the

Instrumentalist are .

” Don’t be scared, just go up on the stage and

wait there , it’s an instruction” he said before

bella could talk josh already walked into the

darkness and left .

Bella signed and started walking to the stage

gently untill she claimed the stage since her

heels were high she claimed gently, holding her

gown up, when a guy came from the stage to

help her up she smiled and thanked him .

Okay now she’s on the stage what will happen

now? The guy left and a lady walked to her with

so many roses, Bella frowned and collected it

thanking the lady, what was happening she

wonders, she took the card and opened it but

nothing was written on it.

Another lady walked to her and handed her an

envelope, she frowned and collected it the lady

left and she quickly opened the envelope still

holding the bouquets in one hand .

Bella Kinston.

I don’t know where to begin from , but the first

time I met you , I was so blown Like the breeze

because you were so beautiful, then I tried all my

possible best to get you into my bed, I came up

with threatening you which I shouldn’t have done

, you ended up spending 10 days with me, in this

10 days you changed me completely, you helped

to heal my deep wond, you stood by me and

helped me even when you know how risky your

involvement would be, I ended up falling in love

with you without realizing it till you left , weeks

past and you came back with the best news that

tong my heart even up till now, that your carrying

my child ,

Words alone can’t express how I feel, but I’d like

to ask some questions my dear beloved Bella ,

how do you see a future with us together? How

do you see if we stop being boyfriend and

girlfriend and start a new chapter? How do you

see we build a new mansion and have about 5 to

6 kids running around ? How do you see yourself

becoming my wife ? I love you Bella and it’s time

to move ahead, so once your done reading this

why don’t you turn around .

Your love

Knight Houston

Bella turned around as she saw Knight on one

knee and a ring in his hand, she gasped and the

roses and paper fell from her hand , she placed

her hand on both her mouth and chest as tears

whirl down her eyes .

” We’ve already come a long way Bella, our

starting point was really rough, and we never

knew fate only brought us together, how about

you change your last name my love , bear my

last name and have my children, how does Bella

Houston sounds?we will build a castle in any part

of the world , please marry me and let’s start a

new chapter my love …will you be my wife ? He

asked .

By this time Bella was already in so much tears

as her lips trembled and hands shaking.

She nodded her head in able to talk, Knight

smiled at as she brought out her left hand for

him to place it on her engagement finger , once

he did he got up .

” Yes, I will be your wife …oh my God” she cried

and hugged him tightly after he kissed her.

Knight smiled and stroke her hair before all the

lights came on and the hall was crowded, they

were all clapping and Bella’s eyes widen .

Knight chuckled seeing her expression, even her

mother and brother was here now , Bella couldn’t

help the joy she felt that moment, people started

coming to congratulate them Knights family and

hers then his crazy brother’s.

The engagement part began , and they danced

together while others danced with their partners

sam danced with his grandmother.

Later Knight announced Bella is a month and 2

weeks pregnant people rejoiced and danced more

after congratulating them , Knight kissed Bella

Infront of everyone and they cheered .


” Mommy , daddy hurry up we will be late for the

party ” 3 years Jane yelled .

Yes Jane is knight and Bella’s daughter, they

named her after Knights mother, they got

married 2 months after the engagement party.

“Mom dad, we will be late” Jane called again

sitting on the couch , Knight walked to her with

her shoes in his hand .

” Coming baby ” Bella yelled from the stairs.

“Princess come put on your shoes” Knight said

putting Jane on his lab, and started wearing her

shoe for her .

” Dad mom is very lazy ” Jane said making

Knight chuckled.

” I heard that ” Bella said coming down the stairs

with her big belly , yes she’s 8 months pregnant.

Knight chuckled and Jane hide her face on her

daddy’s chest Bella laughed.

” Princess let me help your mom okay ? Knight

said dropping Jane on the couch who started

playing with her dad’s phone.

Knight went to help Bella down from the stairs

by holding her hand .

” Thanks honey ” she said kissing his lips .

“I love you ” Knight whispered and Bella blushed.

” Mom dad can we go now we will be late for

the party ” Jane yelled again Making Knight to

chuckle as Bella rolled her eyes .

” We should get going before your daughter kill’s

us” Knight teased .

” She’s just like you gosh, she controls alot ”

Bella said making Knight kissed her cheek .

” Oh common baby , why won’t she , I took so

much energy in making you scream all the time

to get her into the world” Knight said and Bella’s

eyes widen.

” Knight” she warned and he chuckled.

Jane placed her hand on her waist glaring at her


” So dad, you made mom scream all day just to

bring me into the world ? Jane asked and Knight

and Bella’s eyes widen .

” Hah little girl we should start going to the party

” Knight carried her in his arms as Bella

Chuckled .

But Jane was still talking on their way and

Knight and Bella couldn’t help but rolled their

eyes .

They arrived at his family house , people were

already around , it was their 60th anniversary,

and their celebrating.

” Hello granny” Jane called coming down from

her father’s arms running to hug floren who

picked her up .

“Hello baby how are you ? Floren asked kissing

her cheek .

” Am very fine granny, Happy anniversary” Jane

said kissing floren’s cheek .

” Thanks baby ” she said

Knight and Bella greeted them Jacob carried

Jane and kissed her , Knights brother shook him

and they hugged, floren caressed Bella’s big

belly the party started.

Floren and Jacob cut their cakes and fade each

other , they loved each other so much .

” Don’t worry babe, ours is next month ” Knight

whispered to Bella’s ear as she smiled at him .

” I can’t wait” she whispered.

” Who would have thought our 10 days contract

will turn into an everlasting future ? Knight asked


” It was fate that brought us together” Bella

whispered as they looked into each other’s eyes


” Thank you for coming into my life and giving

me our beautiful princess and my little prince in

here ” Knight said touching her stomach.

Bella wrapped her hand around his neck .

” And thank you for forcing me into this contract

with you , if not there wouldn’t had been our love

, Jane or little Prince” Bella said and Knight

smiled .

” I love you so much Mrs Bella Houston” Knight


” I love you too Mr Knight Houston” she

whispered too and they both kissed each other ,

forgetting they were around people.

” Oh my god , grandpa ,granny look , daddy and

mommy is kissing” Jane yelled .

And they burst out laughing, as Bella blushed

and buried her face in Knights chest as he

chuckled, Jane smiled and shrugged her




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