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_________________ ( Don’t Hate Me)

Bella couldn’t believe she was pregnant, she lay

on her bed as her hand touched her little

stomach, she’s pregnant for Knight, she’s

carrying his child , she couldn’t help but cry,

what will she do? Should she go and see him and

tell him she’s pregnant? What if he tells her she

trapped him? What if he send her away ? What if

something goes wrong? They were so many ”

IF’s” in her head ,too Think she will be able to

forget Knight, but she couldn’t forget him , she

thought her love for him will fade away once she

goes away but they only grew stronger.

She sat up on her bed, she’s going to be having

knights baby, but how will he react to hear she’s

pregnant? She couldn’t help but cry .

“Am I really screwed, how can I get pregnant,

what do I do?”she thought uncomfortably.

Her door opened and her grandmother came in,

Bella looked up at her as she came closer to

seat beside her, Bella wiped her tears .

” My dear , you can’t keep crying, it’s been three

days since you heard of this news , why can’t

you contact the baby’s father ? Susan asked


Only if she knew how she got pregnant, she will

understand why she couldn’t show her face to


” Mother I can’t ” Bella whispered.

” But I thought you love this man,? Why can’t you

go to him ? She asked and Bella swallowed her

shame to tell her grandmother she was a whore

to a multi_ Billionaire for 10 days , gosh how will

she react ?

” Nothing, but I don’t think the father wants the

baby ” Bella said nothing looking at her


“And why is that ?why won’t he want his own

child ? You never can predict Bella , go and tell

him before it’s too late ” Susan said .

It’s already late, he must have found another girl

to bed for 10 days , Bella Thought and the

thought alone made her sick In her stomach.

She imagine Knight kissing and touching another

woman the way he does to her she closed her

eyes tightly, it’s hurting her already .

” Bella , even if that young man doesn’t come to

you , then go to him ” Susan said touching

Bella’s arm.

” Grandma you don’t understand, I can’t go to

him anymore, what happened between us was a

10 days contract” Bella said angrily making

Susan confused but her voice was low.

” What do you mean 10 days contract? Susan

asked Bella knew she has to tell her


” Mother please don’t hate me ,I only did it

because i wanted to pay for your treatment and

make sure sam graduate from highschool” Bella

said in tears , Susan was still confused.

” Just what are you saying, I don’t understand”

Susan said .

Bella went down on her knees , she has to beg

her as she’s saying it .

” Mother , I did something very terrible believe

me I feel horrible about it myself” Bella said as

she cried.

” Bella tell me what you did ” Susan said getting

pissed already.

” I…..I…. Mother….I…umm….to ,

” Bella just say it ” Susan shook her

” I agreed to have 10 days s£x with a billionaire”

Bella quickly said and Susan’s jaw dropped.

” You what ? She asked .

“, Grandma am sorry , I really didn’t want to do

it, but I had no choice, he threatened to ruin our

lives if I don’t comply to his terms I was

helpless, so he forced me into having 10 days

with him, and offered to pay 3 million dollars” she

said Susan’s eyes widen .

“, What?? 3 million dollars, wait … does that

mean you lied to me that this house we are in

….was not giving to you ordinary because you

did some great job but because you hard s£x

with a stranger ? Bella Nodded .

Susan couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she

stare at Bella .

“Asshh…..” Susan face palmed herself.

” Mother am so sorry , I never wanted this to

happen,i had no choice” Bella begged Susan

stare at Bella for a while .

” Is he a good man ?, Are you inlove with him ?

She asked .

Bella Nodded .

” Then go back to him ” Susan said .

” Mother I can’t , it was said that after the 10

days no more contacting each other ” she said .

” Well that rule will have to break now because

your carrying his child and he needs to Know,

your going to him Bella , if you like it or not ,

stand up and go ” Susan said with a serious tone,

Bella had never seen such behavior from her

grandmother before.


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” What if he doesn’t want the child mother ?

Bella cried .

” Then come back home and forget him ” Susan

said …” We will take care of the child ourselves,

but I just want you to go see him and tell him, he

deserves to know” susan said and Bella nodded.

Knight was in his painting room finishing the

drawing of Bella on his bill board, yes his been

working on it right before the day Bella walked

in, that was the one she almost opened before

he walked in on her , in the drawing she was

smiling and Knight couldn’t help but stare into

her eyes .

He has about three drawings of her , and the

forth one was of them both kissing each other

under the moon light that was second to the last

day Bella left when they went to have fun.

He traced his hand on the drawing, his planning

to give her a surprise visit soon, and then he will

try to win her , he would had gone three days

ago , but his business was really making some

progress and his father Jacob needed alot of his

help , so he had to postpone seeing Bella to


Although sometimes he will drive to the front of

the house he gave them, just to look at Bella’s

face from the balcony then he goes away , he did

that yesterday and almost went in, he saw Bella

at the balcony looking up in the sky , and she

was caressing her stomach, Knight couldn’t help

but wonder why she was doing that , he saw her

brother come to tell her something and she went

back inside ,he got a phone call from the

company he signed and drove away away .

He was so busy in his thoughts that he didn’t

hear the door open.

” Knight”

He heard a familiar voice and he quickly turned

to see Bella standing there looking at him , he

stood up from the stool he sat and they stare at

each other .

Knight couldn’t believe she was really here with

him, while Bella’s eyes roam her paintings on the

wall and on the bill board.

Knight added her to his memory?

“Bella” Knight whispered in surprised, he was

surprised to see her , she really come back to

him? She did.he smiled.

And before bella could calculate what was

happening, Knight was already in her front

grabbed her and was kissing her.



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