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_________________ Day 8 ( What??)

“So that’s all” Bella told floren who they both sat

together at the restaurant, she had told Bella

they should meet and discuss after Bella told her

everything she felt bad, she took in a deep


“Thank you” she took in another deep breath”

you know, since we found knight , he was a kid

with a dark heart ” she shook her head as she

thought of something ” he doesn’t play with kids

his age , he hardly moves from one spot , he

prefers staying all by himself, we tried bella

despite he couldn’t talk we still tried” floren wipe

her tears as Bella felt pity too, but she blinked

back her tears .

“He was a really sad boy , he suffered, how can a

father treat a son that way, he was just a little

boy how could he make him see such a

disgusting act , it pained me, it pained” she cried

as Bella quickly moved to hug her .

“It’s okay , everything will be fine , i will make

sure to help Knight put that man into bars, he

has hurt so many people, he has to pay ” Bella

said hugging floren .

“Yes…your right , he needs to suffer , he deserve

to die , his a cruel man. , The wage of his sins is

death , I keep praying he rots in hell ” floren said

wiping her tears , Bella sat down as they looked

at each other .

“Isabella, your truly a blessing to my son, his

really opened up to you, we really tried, but

nothing happened but you , you did it so easily ,

thank you so much , I can’t thank you enough”

she said taking Bella’s hand .

“It’s okay, I did nothing at all it was just his

mood and maybe luck ” Bella replied Making her


“Indeed it is ” they both laughed ” oh Bella there

are some things I’d want you to have , I will send

them over to knights house later today or maybe

tomorrow” she said making Bella smile, she

nodded , floren phone started ringing as she

fetched it out of her handbag.

“My husband is calling” she said smiling at Bella

who smiled back ” hello honey , oh! …of course,

am on my way , ah….that’s good news …just tell

them to hold on, I will be fast ….of course,

…ah…I love you too ” she hanged up .

Bella could see how much they love each other .

“Bella dear , my husband just said we have some

business associates in the house , I need to

catch up ” she said.

“Of course” Bella stood up with her.

“Am so sorry I can’t drive you back ” she


“It’s okay , I will go ” Bella said smiling floren

kissed her cheek and left, bella went home



Knight sat in the restaurant with Ragina Hanged,

Mr Welters mistress , the woman sure looked a

bit okay not really artificial,he had set up a

meeting with her and it’s really important since

Knight had already spoken to welter whom was

so angry that he has evidence that could put him

into life in imprisonment, Ragina tapped her long

nails on the table as Knight pulled out a papar

for her , his brothers sat beside him.

” How am I supposed to trust you guys that I

won’t get involved in this case? Ragina asked

looking at them suspiciously.

” You won’t get involved if you tell us what we

need to hear” Knight said trying to control his


Ragina picked up the papers and read all the

illegal activities they got about welter , she

looked at them and crossed her fingers after

dropping the paper’s.

” I have one request” she said .

Knight and his brothers looked at each other

then back to her

” Spill it out ” Dustin said with a cold eyes .

Ragina released her crossed hand and leans

forward on the table.

” I don’t want him to know I sold this information

to you people, I also want him dead, so we all

have to work together, I am not on his side and

believe me I hate that old beast for crushing his

way into my young heart, it’s so unfortunate that

he happens to be your father , I must say his a

gross man ” Ragina said and Knight try to keep

his boiling heart.

” Ragina , I really don’t know your relationship

with him, just give us some more information, to

get him down, if it’s money we will pay you as

much as you want ” Aaron said in a hard tone.

“, Do you think I need your f**kin d**k of a

money? Ragina yelled banging her fist on the

table making them to wonder why shes acting


” Am only doing this for my own benefit and it’s

just so good you guys want cooperation, I will

help you guys out , and we can end him up, he

also made my life a living hell do you think I’d let

him go ” Ragina asked scoffing.

” You don’t seems like your sad, you look happy

as f**k with him in the function ” luke said


” Just Because I was too clingy towards him

doesn’t mean I don’t want the bastard gone

ASAP”, she said glaring at them.

“, I know all the information about your mother

Knight,” knights eyes widen .

” What do you mean ? They all asked .

” I saw all that happened that day , I’ve been

looking for a way to get welter down , so that

day he killed your mom i was right below the

stairs videoing everything that took place” she

said and Knight and the rest looked shocked .

” I made sure to keep does recordings very intact

, so I had a countdown with his body guard Tony

to find the room you were locked in and to

release you , so there for I have all necessary

information’s about your heck of a father “,

Ragina said with a smirk plastered on her face .

Knight and his brothers looked beyond shock as

they looked at Ragina .

” So you knew all along? Knight asked .

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” Do you think i don’t ? Welter killed my fiance in

other to have me , all I could do is let the

bastard rot himself, so I angrily Choose to be his

mistress to lay my hands on his wealth and to

destroy him, now that the opportunity is right

before my eyes, you guys should be grateful you

didn’t meet with his other mistresses” she said .

” So your going to help us ? Knight asked .

” Of course i will, but recently welter has been

targeting your girlfriend Knight”, Ragina said their

eyes widen .

” I don’t have a girlfriend, ? He asked .

“, really, because I think you do , what of the one

named Bella i guess, he is planning something

terrible but don’t worry he shares everything with

me and I will make sure to let you guys know

asap”, she said with a smile .

Knights chest began to beat so fast thinking

about Bella being involved in the whole mess, he

can’t let welter over step him .it’s a good thing

they contacted Ragina , at least she’s on their

side now .


Bella knew Helping Knight was the best way ,him

and his brothers has been working since

yesterday trying to get welter out and f**k it’s

left only two days to complete her 10 days , but

she has to help Knight out, she stayed home all

through feeling so board after she left Floren,

she’s been reading and she’s tied.and Knight had

gone to make a deal with his father’s mistress,

right now she’s Waiting to hear if they got her to

open some things to them

Grace was in the kitchen writing some things on

a paper when she met her

” Grace , what are you doing? Bella asked .

” Oh , am writing some food items down, Mr

Knight gave me some money to get them ” she


Well she could follow her since she’s feeling


” Let me go with you ” she said and grace didn’t

like the idea .

” But …

” Please grace , am feeling so board staying all

alone in this house , I really want to go out ”

Bella said grace smiled and nodded.

Soon they took a cab to the supermarket, and

grace got everything she needed, they walked

out about to stop a cab when grace quickly told

her she forgot one item , she told Bella to wait

while she get it quickly.

Bella Nodded and grace left , Bella stood along

the side way Infront of the supermarket waiting

for grace , when all of a sudden a black car

pulled Infront of her almost making her fall , two

huge guys came out and grabbed her at once ,

she kicked and screamed for them to leave her ,

at this time grace was already coming out when

she saw two men dragging Bella into the car ,

she screamed for them to stop but she was short

on the arm and she fell down as she watched

the car zoomed off .

Fear grip her as she find a means to contact her

boss immediately, all she knows is does men just

kidnapped Bella .

Once grace got home she told josh about it and

josh quickly called Knight.

” Hello boss ” he said .

” What happened josh ? Knight asked .

” Bella just got kidnapped and grace got short ”

josh said panicking.

” What ??? Knight yelled ” how the f**k did that

happen where are you now , were the hell is

grace ? Knight asked .

” She’s right here sir we both are home ” josh


” Am on my way , take her to the hospital”

Knight bursted on the phone and hanged up.

No , not Bella who the hell did this ? Fear grip

him , he has to save Bella.



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