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________________ day 6b ( His Dark Heart)

Bella’s heart beat widly against her chest as she

and Knight keep staring at each other , the room

suddenly felt heated as Knight began taking

gentle steps towards her, his eyes still looking so

red like he was about to kill her, ok maybe he

will kill her, she had crossed the limit, fear

overwhelmed all her body as she stepped back

with Every steps Knight took.

Her back finally hit the wall,oh there was no

place to go anymore, her breathing became even

when Knight was almost closed to her, she was

shaking with fear of what he was going to do to

her, her eyes were wide open with fear untill

Knight was right Infront of her, bodies almost

touching, she saw as Knight raised his hand up

and fear grip her she tightly closed her eyes

waiting for him to strike her , she deserve it after

all , she waited for him to hit her but Instead she

felt him stroking her hair gently.

Bella opened her eyes to look up at Knight and

their eyes met, his eyes wasn’t red anymore but

sad, she looked confused, she thought he was

going to hit her, Bella couldn’t talk because

Knight kept staring into her eyes and right there

she knew he was in pain, she gently brought her

hand up and touched his cheek.

” What happened to you ? She whispered, as

tears wheeled down Knight’s eyes, he kept

staring at Bella , who was already in tears too,

she doesn’t know what his problem was yet but

she couldn’t help but cry too seeing Knight in

tears for the very first time .

” I warned you not to come in here Bella , I

thought you will just respect my privacy? Knight

said softly looking into Bella’s eyes, he was mad

at her , but trying his best not to hit her .

” Am sorry “, Bella whispered ” I just wanted to

know why your so cold hearted, your not the

man you are , tell me please Knight, what

happened to you ? Bella asked praying in her

heart that Knight open up to her .

Instead of answering her, he gently took Bella’s

hand and walked her closer to the painting on

the wall, Bella looked at the painting and back at

him, but his eyes was on the painting.

” What do you see in the eyes of this woman?

Knight asked softly.

” Pain”, Bella answered.

” Is there anything familiar about the little boy ?

He asked and Bella looked at the painting of the

boy and she gasped.

” He looks like you , the younger version of you “,

she said .

” What do you see in his eyes ? He asked his

eyes never looked from the paint .

” Pain , but why Knight, what happened? Bella

asked .

Knight was quite for a while and faced Bella .

” Do you really want to know? He asked Bella

Nodded .

“Yes….I want to know, you look broken , and I

know this paintings means alot to you , please

share it with me “, Bella said .

Knight moved closer to the painting of the

woman and used his hand to trace the picture,

he didn’t want to discuss it, but somewhere in

his heart he wants Bella to know about it .

” I was only 8 years old “, he started.

” When I lost my biological mother ” he said and

Bella gasped, she moved closer to Knight who

continue talking but didn’t look at her .

“, I was sitted in the living room one day , when I

over heard some shouting from up the stairs in

my father’s room ” he said .


” I hate you Simon , you are nothing but a pig ”

Jane Knights mother yelled as she cried

Simon grabbed her by the hair.

” I will teach you a bitter lesson you slut ” Simon

shouted pulling her out of the room into the

spare room , Knight saw what his father was

doing and quickly ran to stop him .

” Mommy ” he started crying.

Simon looked at Knight with disgust he pushed

Jane down on the floor, as she cried , he drag

Knight into the room too and locked the door .

” Let go off my son you beast ” Jane yelled

trying to hold her son who was already crying.

” You and your hell of a son Should stay away

from my territory, listen carefully Jane I will f**k

which ever woman I want , I don’t love you

Neither do I believe your sluty lie that this boy is

my son do you get it ? Simon yelled .

” For goodness sake your his father you coward,

you rapped me even when I told you to stop, and

then what happens,i got pregnant, and you just

decided to hate us like we are trash , your own

blood ” Jane yelled hugging crying Knight to


Simon walked towards her and bend Infront of

her where she sat on the floor with Knight.

” What happened that night shouldn’t had

happened, you were only finding a way to trap

me and you succeeded showing me this bastard

as my son after you’ve been away for 3, good

years, I told you I don’t love you , you don’t

expect me to believe you will bring him and show

me that his my son and I will start catering for

his needs when his slut of a mother is one hell of

a bitch”, he shouted.

“, Your such a pig Simon I hate you for causing

me so much pain, you rapped me and took away

my virginity, for how long will you stop calling me

a slut because you got me pregnant, and his your

son and I will keep saying it to your face, and

even at that, why marry me if you don’t believe

me, why locking me and my son in this

godforsaken house if we aint needed , let us go

“, Jane yelled .

Simon grabbed her hair at once as she cried in

pain .

“I only married you because my father forced me

into marrying you , yes you were just a worker in

the mansion, but I found something interesting

in-between your legs, and I have to get it

because i get what I want, and also I could get

freedom into having you as my s£x slave and try

to keep you in my life, after all women are

available for me, but I want you to stop your

f**kin jealousy, because I dont love you , I only

rapped you for fun,but then you find something

to hook me up with , so I considered i married

you to be my s£x slave and I told you am not

through with you , at least i enjoy s£x from you I

paid so hard for it with my money and i can’t

dispose you just yet, when am done with you and

I think my money is exhausted then I’d give you

a divorce, and you can go anywhere with your

bastard son ” Simon said Evily.

Jane spat on his face .

“You devil of a man ” Jane yelled .

“, Fuck”, Simon caused and back handed her

immediately making jane to scream in pain ,

Knight quickly moved away seeing what his

father was doing to his mother .

Simon grabbed Jane and threw her on the bed .

” I will teach you a lesson you slut” Simon spat

going ontop of Jane who was kicking and

screaming, Knight Ran to Simon and started

beating him with his little hands crying.

“, Leave my mommy alone ” he kept repeating

his word , Simon pushed him and he fell to the

floor jane screamed.

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“, Leave my son alone I hate you Simon ” she

cried , Simon grabbed her hand and chain them

to the bed as Knight went back into beating

Simon , Jane kept kicking and screaming but he

held her tight on the bed.

Knight kept hitting Simon, Simon turned with

anger and lifted Knight up drag a chair and put

him on it and tied him on the chair then tight his

hands , Jane seeing what he was doing started

screaming for him to stop as sweat covered all

her body , Knight kept crying.

” You little thing, you will seat right here and

watch me f**k your mother ” Simon said to little

Knight who was crying.

” You can’t do that you bastard, his just a kid ,

please let him go Simon ” jane begged.she

couldn’t let him, he was going to do it when

Knight is watching.

As she watched Simon unbuckling his belt , she

couldn’t take it , Simon wants her Little son to

watch this disgusting scene.

“, No Simon don’t do this please, please let him

leave the room , his too young to watch this,”

Jane begged in tears .

“, Mommy ” Knight cried watching what Simon

was Doing to his mother .

Simon smirked Evily and tore janes dress, she


” It will be more good to let him watch how he

got into the world in the first place” Simon said


“Noooo….noo, please Simon … please

No…NOooo” Jane cried.

Right in Knights crying present he was s£xing

Jane who couldn’t help but kept screaming and

Simon will hit her hard on the face, untill her

face became bruised with red everywhere, blood

came out of her mouth .

When he was done , he was covered in sweat he


” How can I dispose you when your this sweet

my beautiful Jane ? Even if I never accept this

bastard as my son, it won’t stop me from

enjoying that sweet pu**y of yours ” Simon said .

” I hate you so much Simon, you will regret this ”

jane yelled as Simon laughed Knight still sat on

the chair looking at them .

Simon moved to Knight smiling.

“, Did you enjoy the show little boy, that’s what

you do to a woman ok” Simon said.

“, Leave my son alone you bastard, his just a

little boy for goodness sake”, Jane screamed

from the bed .

” Did you see how I f**ked your mother ?he

asked Knight who started crying.

” You shouldn’t cry because she enjoyed it ”

Simon said and Knight spat on his face , Simon’s

eyes turned red and he slapped Knight so hard

that his cry became so loud his little face was

marked with Simon’s five fingers so red , Jane

screamed from the bed and try to pull her hand

free from the chain, , blood was coming out from

Knights mouth .

“, That’s what you get for spiting on me bastard”

he said to Knight got up and went back to Jane

who was crying and insulting him he released

her hands and she covered herself with the shit

and Ran to Knight and started untying him, once

she does that she hugged him crying.

Simon pulled her away .

” Let go off me”, she yelled .

” Am taking you out of this room , and your son

will be here do you understand? Simon yelled .

” I want to stay with my son you devil,let go off

me ” Simon dragged her out .

“, Mommy please don’t leave me ” Knight cried .

” Knight ” Jane yelled trying to reach for her son

who was running after them , Simon pushed him

back inside and closed the door , Jane was

crying at the other side and Knight sat on the

floor crying as he over heard what his father was

telling his mother.

,” I will report you to the police”, Jane yelled

” And your precious son will die”, Simon had


(Fallback over)

Bella couldn’t believe all Knight just told her

Knight faced her and walked gently to Bella who

has tears in her eyes .

,” How could he be so crawl and evil, for

goodness sake doesn’t he have any conscience

at all, his a disgusting man ” Bella cried, thinking

that as a child he watched his own father

manhandled his mother even s£xing her in his

presence and told him to watch, his father is so

evil .

“, Of course, he hated us, and he wanted to

destroy my mother using her as his s£x slave for

good 5 years , only if she didn’t work as a maid

in that house, everything that has happened is

still vividly in my eyes, memories I can never

forget.” Knight continue. Looking at the painting

on the wall.

“He said my mother only trapped him into

marrying her because of his money, he has

forgotten he rapped her , he just accused her,

and beat her up all the time and he makes me

watch everything, not just once have I seen him

s£x her he almost did it everyday, and then he all

of a sudden kept me away from my mom, ” he

said .

” I was locked up in that room for 3 good days ,in

totally darkness, and my mom always sneaked to

feed me, Everytime I kept hearing her screams ,

which means he was either beating her up or

forcing her into s£x , so on the third day, my

mother sneaked into the room and told me we

are going to run away , I was so happy because

we were going to leave the evil man , but we got

caught, the moment my mom opened the door

he was standing there with an evil smile, they

started shouting at each other and he was trying

to drag me back to the room, my mom didn’t

allow it , the process of both of them struggling,

he pushed her ” he stopped as he closed his


” he killed her , right that moment, my whole

world changed Bella ” Knight cried as he fell to

the floor , Bella knelt Infront of him hugging him

to her chest as he cried .

” He killed her ” he cried out as he gripped Bella

holding her tight , Bella try to take the pain his

fingers were digging into her soft flesh, he

needed someone to hold and cry on and she will

let him , Bella was so speechless she didn’t

know what to say but cry as she caressed his


” I hate him so much , he killed her , he locked

me up again , untill one day his body guard

named Tony released me,he took me to a place

and left me there all he said to me was , find

your way , at 8 just 8 I should find my way , Bella

i didn’t know where to go , and I couldn’t stop

thinking about my mother , I don’t even know

what he did with her dead body , at the process

of getting a place and help , I was knocked down

by a car , and that was when I met Mr Jacob

Houston, him and his wife floren , they saved me

and took me as their own child” knight said

cleaning his eyes , as Bella listened quietly.

” They asked me my name, I couldn’t say a word

, I remembered everything that happened, but it

feels as if , my tongue was tied I wanted to tell

them how my mother had suffered in the hands

of that evil man for good 5 years , i couldn’t tell

them all I wanted to tell them , the only way

they found out my name was with the necklace

my mother made for me , it was written Knight

on it , that’s how they find out my name”, he

said .

He said bringing out the necklace which was

written”KNIGHT” on it , they both looked at the


“It’s the only memory I have of her, and I could

never bare to lose it” he said kissing it, Bella

cried as she looked at the necklace, no wonder

he always wear it.

Bella was too stoned , now she understood his

reasons , he was in pain leaving in the pain him

and his mom suffered from, he indeed has a dark


” Do …do , they know about this ?, Have you told

them ? She asked .

Knight was quite for a while.

” Mr and Mrs Houston and Alli doesn’t know

about it , I didn’t tell them, but Dustin luck and

Aaron knows about it , and now you ” he said


Bella felt so bad listening to his story .

” So, tell me do you know where your father is

now ? She asked .

” His no longer my father his my enemy, and i

will do all I can to crush him , because his right

next to me “, he said in a hard tone, Bella

wondered who the person is.

” If his next to you , then where is he ? She

asked and Knight looked at her, and looked at

her neck .

” The man who wanted this necklace your

wearing” he answered and Bella gasped as she

touched the new necklace she was wearing.

What!!! The welter man at the function is

Knight’s biological father, holy Trinity.



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