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________________ Day 6 ( How Dare You?)

Bella stayed home getting her self occupied by

reading books and all knowing more about grace

, today’s is Alli’s birthday well she had not met

the girl yet but she feels she will be very

beautiful, knight has gotten her a beautiful pink

gown to put on and she knows by the time she

wears it he won’t get his eyes off her .

He has gone to work since the party is stroke

evening, the time was drawing nearer so she

went up into the room after freshing up , she

wore the dress and put on some little ear rings ,

she wore the golden necklace knight won for her

at the auction, as she does this she smiled


She began arranging her long hair Making sure

to curl the under , she brought out her nude

heels and wore it , then attached a wrist watch ,

she reached for the perfume Knight already

arranged for her before she came, and spread a

little on her self , she smiled, she really doesn’t

know why she’s doing all this , but one thing is

for sure , she wants Knight to get attached to

her, she has a plan later tonight, and in her heart

she hopes she could find some clues if she does

what she wants to do , she knows Knight might

get mad at her but she has to try, she’s doing

this to get to the root of his misery.

She really didn’t do much makeup, she put on a

light lipstick and touched her curly hair and

smiled at herself she smooth her dress and just

then she got a knock on the door .

She opened the door and grace was smiling at

her .

” Wow Bella, you look so beautiful in this dress ”

grace said and Bella smiled.

“Do you think Knight will like it ? She aksed.

“Of course, he will not only like it but love it ”

grace said smiling at her ,she gave Bella a secret

look and Bella knew what she was thinking


“Oh common grace , it’s not what you think”

Bella said and chuckled.

” Am not saying anything, but I know once Mr

Houston sees you he will love you more ” grace

said and Bella blushed.

“By the way his outside waiting for you ” grace

said and Bella nodded as she walked gently

down the Stairs.

She went out of the mansion and Knight stood

talking on phone, she wonders what he always

says on phone , when she walked closer to him

she finally stood waiting for him to notice her he


Once he turned, his eyes looked shocking as he

stare at her beautiful face down to her leg then

up ward again, he forgot he was talking on phone

and stare like a hawk , his huge cock was

growing so hard like a rock , f**k what the hell .

” Umm….yeah…yeah….o… ok, yeah bye “, he

stammered into the phone and Bella smiled she

knew Knight liked what he was seeing she

couldn’t help but blush.

” Wow!! You look sweet, ” Knight said pulling her

to him by the waist”, I wish I could have you

right now ” Knight whispered in her ear making

her shive.

Bella closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his lips

against the soft flesh of her neck, Knight pulled

her head and kissed her lips which she quickly

responded too, Bella couldn’t help but get turned

on .

Knight pulled back .

” Let’s go, they must be waiting”, he said and

Bella nodded , this time around he opened the

car door for her and Knight drove off .

They arrived at a beautiful looking mansion, and

Knight wrapped his hands around her slim waist,

as they walked in Bella could see the party

already began. .

“, Hello handsome brother ” a lady about 20

came kissing knights cheek , Bella knew then

that it must be Alli.

“Alli happy birthday ” he said giving her a

wrapped gift from his pocket, Alli smiled and

collected it .

” Thank you Knight” she said as they both


” I want you to meet Bella, Bella Alli” knight


” Oh, I thought as much , she looks more

Beautiful than mom described” Alli said pulling

Bella into a bowl crushing hug kissing her both

cheek .

“, Am Aliyah but you can call me Alli just like my

brother called ” Alli said smiling .

“, Your name is beautiful and same to your

beautiful face “, Bella said and Alli grabbed

Bella’s hand .

“, Knight she needs to meet dad ” Alli said

without waiting for Knights reply drag Bella to

meet Mr Houston., Knight Smirked and followed

them behind.

Bella watched as Alli drag her to where Knights

mother floren was and a man probably her


” Oh honey Bella is here ” floren said happily,

hugging Bella once Jacob , knights father saw

Bella he smiled .

” Oh you look so beautiful my dear Bella ” he

said .

Bella smiled .

” Thanks Mr Houston”, Bella replied.

” Oh enough of the formality, just call me

Jacob,mr Houston makes me look old” he said

and they chuckled.

” Hello sweet sister in-law”

Bella turned to see Dustin Aaron and luck

smirking, knight gave them a killer look as they


They all hug Bella one after the other, and she

was very glad the family liked her .

” My dear , you look more beautiful than my wife

described”, Jacob said earning a glare from

floren as they chuckled.

“, So what your trying to say is I didn’t describe

her well? Floren pout like a kid and Jacob pulled

her closer .

“, Oh sweetheart of course you did”, he kissed

her lips lightly.

“, Awwwn dad please” they all said together

making Jacob and floren chuckled.

” Alright time to start the birthday” Dustin

announced and the rest of his brother followed.

Soon they started singing HAPPY to you for Alli,

so many people brought her gifts, and she was

so happy, Bella felt bad that she didn’t give Alli

anything but she doesn’t seem to mind .

Later everyone started dancing and Knight

couldn’t stop looking at Bella as she was

standing talking with his sister and mother and

she was smiling , her back was turned to him

and he could see her Long s£xy legs , damn he

suddenly got hard .

As he drank his wine his eyes didn’t leave Bella

she seems to be enjoying herself, hmm, it also

seems his family liked her alot , Knight couldn’t

stop staring at her .

He got distracted by a man who started talking

to him, it’s his father’s business associates, so

his father too joined them and they talk more ,

Jacob and Knight went to greet some of the

associates that came , and Jacob introduced him

to some of his clients, when Knight turned he

saw Bella and a guy talking .

And a deep frown came upon his face , he

became so furious, because she was enjoying

the guys presence, he took excuse and went

over to Bella and the guy .

” Mind if I take my lady ? Knight asked and the

guy smiled and left .

” Knight, are you okay ? Bella asked as she saw

the look of anger in Knights eyes, he didn’t say

anything but pulled her, she was asking where he

was taking her to but knight wasn’t saying


He opened a door and they both walked in , he

locked the door and Bella became scared she

tries to talk but knight pulled her to him and

crushed his lips with hers .

” I’ve been having a hell of hard on since I saw

you in this dress Bella, why is your body so

f**kin tempting,? He asked huskily and kissed

her neck , Bella moaned .

Knight kissed her hard and took her to the sink

his hand going under her dress, as he kissed her

his hands went into her pant putting his finger

into her and she moaned, after a while of

pleasure he turned Bella around so her back will

be facing him , he raised her gown up and made

her put her hands on the sink for support, he

unbuckled his belt and pulled his trouser below

and moved her panties aside , he hugged her to

him as Bella’s breathing became intense, and

she stare at Knight threw the mirror .

“Hold on tight okay ” he whispered and Bella only

nodded as she felt him enter her from behind,

she gasped, Knight began moving in and out and

she was gasping, as they both looked at them

selves in the mirror, her mouth open as Knight

moves inside of her , her moaning filled the

washroom and once increased his tempo, she

grip the sink hard and bite her lower lip, trying

not to scream.

Once knight was through, he was still inside her

and he pulled her head back to kiss her lips

which she responded to quickly, he pulled out of

her and started buckling his belt back , Bella

really didn’t like it to think Knight just had s£x

with her in his family washroom, but she said



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She arranged herself and Knight pulled her to

him kissing her deeply again before they left the


Bella directly went to talk to floren who told her

she’s been looking for her, once her eyes meet

knight he will look at her s£xily and she will blush


Finally they left home but knight told her he

needed to go somewhere but will be back soon ,

Bella nodded and went into the mansion, now is

her opportunity.

She gently walked to the green door , her chest

beating widly, she looked around if anyone could

see her, she shook the handle but it wasn’t

opening, damn it’s locked she has to find a way

to unlock the door , she quickly went into the

kitchen and found a nail , no it won’t be able to

open it she thought and her eyes came across a

little metal she took it and rushed back to the

door, as she tries it on it she was looking around

so no one should see her, not like anyone will ,

grace doesn’t live here she goes and comes and

his guards stay at the headquarters, she just felt

like to look in case.

She kept trying to open the door but it wasn’t ,

she was about to give up when the lock twisted,

she gasped, that means it has opened.

She gently pulled it open and walked in with

gently steps, her heartbeat increasing as the

time passes , the room was dark how will she

see the switch? She thought and then she

started touching the wall her hand mistakenly

touched something and the lights came on and

she gasped in fear as she looked up , She looked

away and her breath caught in her throat when

she saw different paintings on the wall , the

stand board, the whole room is covered with

drawings, and all has a woman on it, the same

woman, Bella gasped and moved closer to see


She saw that in the drawing, the woman wasn’t

happy, beside the other one was the same

woman in tears , she looked another one and in

that one she held her wrist and blood was pulling

down as tears was in her eyes, then her eyes

moved to another picture, it was of a little boy

who’s hands were tied and he was crying, tears

fell from Bella’s eyes , in another drawing was of

a man strangling the same woman and the boy

was crying, she couldn’t understand what she

was seeing, but it looks so horrible., Another

drawing was of thesame woman laying covered

with blood and the little boy crying beside the

woman,bella silently shared tears .

She tries to see if she could find another picture,

and she saw where the woman was holding the

boy hugging him as they both were crying.

Bella’s lips began to tremble, why does this

drawing look so sad? The woman in the drawing

wasn’t happy at all, and the little boy too what is

this picture all about?

She saw a stand that a cloth is covering so she

walked closer to it to check what was in it and

just as she was to pull the clothe ….


Bella quickly turned around to see Knight

standing looking at her with so much anger in his

eyes , his jaw clenched and he was breathing so

hard, fear grip Bella as her eyes widen .

That moment she knew she had crossed a line .

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