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“Please…” I whisper placing her hand on my chest.


She’s nervous again and that seems to turn me on. She’s always so innocent and breath taking. She swallow an unknown lump and lean closer. She clasp her lips on mine and wrap her right hand on my neck. Her lips were perfect just like the first time.


I pull her close to me and kiss her deeply. My hand wrap tightly around her waist as we kiss. I’m glad she ain’t stopping cause I won’t let her. Teasing her bottom lip , I suck gently on it and bite it. She moans in my mouth and trail her fingers down my chest. We stop to catch our breath and I lean my forehead on hers. She breathe in and out and open her eyes slowly to look at me.


“That was good..” I mutter and kiss her forehead.


She giggle and blush.


“I’m really sorry if I didn’t.. you know…”


“Shh.. Snow White that was great. You made my birthday.” I smile and rub circles on her lower back.


She absently squirm on my touch and fiddle her fingers. I chuckle to her childish behavior and trail my fingers on her perfect thighs.



“You’re beautiful.” I tell her and continue trailing my fingers on her thighs. My fingers went under my dress shirt that fits perfectly to her skin. I caress her skin as she let out a quiet moan but swallow it back. she’s shy.


I kissed her neck and that made her whimper. She touch my shoulders and melt to my kisses on her neck. I suck softly on her skin making sure I leave a mark on her neck. I grab her soft thighs as she moan loudly. I yank out one of the top buttons on my shirt as she whimpers. My eyes lock with hers asking her if I should continue , but she said nothing. I remove another button exposing her cleavages.


You would look at her all day and you would never get tired.


“I’m .. I..” she stutter again.


“Lemme look at you Ariel.” I remove her hands that were already covering her br**st.


She sigh and let me remove another button. I remove another button and push the shirt down her shoulders smiling at her model like body. Why would she be ashamed of this ?


“I’m not hurting you.” I whisper trying to calm her nerves. She gulp again.


I kiss her neck and rub her smooth skin. She moan silently as I kiss her neck to her collarbones. My hand brush past her panties and all I wanted to do was to take it out. I kiss the top of her br**st and look at her eyes that were already filled with emotions. I clasp my lips on hers and kissed her. It didn’t take her a second to kiss back. She taste so good. I grab her waist and pull her to me feeling every of her skin. She’s already wet and it’s so f**kin obvious. I pinch her nipple as she gasp a moan in my mouth. Her eyes abruptly opens as she watch me pinch her nipple and twist it slowly. She looks seductive as f**k. She bites her bottom lip and breathe in sharply accompanied by her moans.


I kissed her shoulder blade and suck on her collarbone down to the top of her br**st. My eyes move up to look at her and she looks nervous , shy, same time scared. I sigh and shut my eyes. She’s too naive for this. I open my eyes and smiled at her.



I run my fingers through her long hair and begin buttoning the shirt. I can’t continue with this or I’ll have her in my bed right away.


“Gray..” Reid’s voice made her jerk as i quickly pull the shirt to cover her body.


“Oh.. seriously man.” He smirks and return back to the living room.


“I’m sorry.” She shyly nodded as I quickly button everything.


I lift her off the counter and place her on the floor. I kiss her temple and rub her lower back to soothe her.


“Reid , what the f**k man.” I walk to the living room to find Reid grinning. I f**kin hate that grin.


“Seriously man. Who’s she ? Another one ?” I glare at him as he throws his hand in the air to surrender.


I turn to look at Ariel who isn’t comfortable.


“Go to the room.” I wink at her. She smile and look at Reid before walking away.


“What ?”


“Chill. I’m here to talk business. Vladimir.” He rolls his eyes and walk to my bar to collect a drink.


“He sent some stupid men to stalk you at Armani’s. You already left the club then..” he shrug and gulp a bountiful amount of my wine.


“Gray , Vladimir is after something that we’re not aware of. The guys are in custody and i angrily shot one. The other one is a pu**y and he’s not really talking what on mars Vladimir wants.”


“Where’s Meghan ?”


“Investigating on the Chinese endorsement.”


“Any improvement ?”


He nods and smile to nothing.” We’re setting a date between Mr Brown and Megan. I trust her seducing tactics , she’s gonna steal a lot of informations.”


I sigh and and punch the wall. I don’t wanna kill someone. But some Russian prick is getting on my nerves. Stalking me like I’m some crazy stripper.


“We’ll talk when I’m back. How did you even find me ?” I ask Reid who already consumed half of my wine. That cost a lot of money.


“I called Manny , you werent at the house so I was sure you’d be hanging here with someone. Horny f**k face. So who’s this unlucky one ?” I groan internally and glare at him.


“Don’t call her that.”


“Ohh. So who’s she ?”


“You saw her.” I reply blankly.


“I saw nothing. Just some random ass. I don’t remember seeing her on any magazine covers. What’s up with your get laid get paid shit. Is she a whore ?”


I don’t wanna break my close friend’s nose , it won’t be good.


“Later Reid.”


He licks his bottom lip and nod before turning to the door.


“And get my code outta your head. Don’t want you sneaking around.” I joke as he Chuckles.


“Shut up d**k.” He scoffs and walk out of the apartment.



I sigh and dart my head to the door that leads to the other rooms. I walk to the door and twist the doorknob. I notice Ariel standing there all this while eavesdropping behind that door.


“Tinkerbell , will you stop eavesdropping at my conversations ?”


She smile innocently and wrap her hands behind her back.


“I’m.. I , look I’m sorry. I.. was…” I chuckle to her attempt of lying.


“You were curious , it’s okay. Come here.” I take her hand and lead her back to the living room. I sit on the couch opposite the TV and pat the spot next to me for her to sit.


” How much did you hear ?” I ask her once she was sitting next to me.


“Not much. I was only curious , I’m sorry.” She sigh and look down at her laps.


“Are you still cold ?”


“Thanks , I’m fine. You’re shirtless, I should be the one concern.”


I nod and look at her. She’s avoiding my eyes and i really don’t know why. Am I intimidating her ?


“I wanna go home.”


“You’re spending the night.”


“What ? Gray it’s almost midnight. I should be at home. It’s really not healthy for a woman to sleep out.”


“Yeah ? Spend the night.”


Her head snap to look at me. I pout and look deep into her dark brown eyes.


“Please. We’re not sharing same room. I just want you to spend the night.”



“Why ?”


“It’s my birthday and I want you to stay..” she’s too dramatic and stubborn.


“On one condition.”


“Seriously ? Do I have to bribe you ?”


“You’re just gonna answer few questions from me. I’m dying from answers.” She replies rather too seductive.




She grin and mentally squeal. I could imagine her doing a victory dance too.


“But you’re gonna answer my questions too. Deal ?”


She smiles shyly and suck her bottom lip. That’s really cute.




Without expecting it , I carry her off the couch and sit her on my lap. She jolts in shock and try to escape but I didn’t let her.


“Breathe. You’re not dying right ?” I raise my brows and smirk at her nerdiness on her face.


She absently play with the buttons on the dress shirt and avoid my eyes. Her eyes glue to her laps and my hands that were rubbing little circles on her lap. So smooth.


“Your question.”


She nod to reality and try to sit properly on my lap. I hold her waist to make her still as she looks at me questionably. Just a wrong move and i will go hard underneath her.



“Becareful with that ass of yours. You’re trying to see the effect you have on me.” I smile at her and she blush.


“I’m sorry.. I..”


“Ask your question , I’m fine.”


She nod again and tap her chin like who’s thinking.


“I have a lot of questions but let’s go with who’s that weird guy that barge into your house. How many houses do you have ?”


“His name is Reid. We’re close friends right from highschool. And about how many houses I have , i don’t really know. This is one of my temporary base , I come here when I wanna be alone. Second question.”


“How many girls have you brought here ?”


I chuckle to her choice of question.


“Just you. I don’t bring girls here.”


“Why me ?”


“That’s your third question. You’re cheating cause I’m next.”


“Fiinnee…” She roll her eyes and turn to look at me.


“So what’s your question Jamal ?” She smirks and wink. Did she just wink ? And even called me Jamal again.


“Stop calling me Jamal.”


“I’m sorry Jamal , I really can’t stop. My mouth won’t just oblige.” She shrug and chuckle.


“Fuck me.. I hate you.”


“You wish.” Is that a seductive tone ? She’s filled with surprises.


“What’s your question ?”


“Why were you against kissing me at first ?”


Her eyes widen to my question. She blink her eyes and begin to fiddle her fingers again. I swat her hands to stop her and she blush.


“Stop doing that. You’re not ten.” I tell her.


“Yeah…” She huffs. ” I have never kissed someone before. I was shy and maybe scared that i will messed things up.”


“You don’t kiss like novice ? Your body languages are always different from your physical attitude. I like kissing you and you were perfect.” She dart her head to look at me but look down quickly.


I trail my fingers on her skin making her squirm unintentionally. I smirk at the way her body reacts to my touch.


“Second question. When I touched you, you acted weirdly like someone who’s never been touched. Really ?” I say to her and I feel her heartbeat skip.


“I’’s complicated. I can’t explain that.” I read the expression on her face and she’s trying by all means to avoid eye contact.




“So who’s Vladimir that’s stalking you ?” She asks , this time meeting my gaze.


Can’t believe she heard that.


“A Russian asshole who’s stalking me for his f**kin reasons.”


“And why ?”



“Don’t really know. Still asking this same questions every single time. He’s a d**k.”


She chuckle.” Maybe he’s jealous of you and wants something you have and he doesn’t.” Jealous ? He f**kin stole my Chinese deal that I’m definitely gonna get back.


“Maybe true. I don’t give a f**k.” Of course I do give a f**k. He’s crossing my beast territory and I hate being tempered. Fuckin Russians.


She rest her head lazily on my chest and I’m grateful she’s learning to relax around.


“Are you the only child ?”


For some reasons I was bewildered. Of course I’m not the only child. I have an older brother who joined the army for some stupid reasons. To fight organized crime like it’s easy. They went on a fight and he went MIA. No corpse, no words. Nothing and this is the fifth year since he left and never came back. I hate thinking about it. Deep down I don’t wanna care.


“No. I have an older brother.” I rub her lower back and I could feel her relax to my body.


“Hmm. Is he cuter than you ?” She asks in a sleepy tone.


I chuckle quietly.”I think yes.”


“Hmm..” she absently trail her fingers on my chest to my arm.


“Do all your tattoos have meaning ?” She ask me with her soft voice.


“Not all. A lot has meaning.”


“Wow. I wish to discover them someday.” She mutter and then quietness occupy the living room.



She slowly move her fingers on my torso and my body tenses to every touch. That’s weird and unexpected. I rest my head on the couch and let her touch me however she wants. I stroke her thighs and legs. She’s delicate and every single guy would love to lick her up.


“Gray..” she mutters quietly.


“Yeah.” I reply, head still resting on the couch and my eyes are shut.


“What do you want from me ? Why me ?”


And that’s the one billion dollar question that I have no answer for.


What do I want from her ?


“You make me happy Gray.” She murmurs and I could hear her gentle breathing.


She’s asleep.


” Please don’t hurt me like him….”








“So where were you through out last night ? You didn’t sleep at home Ariel.” Mom says glaring at me while holding her cup of tea.


It’s Saturday and my parents request to see us. I was certain this was because Leslie must have called them and told them I slapped her. I sigh and look at my parents who were glaring daggers at me. I hate to be here.


“I went out with Alexa.”


“You went out with Alexa ? And you spend the night in a man’s house again, right ?” Dad asks.



I suck in a deep breath and turn to look at Leslie who wouldn’t stop smirking since we got here. Ugly witch.


“Dad I was with Alex and not with a man.”


“Did Alexa gave you those hickeys ?” Mom sneer. My heart beat drop to my feet and I realized this won’t go well.


How come I didn’t notice Gray gave me hickeys ? I absently touch my neck like I could obviously feel them.


“How many times have we told you to stop associating yourself with that stupid whore cousin of yours ? You’re just adamant and a dirty lying whore.” Mom spit out.


“Mom , I’m twenty, stop treating me like five.” I snap at both my parents.


“Twenty ? And you’re not even a virgin. What happened to all the teachings in morning mass ? You learned nothing. You went ahead and commit fornication after our teachings of marriage before sΒ£x. Why can’t you be like Leslie ?” Mom yell.


Be like Leslie ? Wait, What ? I shake my head and absently play with my fork.


“Ariel , who gave you those hickeys ?” Dad asks , glaring back at me.


What am i supposed to tell them ? His name’s Gray and I spent the night in his house and he obviously touched me and gave me love bites. How pathetic ?


Their eyes settled on me as my family eye me up with taunting eyes.


“Ariel , if you don’t start speaking , I’m definitely gonna get angry at you and you know what that means. Who gave you hickeys ?” She yell , slamming her palm on the dinning table. I flinch and whimper quitely.



“Ariel talk now. Or get ready to pick your things and move in with your mystery man. Also you should be prepared to pay your tuition fee for the rest three years of your stay in college.”


God I need to get a job.


“Why don’t you open your mouth and start talking. Now…..”









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