Wed. May 29th, 2024


– In Court –

“I’m Lawyer William , I’m representing my client here. Mr. John. My client made love with Mrs. Loveth about a year ago and she got pregnant. They both knew that the child belongs to my client but Mrs. Loveth wickedly pushed the child on Mr. Joshua and Mr. Joshua foolishly accepted that the child is his. My Lord , I will want you to order that the child be transferred to my client with immediate effect. We are ready for D.N.A

text, my Lord. ” The lawyer representing John in court said and sat.


My lawyer stood and said. “Firstly ,I had like you to watch your insulting words on my client. ” He said to John’s lawyer.


“Objection my Lord!” John’s lawyer yelled angrily and stood.


Without even waiting for the judge to respond to his request ,he said. “I’m only saying the truth. If it sounds insulting,I don’t care. ”


“Lawyer William!” The judge called his name in caution.


“I’m sorry, my Lord.” He said and sat.


The judge gestured to my layer to continue with his speech.


“My client are faithful partners. Mrs. Loveth never made love to Mr. John as there is no such prove. We are ready for D.N.A text too. ” My lawyer said briefly and stood.


“Did anyone of you come with a D.N.A text result?” The judge asked.




“Yes ,my Lord.” My lawyer answered as he stood.


The secretary to the judge walked to my lawyer and collected the D.N.A text and handed it over to the judge.


The judge looked through it and said; “How sure could I be that this is not fake?”


“You can investigate all you want sir?” My lawyer responded.


“I suspend this case till on the 2ND of next month. I would have investigate the authenticity of this D.N.A text by then. Lawyer William ,kindly submit the D.N.A text result of your client on or before Friday for proper investigation. ” The judge said.


“Arise ! ”





Everyone began to disperse in court.


On getting outside… John walked up to the beast and I with a smirk.


“The earlier you believe that Loveth is the mother of my child ,the better for you?” John said and walked away.




“I felt like smashing him.” The beast said to me.


“Just leave him baby ,he will always loose.” I assured but scared myself of what the outcome of the next court meeting would be.

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