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Tunnel Of Life(Episode5)





Written By :Tumelo





That scary guy commanded Thato to undress or else he’ll stab him to death :/ .It was hurting to see Thato nudity.





Scary guy: :v :v :v babes :p dance.





Thato started dancing as other inmates were singing prison song ๐Ÿ™ .Suddenly a warder appeared.








Warder: Hey you sboshwa (prisoner) why you like that? Are you a stripper in here ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ?





The warder helped Thato from the guy & he was also sent to another cell with only 3 cell mates.It was better times as compared to previous cell to Thato, the guys were friendly to each other at all times. Now time is 12 days after last year, it is the day for Thato & his cell mates to appear in court for differend charges.As they’re waiting to be taken to court…





Thato: Guys we have be so cool together in here but I don’t know why you’re here.





Myself im here because of rape :/ .





Cellmate1: Eish I was caught on cctv pointing a gun to the cashier demanding cash at petrol station In Lebowakgomo :/.





Cellmate2: I killed my dad for not giving me his car keys :/ .





Cellmate3: I killed a 3yrs old boy for rituals :/ .





Thato after hearing those stories he was shocked, he even kept quiet until they come to take him to Lebowakgomo magistrate court.As they arrive to court. Outside court there was angry community singing songs with cardboxes written ” let him rot in jail” others written ” rapist in our community is not wanted” .when Thato saw all those staff he couldn’t help himself but cried :'( .





Time for him to get inside court was now, he wiped off the tears. When he gets inside court room he tilted his head up & see angry crowd pointing fingers at him ๐Ÿ™ .when he looks at his right hand side it was Peggy & his mom with sad ๐Ÿ™ faces and subdued manner.





All procedures were followed as the Judge walks in.





Judge: I know we have angry community in here, so please let’s try to observe silence. Er i’ll start with victim side.








Lindiwe’s Lawyer: Thank you my lord, I rise before you having full evidence that my client Miss Kekana was raped by Mr Thato Mphela on the 26th last month around 2am at his home.





Judge: Mr Mphela with already made accusations do you plead guilty or not guity.





Thato: (Looking at his mom) not guilty.





Judge: you may proceed.





Upon judge finishing his words one girl stood up & say.





Girl: sorry to interupt. What im going to say is very important, my name …





Lindiwe’s lawyer: Objection my lord this is not allowed in court of law.





Judge: give her a chance, procced girl.





Girl: my name is Lerato Tshehla. I & Lindiwe Kekana we falsely accused Thato Mphela of Raping Lindiwe. Because I loved Thato so much & it was a deep cut to my heart seeing him dating a lady that I hate Lucy :/ .honestly I loved Thato since we were playing house together way back.( crying :'( ) & I wanted him to suffer because of the hurt that he left me when dating Luuuucy hahaha hahah :'( .





Judge: This court is adjourned till 1pm. For further findings.





“All rise”





Everybody was left shocked after what Lerato just said. Lerato was taken to the other room for more information. After Lerato’s statement Peggy & his mom felt a lil relief after being worried about brother & son respectively.





Its now 1pm the court is proceeding from where left earlier.

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