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Episode 19.

Desmond arrived there and saw the environment was calm, driving the car inside Rachel came out and hugged him.

“What happened here? Everywhere is calm, Desmond said.

“They left already, she replied.

“That soon? and the environment is this way? The cops didn’t arrive? He asked.

“Let’s go in first, she said taking him inside.

“Tell me the truth Rachel, there was no robbery right? He asked.

‘What kind of question is that? She asked.

“Because I know you are lying, look everywhere is normal like nothing happened how is that possible? He shouted.

“Oh oh oh fine there was no robbery, so? She asked and he paced around the house rubbing his head.

“You don’t want to be with me right? Its obvious okay call the engagement off so you’ll be at peace! She shouted.

“Must you always lie to be with me? This is not fair always making me scared for nothing, he said.

“Will you blame me when your darling wife is at home and she’s controlling you, she said.

“She is not controlling me, for once I beg you please stop this. If this is how you will behave there will be no peace in that house, Desmond said.

“Oh so I’ll be the one to cause trouble in the home right? How sweet, She said smiling.

“That was not funny, now let’s go to bed since you’ve succeeded, he said dragging her in………….


The next day Matthew came out of his room and surprisedly saw Veronica setting the table already, “your breakfast is ready, she said without looking at him.

“You shouldn’t have bothered dear, I would have gotten something for myself, he said.

“Fine, she said and wanted leaving but Joy ran down with Marvel, “daddy when are you taking us out? Joy asked.

“Daddy can we go going out today? Marvel came in..

“Stop that okay, you two haven’t opened your books since the holiday began, Veronica said..

“Its okay honey, I’ll come back early so we’ll go out okay, Matthew said.

“Thats not necessary, Veronica said.

“But mommy why? Don’t you always want us to be happy? Joy asked.

“What did you just say? Veronica asked.

“Can’t we all be happy again mommy? Marvel asked and ran back while Joy followed.

“Honey please let the kids be I beg you, you’re slowly taking them back from me, its not like I’ll run away with them, Matthew said.

“You took yourself back from them first okay, stop including me in your mess you should be grateful they still calls you daddy, she said.

“And I want things to be back, i am trying my best can’t you see? Matthew asked.

“Of course I can see that, Veronica said and left………………..

Debbie retuned in the morning ignoring Prisca and was checking out a dress to wear, “you slept at his place? Prisca asked but Debbie ignored.

“Are you really thinking right at all? Not all that glitters is gold, Prisca said again but Debbie took the dress she wanted, took a pair of shoe and her make up bag and left saying nothing to Prisca.

Prisca got up from the bed and peeped outside to see Gideon was waiting for her and she heaved at that, “they can’t be serious about this, she murmured under her breath…………………

Desmond returned with Rachel and helped carry her bag in.

They went in for few minutes and noticed Princess wasn’t out yet, “is your wife in? Rachel asked.

“I’ll go check out, he said and left to the room but saw Princess cuddled on the cold tiles shivering.

“Honey what’s wrong? He asked carrying her up from the floor and noticed she was soaked wet.

“What happened to you? Why are you doing this to yourself! Rachel! He shouted and Rachel ran in.

“Get me a towel please, he said and she took it giving it to him to clean her up.

“Why are you doing this honey why? Desmond kept saying while Rachel looked angrily and left the room.

“Wise woman trying to bring up tricks to gain his affection,it wont be when I’m in this house, Rachel said and called her mom up immediately.

“She’s pretending to be sick? Her mom asked after Rachel told her everything.

“Thats it, he’s carrying and petting her like a child, what can I do for this woman to go na, Rachel said.

“You can’t do anything now you’re not married to him yet, you need to charge him up to do something fast so you’ll take over properly. Didn’t you tell me any little thing he mentions his wife? That is to tell you do don’t have the full charge yet, her mom said.

“Oh mommy do something fast na, I cant be a second wife na there’s no levels in that, Rachel said.

“Shut up your mouth at least you’ll be married and your levels will be when you give him a child, my dear you can kick her out with just your finger. But for now show her pepper and try to get Desmond away from her okay, her mom said.

“Okay I’ll do just that, bye let me go see what is going on there in that room, Rachel said and ended the call………………..

Debbie arrived with Gideon at her mom place, Sandra came out surprised looking at them and Debbie smiled hugging her.

“I hope all is well? Sandra asked still lost after Gideon greeted her.

“Mommy let’s go in first abeg I know you’ll ask questions, Debbie said taking her in.

“OK what should I offer……….. “Nothing mommy because we won’t waste time. Gideon proposed to me and I said yes, Debbie said smiling holding his hand and Sandra got up on her feet.

“And you said what? Sandra asked and Debbie rolled her eyes.

“Ma please i mean it and I know what you’re thinking, if I’m not serious I won’t bring up marriage here, Gideon came in..

“What do you know about marriage? You haven’t known her for a full week yet and you are talking about marriage eh? Sandra asked.

“I don’t understand, did you expect us to go to a marriage school and collect the certificate before we marry? Debbie asked.

“Debbie shut up what do you know! Sandra shouted.

“We both know nothing about marriage and please let us be, why is my thing always disturbing you why? Debbie asked.

“Please calm down, Gideon said holding Debbie.

“No please because I am tired with all of this, for once be happy for me, this is all mothers dream for their daughters, Debbie said.

“You want to get married ba? Fine after all i know nothing about marriage right, Don’t worry go ahead, Sandra said.

“Thank you, now you are sounding like my mother, Debbie said.

“Ma I am very sorry and i don’t know how to begin to show you that i am real, please I’m not a bad person, Gideon said and Sandra nodded.

“I said you two can get married but know that I will have no business with what ever will happen in your home, Sandra said and Debbie scoffed.

“Mommy thank you and don’t worry there will be no regrets. We bought some things for you, its in the car, Debbie said………………


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