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I quickly pushed Owen away and my breathing got rapid,


“what the.. Owen.. You.. How.. ” I mixed my words. He just kissed me. How dare him.


“Owen how dare you” I yelled, finally my words came in pairs.



“Sarah, I came here to say , I love you” Owen said and I almost slammed the door in his face.


“what the hell are you talking about?” I yanked and he sighed and stepped inside closing the door while I moved back.


“I’m saying that I love you and I’m willing to take care of you.” he said and my jaw fell.


he’s not serious about all this..


“I’m sorry Owen but I still don’t know why you’re talking about though.” I said and folded my hands across my chest.


“what is there not to understand, I said I love you. Don’t you get it.” he said almost yelling.


“look Owen, you love me, I get it but I don’t now. would you leave” I yelled back. “no I’m not going anywhere, Sarah the first day I set my eyes on you I wasn’t my self, you’re actually the first girl I’ve loved so please be with me I’m better than Zack please.” he said with pleading eyes. Gosh I can’t believe this guy


“look please Owen just leave, ” I said polietly ..”leave??!!


No way Sarah, I’m not leaving until you say something I want to hear” he yanked and I flinched .


“something you want to hear, look Owen I have nothing to say to you than leave” I breathed out and he sighed and and said.


“Sarah okay please just tell me, why don’t you love me”


“seriously you want me to explain that, I just don’t love you, you can’t force love” I replied and he shook his head negatively


“yes you can, anyone can force love.” he breathed out and I gave him a glare.


“just leave Owen!!” my voice cameout horrific.


He looked at me with sad eyes and then approached me , then forcefully before I could even stop him kissed me without me kissing him Back. I tried to push him away but his grip was to strong but I finally pushed him away and Gave him a sounding slap. He smirked devilishly and said “I still did what I had to”


“you’re crazy Owen, how dare you come into my own home and tell me all sorts of things that are stupid” I yelled and started to boil in anger.


“Because I love you Sarah, I love you, I love you, I f**king love you” he yelled back but this time I didn’t flinch.


“well too bad for you.” I told him and his hand fisted into a ball.



“Sarah I love you, and I’m telling you, you have a daughter who I can accept with full heart, ” he said calmly and I almost laughed. He’s absolutely stupid.


“you’re out of your damn mind Owen she has a father, who already accepted her” I said and his pupil suddenly blow out..


“Zack?? That piece of shit who raped you, begging you at the company to forgive him, Zack is not a man Sarah, what he did to you is unforgettable and unforgivable think about that” he countered gesturing his hands.


“well too bad, it is unforgettable but it is forgivable.” I said and he moved back a bit.


“wait.. You forgave him! You forgave Zack?” He yelled, he was taken by surprise I could see it.


“yes I did he deserved it” I defended and he laughed.


“that is crazy, that guy raped you Sarah he made you suffer I heard what you told him I heard when you told him all that you went through” he seethe while I shook my head negatively without smiling and said.


“he made me go through a lot but he gave me a blessing, he brought a little angel to this world” I can’t believe I’m actually defending Zack right now.


“You just made a huge mistake by forgiving him” he breathed out while I rolled my eyes.


“Just leave! ” I yelled and he nodded slightly.


“fine, I’ll leave but forgiving Zack is the worst mistake you’ve ever made just wait and see” he said in the most threatning way and then walked out What!!


That guy is crazy, I held my chest and and sat down slowly on the couch, I started to think about what just happened that I didn’t know when my mom walked in until she said,


“who was that”


I quickly Regained my self and said “Uhm who?”


“I just saw a boy coming out of here and entering his car” she said and I realised it was Owen


“oh that was Uhm.. a friend at the company” I lied and she nodded and walked away.


Few hours later Zack and Valery walked in with Valery on his shoulder she was fast asleep..



“oh hey you guys are finally back” my mom said with a smile behind me , Zach nodded and smiled and my mom directed him to Valery room so he could lay her in her bed..


After tucking Valery in Zack came out and smiled


“uhh I’ll be leaving now” he announced while my mom hissed through her teeth and said


“why don’t you just stay for tonight”


“like have a sleepover? ” Zach asked while my mom smiled and nodded.


“okay sure” he agreed and sat down smiling, I didn’t say any thing I just walked in my room.




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