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I went back to the marbella happily, but still not that happy, but happy, I couldn’t define it.


I parked my car beside Sarah’s. I’m going to wait for her even though she has already forgiven me I still want to get close to her very close like we were in highschool.


As I walked to the hallway to get into the elevator I met owen


“so how did it go with you and her” he asked sarcasm full in his voice.


“what’s it to you blonde.” I said and smirked.


“Nothing, you know Sarah told me about her high school prom disaster and you were the disaster and..”


“what are you talking about..” I cut him.


“Just want to let you know that she’ll never forgive you.” He said with a little smirk.


I know he has feelings for Sarah but now if he says one more Shit about her or me I’m going to give him the beatings of his life.


“well too bad because she already forgave me, lover boy, I know you have feelings for her but just so you know those feelings should die, you know why? Because she’s the mother of my child and you know what again because I raped her and I’m proud to say it, and Owen Ricardo, stay away from her and remember I’m your boss just because we were college buds doesn’t Mean you have the right to tell me shits whenever you want, remember who you are and who I am” I say and walked away but I could still hear him chuckle behind me.


Ass hole.


I walked straight to my office but Ken came in uninvited and told me my dad was calling me. I quickly went to the conference room. I met my dad and I sat down without him telling me so.


“son you did a great job you know, how did you even do it the cloth sales department are booming now.. You did a great job.” my dad compliments. “I know” I seethe and he smiled nervously.


“so can I get out now or Is there anything else you want to tell me” I yanked. “son.. I’m getting married again to a second wife.” he said nervously and my fist tightened that my knuckles turned white. He’s crazy…


“and what do you want me to do about it” I yelled and he flinched “easy” he said and I calmed down a bit.


“it’s not like I’m leaving your mom or some stuff but she’ll just be my first wife” he said.


As far as my mom doesn’t suffer because of this sack of shits in front of me I’m fine with it.


“okay.. Whatever” I said sarcastically.


“Also my new wife Kasey has a son about eighteen and I want to give him Part of the marbella too.” my dad said and I laughed.


“look dad, you don’t know what you’re talking about, I run this company not you. I’ve run the marbella for four years now and you’re not going to share it with any body, or some boy who’s still in high school and still the company lies in the hand of my daughter.” I said through my teeth and his scared face suddenly turned confused.



“I don’t understand, what daughter ?” he asked.


“you didn’t know what I did six years ago, well how would you know when you don’t come home at all but sleep with those whores else where ?” “watch your tongue son !!” my dad warned.


“no! You watch your tongue dad because I ain’t giving shares from this marbella to anyone and just so you know or not,I have a daughter and I’m giving it to her when she’s come of age.. ” I said and stood up.


“and don’t worry about us dad, mom Nixie, Xander and I are fine without you you can go ahead and get married to Carlin, or caster or whoever you’re getting married to.” I said and walked out. if he thinks he can tell me piece of shits then he’s wrong..


I went back to my office. I had work that need to be done but I was exhausted. I looked over at Sarah’s desk and smiled, just thinking of her was making me smile, I have a daughter, it just felt so good saying that.I want valery to know I’m her father, and want Sarah by my side. I loved her and still loved her. I quickly closed my book and parked my stuff together. I grabbed my car key and called Ken to take over today and I drove my car to Sarah’s house.. I needed to spend more time with my daughter. it had been six years and I was happy that I had a daughter.


As I arrived at the house, I knocked and just who I wanted to see Valery”, was the one who opened the door. she tilted Her head right and her ponytail followed. “You’re Mr Zachary the man who made mommy cry.” she said. “can I come in” I asked


“no” she said fiercely


“what. But why” I said gently


“you made mommy cry so you’re not coming in” she yanked.


Okay she’s tough how the hell will she react when I tell her I’m her father. “Valery be nice and go back to bed” I heard Sarah’s mom voice say from behind and Valery moved back and I walked in.


“I don’t want to sleep again, I hate sleeping when it’s still bright.” Valery said and Mrs Sydney sighed.


“why are you here m” mrs Sydney asked me and took a coffee sip from her coffee.


“Avtually. I’m here for Valery and Sarah but I need to ask Sarah something.”


“Mom can you leave us alone” Sarah requested after joining us.Her mom nodded


and walked away.


“Valery can you


“no Valery can stay” I interrupted her.



“Actually I’m here to ask for permission if I can spend the day with Valery.” I asked.


“Why?” Valery chipped in.


“don’t be rude Vally he’s your dad” Sarah broke the news awkwardly.


“you’re my daddy” Valery said as her eyes lit and I nodded.


“will you buy me a lot of candy” she asked “Valery!” Sarah called and I laughed. “so can.. I”


“of course you can” she said and I breathed a sigh of relief and happiness “so Valery do you want to go out with me there will be candy” I said and she agreed happily, assuming she’s old enough she wouldn’t have accepted me and I’m glad it’s not too late..”thank you” I tell Sarah and she rolls her eyes.. And watched as I carried Valery on my thigh.. And as she stroked my beard with her hands “mommy I want to have these ” she said to Sarah referring to my beard hair.. “no you can’t girls don’t have mustache okay” Sarah said and I laughed..






Immediately they both left I sighed heavily, he does need time with Valery, so she can know him better.. As I stood up to go in my room I heard a knock on the door and when I glanced at the time it was four thirty, are they back already..


I opened the door and was surprised to see Owen and immediately he held me and kissed me..


To be continued.








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