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“Are you sure about this?” William asked his private investigator as he went through the files in hand


“I did a background check on Mrs. Penelope Meyer and Veronica’s old parent and then I realized that her real parents are non other than Mrs. Penelope and Mr. Zack Meyer”


“So the Meyer family are Veronica’s real parent”


“Apparently sir”


So how did that happen? How did Veronica end up with the Hathaway family?” “That is because she was sold to the Hathaway family by her uncle John Meyer” “John Meyer did this?”


“Yes and he was also the one who replaced Veronica with Chelsea when they both had that little accident ”


“But why did he do that?”


“I am thinking because it will favor him in some way. If Chelsea were to get married to you, that means he can convince you into partnering up with him in some kind of business deal”


“I see, but how did you find out all this?”


“Well I had a little discussion with the doctor of the hospital where Chelsea and Veronica were born….he said Mrs. Hathway which is Veronica’s adopted mother


keeps having a stillborn, she cried her eyes out when she lost her last baby and then Mrs. Meyer, on the other hand, was very poor, there was no way they could have taken care of the two girls but still Mrs. Meyer never worried about that. She knew that she and her husband will have to work twice as hard to raise them…Mr. John meyer their uncle made a plan with the doctor to sell Veronica to the Hathaway family without telling Penelope Meyer and her husband about it, then he sold Veronica and replaced her with Ruth Hathaway stillborn making it look like Veronica died”


“Now I understand…but how did you get the doctor to tell you all this?”


“I might have blackmailed him a little”


“That is great…I have to talk to Veronica about this”


“I suggest you do that as soon as possible Mr. Morgan”


“Thank you, you can leave now and please, look into the Alfred and lord Pablo case, it is more important”


“Okay sir,” he said as he walked out of the room




Veronica heard a knock on her door as she walked towards it with a bright smile on her face.


“That must be Williams,” she said to herself as she opened the door and the smile on her face immediately disappeared when she saw Penelope




“Hello Veronica, so this is where you have been hiding”


“How did you get past security?”


“Oh do not worry about that”


“Mother please come in”


“Do not call me your mother please, I am not your mother and I will never be your mother….you ruined my daughter Chelsea’s life and you think you will go away with that?”


“Mother it…”


“Do not call me mother, I am not your mother…do you know how much it hurts watching Chelsea cry herself to bed every night…she wanted William but you stole that from her”


“I knew nothing about this, I never wanted to be part of that accident…I never wanted to fall in love with William and most importantly I never wanted to steal Chelsea’s life…it just all a big misunderstanding”


“If that is true, then how did you end replacing Chelsea and having my daughter locked away in a dirty warehouse for six whole months”


“I swear to you, I know nothing about that. I promise”


“Really, you don’t?”


“I promise”


“Well you have no choice but to explain yourself to the police…the only protecting you before was your husband William and I do not think he is interested in you since he is getting married to someone else… You gold digger, you were even able to afford such a lovely house from the money you stole from William and my family”


“That is not true”


“Officers please come in and arrest her”


“You can not arrest me I did nothing wrong,” Veronica said as the police put handcuffs around her wrist ”


“Mother believe me I didn’t do anything”


“Don’t you dare call me mother, this is the last time I am warning you”


“And why do you have such a problem with your daughter calling you that?” A voice said as they all turned their heads simultaneously to the place the voice came from


“William?” Veronica whispered lightly to herself.

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“You, what did you say?”Penelope said


“Officer, we are sorry for…” Williams spoke to the officer for a while before they finally decided to uncuff Veronica and leave.


“William you have to explain what you said just now to me” Penelope shouted


“I will, when you Call your husband Zack, his brother John and Chelsea meyer,” William said as he grabbed Veronica’s hand and walked into the room with her.


Veronica decided not to ask William anything as she waited patiently for the arrival of Chelsea and the rest of the family


A few hours later, Chelsea, Zack meyer Nd John finally arrived as they all sat down on the sofa to discuss


“I told Mrs. Penelope to call you all here today because I have very important information I will like to share with you guys”


“And that important information is?”Chelsea


“Veronica is your twin sister, that the important information”



William saw the expression on John’s face and he was shocked just like everyone else but he was different. He was not only shocked but looked highly uncomfortable


“Mrs. Penelope, do you remember having twins back at the hospital ‘


“, yes, but she died”


“No, she didn’t, she is Veronica…this is how it all happened” William explained the whole thing to them as their mouth fell opened and turned to look at John


“You did this John?”


“Do not believe what he is saying, …do you have any evidence to back this up”


“, I do, ” William said as he played a video showing the doctors confession


“Do you remember this M.r John?” He asked while John blinked abruptly


“You were also the one who replaced Veronica with Chelsea right?”


“I…i…i ”


“Speak up John” Mr. Meyer shouted while John flinched and said


“I did all this for us, we were too poor to afford two kids”


“They were my kids john, you have no right to interfere…who are you to make decisions for them…you sold Veronica and Gambled away all the money like you used to didn’t you “Mr zack Meyers said


“I did what was right at that time, I had no idea”


“What about exchanging Veronica at the hospital”


“I didn’t mean to”



“There is no point arguing with you, I am sure you will be more than happy to explain yourself to the police, “Mr. Zack Meyer said as he dialed the police Number on his phone


Veronica” Penelope called her name while Veronica wiped the tears on her face and turned her back to walk away


She needs time alone


This was nothing but a big shock to her


She needs time to talk about this


And accept this


She still couldn’t believe that the Meyers are actual Parent and the Hathaways wasn’t


Her Beatrice knew about it maybe that why she hated her so much


She couldn’t handle all this


All she needed at that time was space










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