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“Veronica” I ran out of my room immediately to see what is wrong with her.


“What is wrong ,where are you going to ?” Beatrice asked


“Beatrice I can’t answer right now ” I said as I ran towards the exist.


“Veronica, Veronica wake up” I called her name as I gently tapped her cheeks ”


Veronica please wake up”


“What is wrong with her ?” Beatrice asked


“She stayed out in the cold all night*


“Is she crazy why will she do that ?” Beatrice asked as she ran her hand through her hair


“Beatrice call Doctor Charles”


“Okay” she said as she dialed a number on her phone while I lifted Veronica off the ground. I gently placed her on my bed and switched on the heater. ”




Her clothes are wet” William said to himself as he gently took off her clothes leaving just her bra and panties on her. He brought out a clean oversized sweater from his wardrobe and put it on for her.



“When is the doctor going to be here ” She asked Beatrice immediately she walked into the room


“In fifteen minutes.. why did she stay out in the cold anyway?” Beatrice asked


“Because she was looking for this” he said as he showed Beatrice the diamond necklace


“A necklace?”


“I bought this for her , I threw it away yesterday just because I was so upset with her. I told her if she truly wants my forgiveness she has to look for the necklace”


“And she did?”


“Apparently” William said as he covered Veronica with a duvet . Beatrice couldn’t help but think she was actually wrong about Veronica. Maybe Veronica isn’t so bad after all.


The doctor came later on and prescribed some medicine for Veronica and assured Williams that she will be fine very soon.


“Are you sure she is going to be fine”


“100 percent sure Mr Morgan, I will be on my way now” he said as he walked out of the room


I sat down on the sofa as is stared at Veronica. My wife is probably the dumbest Human I know ,who stays up overnight in the cold just to look for some stupid necklace?”


The next morning, Veronica slowly opened her eyes as she sat up straight on the bed



“Where am I ?” She asked herself as she looked around . It only took her a few seconds to realize she was in Williams room . “What am I doing here ? And where did my clothes go?” She asked as she looked around for her clothes.


William walked into the room with a cup of tea while Veronica pulled the duvet to cover her body properly


“You awake” he said as he placed the tea on the table


“What happened?”


You fainted outside my house and I brought you here to my room” “Why am I wearing one of your sweaters?”


“Oh your clothes were wet so I had to change you into that” “Are you saying you changed me into this”


“Yes that what I just said ” “,You saw everything?” I asked


“Is there perhaps something you do not want me to see?” He asked while my cheeks turned pink in embarrassment.


“But I…”


“Here is your cup of tea, take a shower and go home ” he said while I nodded. He is still mad at me,but that is no problem,I will make sure he forgives me.


I stood on my feet and walked into the bathroom to have a shower and changed into my clothes.


I walked out of the Morgans mansion and William was nowhere to be found.



“Puppy” I shrieked in deligh it when I saw a white fluffy puppy” oh you are so cute


I said as I picked it up and hugged it so tight . “Where did you come from . You are so cute” I said as I kissed it . I have always love puppies since I was a little girl but I couldn’t get one . I am sure you all know why


I see you like that puppy” William said while the smile on my face gently disappeared “oh sorry” I said as I placed the puppy on the floor


“Why are you apologizing?” He asked


“Well it is your puppy and I thought..”


“If you like him then he is yours”


“What? ”


“You love puppies don’t you?.. well he is yours ”


“Really.. thank you very much William” I said as I picked up the puppy and hugged it again. I slowly dropped the puppy on the floor while I stared at William


“I will be on my way now ” I said while he stared at me without saying a word” bye ” I waved at him but he was only staring at me without saying anything. I got really uncomfortable as I walked passed him


“Veronica” he called my name and I stopped walking and turned to look at him ”




He walked towards me and I almost died of shock when William kissed me for the first time in weeks. My eyes widened in shock at first but I soon give in to the kiss as I closed my eyes, wrapped my hands around his neck


This better not be one of my silly imagination


Is William really kissing me right now?












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