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“Veronica what’s wrong where is grandmother ?” William asked as he walked into the room . My cloth was drenched with Grandmother cloth as I couldn’t help but cry uncontrollably. This is all my fault ,if I had just listened to whatever grandmother has to say ,this wouldn’t have happened.


“Veronica how did this happen .why is grandmother in that condition?” Catherine asked while William looked like he was about to go crazy any moment from now . I looked at Beatrice who glared at me then back at William.



If I tell them grandmother was involved in an accident because of me ,they might never ever forgive me for that .They will all be so mad at me and William ,what if he never forgives me ..beads of sweat ran down my forehead as the thought of William never forgiving clouded my mind


I shouldn’t have been so difficult..maybe this wouldn’t have happened if I had just listened to what he has to say


Why was I so difficult in the first place . Why do I find it so difficult to forgive anyone who wronged me .what kind of a person am I ?


Now it his turn to never forgive me


“Well speak up Veronica ,how was grandmother involved in that accident ?” Beatrice said


“Well …I …I ”


“What wrong Veronica,why do you look so scared were there when the accident happened” Catherine said


“I don’t know ..I was passing by and I saw her on the street ” I lied while William looked at me.


“You are lying ” he said


“What ?” I asked


“I know you when you are lying…tell me the truth now ”


“William that is the entire truth I…”


“Oh enough Already” someone said as we all turned out heads to the direction of the voice .. it was my stupid look alike again



“Waw Veronica Hathaway…I expected more from you …you really are a great liar ,I mean it so unbelievable”


“What are you doing here Chelsea…I believe no one called you here ” Catherine said


“Well that I am sorry about …I came without an invite but once you here what I am about to say ,I am sure you wouldn’t mind that ”


“And what is that you have to say ”


“Well that is ,your wife was the one involved in your grandma’s accident ”


The three Morgan’s stared at me in disbelief as I immediately panicked. How did Chelsea know this .How did she know I was the one who caused grandmother’s accident.


The doctor suddenly came out of the operation theater and they all focused their attention on him instead of me .


“Doctor how is my grandmother…I am sure she is fine now ”


“Mrs Morgan” he said looking at me ” you should have brought her here earlier …she lost a lot of blood ”


“Well that not a problem right doctor” William said “you have a blood bank in this hospital so just get anyone that matches hers I am willing to pay any amount just save my grandmother” William said as he started panicking


“Mr Morgan just calm down will you …”


“I will when you treat my grandmother okay …just make her better again”


“Mr Morgan I can’t ”


“Why ? ” He asked



“Because your grandmother is dead sir ” he broke the bad news as my heart almost stopped beating


Is grandmother truly dead


And it all my fault . I killed grandmother,I really killed grandmother


William stared at the doctor for awhile before he started laughing “what the heck are you saying …how can she be dead ”


“William calm down ” Catherine said as she held him by the hand


“Don’t touch me CATHERINE just leave me can grandmother be dead ..this doctor knows nothing ” William said as he held the doctor by the collar


“William stop it ..stop it now ” Catherine said with tears in her eyes as she pulled William away from the doctor


“William calm down please ”




“Waw so grandmother is dead ,are you willing to tell them the truth Veronica or should I ?” Chelsea asked


“What truth ?” Beatrice asked Chelsea


“Well you see Veronica was the one who is responsible for the death of grandmother…I saw the whole thing ,grandmother was trying to talk to Veronica but it seems she wasn’t listening and then grandmother ran after her trying to get her attention,in the process she got ran overed”


They all turned to my direction


“That not true ,she is lying right Veronica”Catherine said




“I will not believe a word you say Chelsea…you are a liar ” Catherine said to Chelsea. I looked at William who also stared at me . He wanted an answer ,he desperately wants me to tell him that Chelsea is lying . I can see that in his eyes


“Veronica talk to me ” Catherine shouted


“Yes it was my fault…I killed poor granny,her blood is in my hands. I was too selfish ,I only thought about myself and no one else …I do not know when I became so heartless that even an old poor woman like Grandmother couldn’t convince me ”


“What ?” Catherine said as tears rolled down her cheeks. I looked at Chelsea who had a proud smile on her face


“I am the reason grandmother is no more …she wanted to convince me to get back together with Williams but I wasn’t listening and then she ran after me and in the process she …” I looked at William who stared at me with disbelief. “She got hit by a car and …..” I couldn’t finish what I was about to say before a very heavy landed on my face .


I held my cheek as I stared at Catherine with tears in my eyes


“I thought you were the perfect woman for my brother ..I loved you like my own sister promised no matter what you wouldn’t leave my brother ,you broke that promise and then you killed my grandma and you even have the courage to show your disgusting face ”


” Catherine, Catherine please …I didn’t ..I didn’t mean to ”


“Her blood is on you Veronica ” she said as she used my hand covered grandma blood to rub my face ” it on you Veronica and just as you refused to forgive William resulting in Grandmother’s death ,I will never forgive you …get out of here ” Catherine said as she pushed me away making me fall on the ground



“WILLIAM,William please I didn’t mean to do this ” I said as I held him by the collar . I didn’t want to…” William couldn’t look into my eyes as he held me by the wrist and pushed me away slightly before walking away .


I stood there in utmost disbelief as I watched William walk away .


“I think you got your answer leave now ” Catherine shouted


“I will make her leave ” Beatrice said as she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me out of the hospital.i couldn’t fight back because I was seriously shocked by what William just did.. the Question is will he ever forgive me this time













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