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I looked at William as I smiled and folded my arms


“Guess who is getting killed today ”


“Oh if I get killed ,will that make you happy ”


“No it wouldn’t ..but it still going to be funny ”


“Look Catherine cannot know that I am here or else that is going to stir up some serious war. You know how nasty my sister is so you really have to help me out of this ”


“I will ,after you beg me ”


“Beg you ?…You are crazy ,no way I am going to beg you ”


“Okay fine then ,no problem ”


“Okay wait ,wait a second …if you help me out this once ,then I promise to apologise sincerely”


“Okay do that now”


“Okay I am deeply sorry for acting like a jealous freak ..I really I am”


“Okay fine ..I am also sorry for whatever”


“Yeah yeah great now go help me chase Catherine away ”


“Okay pushy ” I said as I walked towards the door and opened it halfway


Hey Chelsea ,I heard you scream so I decided to check up on you .are you okay ?”


“Well it nothing ,I was actually watching a scary movie on my laptop”


She stared at me for awhile like she did not actually believe what I just said ” okay if you say so ..but make sure you get ready very early tomorrow”


“For what ?”


“There is a party at our house tomorrow and you have to get ready and look your best.. You William Morgan’s wife anyway ”


“Okay Catherine..I will get ready tomorrow”


“Great, goodnight..see you tomorrow” she said as she walked away while I closed the door and sighed


“Well thanks for that .. I will go to my room now ”


“You did not tell me about the party ”


“Yes your uncle and I just partnered up ,so we decided to celebrate it”


“Oh I see I ,well goodnight then” he moved closer to me as he placed his hands on my cheek


“Goodnight” he planted a soft gentle kiss on my lips as he walked out of the room . Things can’t stop getting wierd for me cause it seems the only I do this days is fall deeper in love with William. I smiled to myself as I touched my lip . It isn’t the



first time he is kissing me but each kiss feels more special than the last . I just couldn’t help smiling like an idiot as I collapsed on the bed and inhaled deeply .I just really hope things stays like this and nothing ever seperates William and I .



“I really don’t see the point of this makeover Catherine”. I said as the pedicurist did her best to make my nail look very pretty


“Come on you need this Chelsea.. a lot of girls that are dying to be with William is going to be at that party . You must stand out . I mean you William Morgan’s wife after all ”


“I know but I am not fully comfortable with all this ” I said as I stared at the pedicurist. Catherine had woken me up very early this morning so I can get a make over . She is getting all worked up about this party ..i mean what the big deal ?






“Can I ask a quick question?”


“Of course you can go ahead please”


“Do you love my brother?”


I got a little bit confused with this question but I smiled and said”Catherine why are you asking me this?”


“I don’t know guess I’m just really curious”


I stared at her before saying”I do Catherine i love William ”


“That’s a relief”


“But why are you asking me this?”



“Well you see i have never seen Williams this happy ever since my brother and mother died . Beatrice told me a girl was responsible for that and she just wouldn’t disclose the identity of that specific girl to me ” I panicked as I know fully well that I am that particular girl that ruined William’s and Beatrice life in the start . But why does William love me so much despite knowing all of this . I ruined his life and he still loves me .. how is that even possible


“William is happy now ,because of you .. You brought back the smile that left his eye and if you leave him now Veronica I do not know what might happen to him . I am afraid of what the consequences might be ”


“Catherine I will never leave William no matter what .. we are stucked together. He also brought the smile that left my eye.. I will never leave William ”


“Is that a promise ”


“Yes ,I guess it is ”





“So YOU’RE SAYING MY WIFE USE TO BE a stripper” I said as I stared at the picture of Veronica pole dancing on my phone


“Yes and according to all my research, that particular club was owned by her aunt Beatrice Alfred . She sponsored her education only on the condition that she will be a stripper at her club . Beatrice Alfred stole her parents property and made Veronica suffer . According to Veronica’s friends at school ,she was a sadist . Extremely introverted and she is called the girl who doesn’t smile among her mates . In one word she had a terrible child hood and that all thanks to her aunt”


“But how are we going to explain the striking resemblance between she and Chelsea.can you explain that ?” I asked my private investigator who shook his head negatively


“No sir ..but I will try my best to gather that information very soon”


“And I will also like to know the person behind Beatrice Alfred and Loren Alfred death ”



“That going to be very difficult,the police has been on it for months but still no positive results. Whoever did this was extremely smart ”


“Criminals always leave a trace. He can’t be that clean ..I will pay you triple of whatever am paying you right now,I want positive results in a week time ”


“Okay then..see you later sir ” he said as he walked away


“Sir it time for the party,guests have arrived already”


“Okay thanks ” I said to my P.A Coco as she nodded and walked out of the office . I got into my car later and went straight to the party.sooner or later Veronica will regain her memory. I really hope our life is still the same after that .




“Hello William” a girl name luen greeted as she walked towards me


Hello luen ” I said as I greeted her back . She always makes me feel uncomfortable since she is one of those crazy fans of mine . Her dad happens to be a millionaire and he one time tried to arrange our marriage but I turned down the offer ,I can’t imagine getting married to a loud and obnoxious woman rich brat like her.


“So you looking extra handsome today ”




“What about your wife . I heard you married now .”


“Yes sh….”


“You know you could have gotten married to me right is she even pretty?”


“Well sh….”



Well I know she can’t be as pretty as I am ,cause I am extremely pretty you know you could have chosen someone like me ,I mean it could have been a win win situation for you and I right ?”


“Luen I…”


“Just forget it and if you do not mind you and I can still hang out once in a while, your wife doesn’t have to know about it , how does that sound ”


“Look luen I don’t …”


“I can totally send you my hotel address and if you want us to meet up somewhere else I do not mind “.


“But I…”


“It okay we can totally meet up anywhere you want ”


You see what am talking about ,this is my problem with her ,she talks too much she hardly even gives you a second to talk ..


I just wish someone can save me from this and by the way where is my wife .


“Hey William” Catherine said with a smile as she walked towards me . She saw Luen and rolled her eyes immediately as she faked a smile


“I want to talk to my brother ,alone walk away ” she said


“Whatever” she said as she sashayed away


” Thanks for helping me Catherine. That girl was a real pain in the ass ”


” I know right ”


“So where is Ve.. Chelsea..I haven’t seen. Her around ”


“Well there she is”


“Where ?”


“There ” she said pointing at Veronica and I almost choked on my wine of glass. I knew my wife was extremely beautiful but tonight


“Hi ” she said with a smile while I couldn’t help but stare at her like an idiot with my mouth slightly apart.


“Umm let me help you with this ” Catherine said as she lifted my jaw to cover my mouth. The black long dress ,the jewelries,the hairstyle,the light but gorgeous make up all makes her look so darn good .


“Well I will excuse you two now ” Catherine said as she walked away While I just focused on Nica


“So how do I look?” She asked


“Great,you look really beautiful”


“Waw that the first time you complimenting me ”


“Really I never compliment you”


“Well you enjoy teasing majorly all the time ”


“You know it more fun ”


“Hello Chelsea” someone greeted while she turned to see who it was


“Mum ,dad ” she called as


she hugged them..never expected to see you guys


“Well it your uncle and William’s party silly so we will surely be here ”


“Oh yeah that skipped my mind …Hello uncle John”


“Hello CHELSEA,you are looking absolutely beautiful tonight”



“Well thank you very much ”


“Ladies and gentlemen ,please gather for a very important announcement” someone said as I turned to see who it was . I should have know it was Beatrice.what is she up to this time .


“Congratulations Mr Meyer and My sweet brother William . You guys are throwing a party and I was not even invited well it no problem ”


I walked towards her and whispered in her air ” do not create a scene here .. if you here to do so please leave now ”


“William come on ,I am just here to have fun Mrs Penelope Meyer and Mr Meyer .. about six to seven months ago ,your daughter was involved in an accident and she lost her memory right ”


“Beatrice what are you doing ”


“Let me talk William.. this is for our own good…you see Mrs Meyer ,your daughter did not lost her memory ,infact your daughter has been in coma for the past six months”




“William do not try to stop me ”


I looked at Veronica who looked really confused as she stared at me and then at her parents


“What do you mean by that BEATRICE our daughter is here ,and she is not in coma as you can see “Penelope said as she furrowed her brows .


“No ,no ,no ,that is not your daughter”





“You are not going to do anything to me William ..nothing ..she seperated you and I and now ,now I am about to seperate both of you ” My grandmother walked into the party hall with her bodyguards and that only made me panic the more.


“That woman over there is Veronica. An intruder ,the person who was responsible for the death of reputable business woman Beatrice Alfred my name sake by the way and her poor little daughter Loren Alfred ”


Veronica used her head to rub her temple like she was trying to remember something


“What are you talking about ,if she is not Chelsea ,then where is Chelsea?” Penelope asked looking extremely angry


“I am here mother ” Chelsea said as she appeared out of nowhere. It was at this point I knew the secret I have been trying to keep for days is finally out.


Chelsea is back











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