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The Scar: The Kids Are Watching (episode 10)


Last episode!


All things work together for good for those that love the Lord. Who would have thought in a thousand years that Derrick will turn a new leaf, after all he went through in the past that greatly affected his personality? To think that this was the same man that drugged his wife with abortion pills in the bid to terminate his own unborn child, shows how horrible and deadly he used to be. The fact that this is now the same person rejoicing and jumping for joy because his wife is pregnant again, really confirms any claims that Derrick was now a changed man indeed. It hasn’t been a smooth sail for Naya and Derrick’s marriage but look how far they have come. All we can do at this point is join the couple in rejoicing because God is good.


Marriage takes two imperfect people with a perfect God. Many couples are fighting their own unique battles so never think that God hates you and is punishing your marriage with crisis. You are not alone because others have been there and more are still coming to join the circle. The one prayer you should always pray is that God gives your marriage the grace to sail through every storm life might throw at you and your spouse. It isn’t easy but it gets better when God steps in. If the only way out is for your marriage to dissolve, God would let you



know that it’s time to walk away; especially if your life is at stake. It’s truly a relief that Naya and Derrick were able to work their differences without letting things get too far. What a relief indeed!


Immediately Naya saw Derrick’s reaction to the pregnancy news, she was drop dead shocked and didn’t know what to say or do at that moment. The excitement on Derrick’s face melted her heart and almost brought tears to her eyes. It was such a relief for Naya to see such reaction from Derrick because she remember how he reacted to her first pregnancy news. It was such a good time to be alive because no one ever believed that a day like this would truly come.


After jubilating and rejoicing, Derrick rushed to where Naya sat and placed his hand of her tummy. “Is my baby here for real?” he happily asked and Naya nodded ‘Yes’. He leaned forward and gave her a warm hug, then pecked her tummy afterwards.


The atmosphere was filled with lovey-dovey feelings which made Naya blush. Derrick’s reactions was too much for the shocked lady to handle at once. Who would have thought a day like this would come for this couple? It’s really a thing of joy indeed!


After a wonderful evening well spent, Derrick had to head back home but before he did, he transferred a hug sum of money to Naya for her upkeep and that of the baby. He told her to visit the doctor the next day for consultation and other necessary things that ought to be done in preparation for the arrival of their baby. The cuteness and care was just too much for Naya to handle at once. Deep down, she was extremely happy but tried to show less excitement outwardly.


That day was truly a blessing and sign to Naya to fully forgive her husband and totally go back to her matrimonial home which she moved out from two months ago. She was totally convinced that God had taken the wheel of her marriage and was stirring it towards the right direction.


It didn’t take long for Naya to regain her youthful glow. She began to look well taken care of by her husband and people even noticed and started complimenting the drastic change in her appearance.



On the other hand, Derrick went all out for his wife all through her pregnancy period. He always visited Erica’s house every two days and brought lots of goodies whenever he came visiting. Naya was always spoilt with gifts to the extent that Erica nicknamed her ‘Barbie’.


Little by little, Derrick began to regain his respect in the eyes of Erica. Everyone now loved him because he wasn’t the monster they used to know few months back. Naya’s baby bump began to show gradually and they felt it was time to break the good news to Derrick’s grandma.


One fateful day, the couple visited grandma at her house. The old woman was extremely happy to see them together because she felt their issues might be unresolvable. They brought good tidings and finally broke the good news to her.


Oh! How happy the old woman was when she realised that her grandchild was on the way. It was after they broke the news that she noticed Naya’s baby bump. Everyone cried and laughed together that day as emotions were on the high. Blessings and prayers followed immediately afterwards before the couple took their leave.


Months passed till it got to the 9th month. Naya was due and ready to deliver her baby anytime. At that time, she was still living with Erica and hadn’t gone back home yet. Derrick didn’t want to pressure or force her into coming back home. He wanted her to take as much time as she needed before making the decision to come back to their matrimonial home to live as husband and wife again.


One of the major reason Naya stayed at Erica’s place was because her friend was a great source of help to her during her pregnancy. Erica did everything for Naya to make her pregnancy a good one without stress. Despite the fact that Derrick visited every two days to see his wife and provide anything they might need, Naya still needed her friend’s company and help.


Finally, the long awaited delivery day came. Naya’s water broke and she entered into labour. She was rushed to the hospital by Erica and taken into the delivery room with immediate effect. Derrick was contacted immediately and he arrived in no time. After few minutes of being in labour, Naya finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.



When Derrick was informed that his wife had delivered a bouncing baby boy, he broke down in tears instantly. When it was time for him to finally see his son, goosebumps covered his entire body for reasons unknown. When he finally entered the room and set his eyes of his son, he cried even more.


“Why are you crying babe? Aren’t you happy?” Naya calmly asked, “No baby, I’m very happy, it’s just that I don’t know if I will do a good job as a father to him. I’m scared that I might screw up and make the same mistakes my parents did” Derrick soberly said with tears dripping from his eyes.


Naya was touched and beckoned on Derrick to come forward; which he did. She carried the baby and placed into his arms and calmly said; “You will be a great father, I know it because you are nothing like your dad. Have you forgotten that you also have ‘Me’ to help ‘You’ whenever you feel unworthy? Always remember that I have your back and we would raise a great and loving child. Don’t ever feel unworthy again because this child chose you to be his father regardless of your flaws. I love you and can’t wait to go back home from here”.


Those uplifting words gladden Derrick’s heart and strengthened his spirit. He shook off the negativity and enjoyed the moment with his family. They went back home together as one happy family and their love waxed stronger each passing day. They named their son ‘Restore’ because he restored in double fold everything Derrick and Naya lost in time past.


You see, the devil felt he had won over this family till God showed up and proved him otherwise. There’s no broken relationship that can’t be mended, it only takes two people that are willing to put their ego and pride aside and make things work.


Parents, please be careful of what you do in front of your kids because you might just be damaging a bright future. Children don’t understand things the way adults do so try not to leave unsolved puzzles in their innocent minds.


Lock your bedroom door if you must have aggressive misunderstanding with your spouse. Have your arguments behind closed doors and leave the kids out of it. Children don’t know what ‘Reconciling’ is and wouldn’t be able to tell when you



have made peace with your spouse; now you see why you shouldn’t damage their fragile mind with open quarrels.


Wisdom is a principle thing, therefore get it. Let’s be wise and apply wisdom in all our dealings. Peace!


The End!


Love you all


Written by Sonia Okehie


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