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Sequence 1




He woke up to a bright, sunny day the sunlight was streaming through the window filling up the room. His mouth was dry and he felt dizzy, he must have had too much to drink the night before.


He glanced at the woman he had s£x with the previous night, her arm was wrapped around him, he gently eased himself from under her and got out of bed.


When he stood up, waves of nausea swept over him and he rushed to the bathroom.


He knelt before the toilet and threw up.


Afterwards, he walked to the sink and brushed his teeth then he went ahead to take a quick cold shower.


A while later, he turned off the water and stepped out, wrapping himself up in a blue towel.


He stepped back into his room and found the woman was wide awake and sat up in his bed but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember her name.


This wasn’t something odd for him he never mastered the names of the women he picked up at the club.


‘I woke up alone,’ she said.


‘I had to shower.’



‘Last night was great, you didn’t disappoint,’ she said with a little smile ‘I see,’ he responded coldly


Chard allowed the towel to drop to the floor as he began to get dressed. She quietly eased up behind him and wrapped her hands around his waist, ’ You don’t have to dress up so fast,’ she whispered in his ears


He turned around so he could face her, ‘Last night was amazing but you should leave now.’


She quickly dropped her hands and stepped aside.


‘You are kicking me out?’


‘Listen Febby, you were….,’


‘Febby? Are you f**king kidding me?’ she asked in annoyance ‘Wait! Isn’t that your name?’


‘It’s Francine,’ she shouted


‘Febby! Francine, it’s all the same thing.’


‘Such a jerk,’ she stamped her feet.


‘Whatever!’ he stuck his tongue out


She scooped up her clothes and started getting dressed. When she was fully clothed, she looked herself in front of the mirror then she raised her hand to smooth her hair.


‘So, this is goodbye?’ she asked hoping he would change his hand about kicking her out.






He pulled out some money from his wallet and handed it to her.


‘What is this for? She asked puzzled


‘You can get a cab back home and use the rest of the money to spoil yourself for a job well done last night,’ he said with a smirk


She grabbed the money and tore it to pieces, ‘I am not a whore.’ ‘Suit yourself.’


He laughed


She grabbed her purse and shook her head before storming out of the room.


‘Bye!’ he called after her.


He was used to picking up women and paying them for s£x, last night was no


different, he had gone out to have a few drinks after work when he picked Francine












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