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Sequence 40






Sunday morning Mattie got up early and made breakfast. She sat down to eat while reading the newspaper. She decided to let Trinny sleep in.


Chrissie walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup from the cupboard. She poured some water from the spout on her refrigerator. She drunk her water and sat on the chair across from her sister.


‘Morning to you too,’ Mattie said


‘Hi,’ Chrissie mumbled with a big yawn.


‘What time did you get home last night?’ Mattie asked


‘How is that any of your business?’ she asked pouring herself a cup of coffee. ‘This is my house you can’t come in and go out as you please. At least let me know where are you are going and what time you will be back.’ ‘Are you done? Wasiliza ai?’


‘You know what just forget I said anything,’ Mattie said, she didn’t want to have an argument with her sister.



‘Awe we can’t forget about it, waniyamba weka so leka nisilize.’ ‘It’s too early for drama Chrissie.’


Chrissie laughed loud clapping her hands together,’ this might be your house but that doesn’t give you the right to treat me like a kid. I am grown up, I am a woman soon to be married,’ she flaunted her ring in her face. ‘Oh.’


‘Yes and I didn’t like what you did yesterday, I already called mum and told her about it.’


‘What did I do?’


‘You couldn’t cover up for me when Jericho came. What sort of a sister are you? I know your plan but it will not work. You want Jericho to leave me so we can both remain single but your plan will not work.’


Mattie couldn’t help but laugh at her sister’s foolishness.


‘Listen to me and listen very well, this is my house, I don’t care if you are about to get married but as long as you are under my roof you will follow my rules. Secondly if mum comes here to make noise because of the nonsense you told her, I am kicking the both of you out.


Christina looked at her sister and shook her head. She chose not to respond.


They ate in silence and after breakfast Mattie started doing the dishes, Chrissie


went back to sleep.




‘Babe,’ she answered the phone. She had just finished doing her laundry. She was tired, she needed to get a maid soon but where would she even find a credible one at such short notice.


‘My love, how are you?’


‘I am tired.’


‘What have you been doing?’


‘Cleaning up and washing,’ she said


‘We need to find you a maid soon I will ask Maya if she knows someone.’ ‘I will really appreciate.’


‘Thanks for taking care of Theo yesterday.’ ‘It’s nothing.’


‘His mother asked me to say thank you, she really appreciates you taking care of


him while we were both busy.’







‘I am sure you two will get along pretty fine, she said you are such a nice person and you are the perfect person to be Theo’s second mum.’ ‘Emma said all that?’




Mattie laughed, ‘I am sorry but I find this amusing.’ ‘Why?’


‘Emma came here angry yesterday, she warned me to stay away from Theo and you. She said you will soon get tired of me like you do with the other women. She wasn’t happy at all that I took care of Theo.’


It was Chards turn to laugh, ‘Babe I am sure you are tired, Emma would never say such things to you, she genuinely likes you.’ ‘Meaning?’


‘That’s not what I said but maybe you didn’t clearly understand what she said.’ ‘If you say so,’ she angrily responded


‘Yes, so what are your plans for the rest of the day?’ ‘I might take Trinny out for a movie.’


‘I will come and see you guys later in the day.’ ‘Okay.’


‘I love you,’ he said


She ended the call without responding to him, what was Emma playing at and why


did Chard have so much trust in her?




‘Would Emma really tell Mattie to stay away from me?’ Chard wondered as he dialed her line, he needed to clear this misunderstanding.


‘Bashi Theo,’ she said excitedly on the other end of the line.


‘Emma, I need to ask you something,’ he said


‘I am all ears.’


‘What happened yesterday when you went to pick Theo from Mattie’s house?’


‘Why? Is there a problem?’




‘Well I got there and asked for Theo, she went and brought him out. I then thanked her for being kind and she told me I could call again.’ ‘Is that all?’






‘What’s going on?’



‘Mattie says you angrily stormed her house and warned her to stay from both Theo and i.’


‘Iyee! Ine!’ She feigned innocence, ‘Why would I do that? You know me better than that Chard I am too grown up for such.’ ‘You are sure you didn’t tell her anything bad?’


‘No I didn’t, if you want we can go there together and I confront her, I honestly thought she is a nice person and now this. Maybe she is just insecure and thinks I still want you back. Haven’t you told her I am getting married soon?’


‘Maybe there is just a misunderstanding somewhere I will sort it out.’


‘Please do because Mattie and I need to be in good terms for Theo.’


‘I will thank you anyway.’


‘It’s fine.’


He ended the call and placed his phone back on the table, he didn’t understand


what was going on but he would soon clear the misunderstanding, he didn’t want


his baby mama and the woman he intended on marrying being on bad terms with


each other.













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