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Sequence 37


He woke up to find his legs tangled with Mattie’s, he could live the rest of his life with her lying beside him in his bed.


Last night had been amazing she had fully given herself to him.


For a brief second he closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feel of her against him.


There was nothing he wanted more than to spend forever with her.


Deciding not to wake her up, he carefully untangled himself and got out of bed quickly wrapping himself in a towel.


He took a quick shower and headed for the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her. ****


When Mattie jolted from her sleep, it took her a while to realise in whose room she was in. She smiled to herself as the memory of the previous night’s activities flooded her thoughts.


She had never known such satisfaction in love making like she did with Chard.


Surprisingly her body had reacted to him as if he owned it.


Bliss! That’s the one word she could think of to describe their passionate love making.


He had refused to use a condom when she had asked him to.


‘I don’t want anything between us. You’re mine,’ he had responded. His answer had confused Mattie though, she didn’t know if he meant she was his for the moment or for a life time. What if he finally decided he didn’t want her now that he had gotten what he wanted from her?


Shoving the thoughts aside, she sluggishly pulled herself out of the bed and into the kitchen.


He wore a bath towel around his waist and he was setting the table.


She approached him from behind and placed her hands around his waist. He turned his head to receive the kiss that he sensed was coming.


She kissed him softly at first but the kiss eventually became deeper and more urgent as the flame between them leaped higher.


They both pulled away breathless as the kiss ended.


‘Morning babe. You slept okay?’ he asked


She smiled.




‘You are hungry?’ he asked


‘Yes but let’s talk about this before we eat.’ ‘This?’ he gave her a questioning look. ‘We just had s£x.’


‘What we had is more than s£x, you are my woman now.’ ‘What do you mean I am your woman?’ ‘We are officially in a relationship.’


She laughed, ‘What are you talking about, this was just s£x.’


‘We are past this stage of asking silly questions Mattie, you are mine and I am going to make this official soon.’


When she tried to argue he pressed his lips against hers and silenced her.


‘This won’t work, you love to have a variety of women and I hate to share.’


‘You won’t have to share me, I am all yours. And just a correction there, I loved a


variety of women. Past tense. I only want one woman now. You.’


She pursued her lips, unable to control her blushing cheeks.


‘And the other women?’


‘They were just for s£x. This is deeper than s£x.’


She smiled, ‘This is crazy, one minute we are friends and now we are lovers.’ ‘This is where our relationship was heading too and you knew it.’ ‘What about Theo’s mum, will she be okay with this?’


Chard laughed, ‘Emma is cool and chilled out she has no issue with us being




‘You are sure?’




‘Okay I just got the feeling that she still wants to be with you, she wants you guys to raise Theo together.’


‘Emma is not like that Mattie, she is a down to earth woman beside she is getting


married soon.’




‘You just misread the situation.’


Her stomach growled in response.


‘I should feed you now baby,’ he lifted her and placed her on the table.



They spent the rest of the day making love her body was his to love. He every part of her body attention. She opened up fully to him. Her past experiences had never been this intense. This is where she belonged this is where she wanted to be always.


Later in the evening Chard has stepped out of the house and gone to buy Mattie a new pair of underwear and some clothes. ****


That night, Mattie walked through the door with a slow smile playing on her lips.


She placed her bag on the couch and sat down.


‘Mama Bear,’ she called out


Tess came rushing into the room, ‘Evening auntie Tess. Trinny is sleeping.’ ‘She slept early?’ Mattie asked glancing at her clock.


‘Why wouldn’t she sleep?’ Chrissie asked walking into the living room. ‘Good evening to you too’ Mattie responded


‘You left yesterday and this is when you are coming back.’ ‘This is my house I can do whatever I feel like doing Chrissie.’ ‘What sort of a mother are…..,’


‘Hold it just there,’ Mattie cut her short before she finished her sentence. ‘Sweetie you know nothing about motherhood so don’t stand here and lecture me about being a mother. I love my daughter with everything in me. If a robber walked into this house and asked me to choose between killing you or her, I am choosing you, that’s how much I love her.’ Chrissie gasped, ‘I am your sister.’


‘I know but my child is more important and just because I didn’t come last night doesn’t mean I don’t love her.’


She turned to Tess, ‘Put this ice cream in the fridge for Trinny.’ ‘Okay.’


‘I am off to bed now,’ Mattie stood up, ‘Good night,’ she said but Chrissie choose to ignore her sister.


Mattie picked her bag from the couch and headed for her room.




Mattie woke up early the next morning so she could be the one to prepare Trinny for school she missed her baby a lot.


She grabbed her rob and was about to step out when her phone vibrated. ‘Morning sunshine,’ it was a text from Chard ‘Hey babe,’ she replied.


‘I missed you.’


‘And I missed you too.’


‘I kept thinking about you the whole night.’


She smiled as she typed in her reply, ’Maybe I should move in with you.’


‘That would be heaven on earth.’


‘In your dreams.’


‘Did you go for your morning run?’






‘I will text you in bit let me start preparing Trinny’s breakfast.’


‘Okay babe, take care.’


‘You too.’


‘I love you.’


‘And I love you even more.’


She smiled placing the phone back on the table, her.’ ‘That would be heaven on earth.’ ‘In your dreams.’


‘Did you go for your morning run?’






‘I will text you in bit let me start preparing Trinny’s breakfast.’


‘Okay babe, take care.’


‘You too.’


‘I love you.’


‘And I love you even more.’


She smiled placing the phone back on the table, her heart melted with joy, she could get used to this. Mattie felt like a teenager in love for the first time, she only prayed that Chard wouldn’t hurt her in the long run.


Inside the kitchen Tess was cleaning the dishes.


‘You are up so early,’ Mattie said


‘Morning auntie I couldn’t sleep.’




‘I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something bad is about to happen.’


‘Did anything happen that I should know about?’ she asked


‘No,’ Tess shook her head but Mattie wasn’t convinced, she was sure Tess was hiding something and she intended to find out soon.


‘If you say so.’




‘So you are Mattie’s sister?’ she asked blowing a long stream of smoke up in the air.


‘Can you please stop smoking,’ Chrissie said waving the smoke away from her face.


‘Smoking keeps me calm, if I stop smoking right now, I will be agitated ‘Oh.’


‘Yes. So you are Mattie’s sister.’


‘I am.’


‘And why are you ganging up with us to fight your sister?’ ‘I have some old scores to settle with Chard.’


‘I know we are partners and we all want to separate the couple but Chard is mine and only mine,’ she spoke with so much venom.


‘Chard will choose to be with whoever he wants to be with. For now let’s just ensure he breaks things off with my sister.’ ‘Good.’


Thomas walked into the room carrying a bottle of vodka and some glasses. ‘I hope you guys are getting along just fine,’ he said ‘Ya,’ Chrissie responded.


He poured them some Vodka in their glasses and it to them.


Chrissie took a long sip from her drink, ’Thomas I thought by now you would have put the plan into action,’ she said


‘You don’t know how much I want to be with your sister but this shouldn’t be done in a rush.’


‘Well we are wasting time, as we speak right now Chard is all over my sister and


guess what? They already had s£x.’


‘What?’ They asked in unison


‘Yes,’ I overheard their conversation on the phone. Chard is serious about this relationship he wants to make it official as soon as possible. If we don’t act fast Mattie might end up pregnant and he will be forced to marry her.’


‘That bitch, she couldn’t wait a little longer to open her legs?’ The other woman angrily said


‘Hold it right there, you don’t call my woman a bitch,’ Thomas said


‘Well that’s what she is.’


‘Don’t provoke me.’


‘Hey you guys we can’t start fighting and eyes on the prize.’ ‘Fine.’


‘We have to move faster,’ she said


‘I agree.’


‘But we have a little problem that needs to be taken care of before the plan is put in action.’


‘What problem?’ Thomas asked


Chrissie explained the events of the previous night as they listened attentively. ‘How could you have been co careless?’ Thomas asked


‘Well I didn’t know she was awake and listening to our conversation.’ ‘Be careful next time, you will end up blowing our cover.’ ‘I know.’


‘I will let Max deal with the small problem,’ he said ‘Now let’s agree on the plan.’ ‘Okay.’











The Clock is Ticking




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