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Sequence 31


‘You slept with my sister,’ she said, her voice breaking off.


‘It was a long time ago and it was just s£x.’


‘Do you know this changes everything between us?’ she held back a sob.


He cupped her face in both hands, looking at her closely.


‘Mattie, I care about you please don’t push me away.’ ‘This just doesn’t make sense,’ she said ‘Please listen to me Mattie,’ he started.


‘There is nothing else to say here, I need to go back inside and rest.’


‘Please,’ he pleaded, his eyes stayed on her face begging her as much as his words.


She shook her head.



‘I love you so much Mattie and everything I said inside there wasn’t pretence, I want to spend every day with you. You make me better. I want to have a family with you.’


‘You slept with my sister Chard, that’s a deal breaker,’ she swallowed hard and pulled away from his hands.


‘Mattie,’ he cupped her face again. He kissed her lips reverently with every ounce of love he had for her, she pushed him off her after a few seconds.


‘I can’t she said,’ tears standing in her eyes.


‘Please give us a chance,’ he pleaded.


She started for the door but he caught her in his arms holding her so hard she made a squeak of protest.


Chard clung to her trying to push the fear of losing her. ‘I love you so much to let you go,’ he spoke weakly ‘Please let me go,’ she said


Defeated he finally let her go. Without looking at him, she turned around and headed for the house.


He silently watched her go up to her apartment, it tore at his heart that she didn’t want anything to do with him.


He got into his car and slammed the door shut before driving off as quickly as






She walked into the house, her heart raced at the thought of Chard and her sister, even though they were just friends, she loved Chard and she had anticipated a future with him.


Yes she had been in denial of her growing feelings for him but deep down, he was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to her, he made her whole but this new development kinda messed everything up.


How could she even think of being with a man that had slept with her sister, this was out of the question.


‘I am going to sleep,’ she said and marched off to her room before her mother could respond.


She walked into her bedroom and stripped off her clothes then she started for the bathroom.


She turned on the shower and climbed in while the water was still cold. She closed her eyes and stood still until the water got warm.



‘Why did it have to be her sister? Was his love even real? What if he just wanted to sleep with her and dump her, could she ignore his reckless past and be with him? What if this was just a whim?


She didn’t want to be with a man that had so many skeletons in his closet.


When the water turned cool again, she climbed out and slipped into a tank top and sweat pants.


She settled down into her warm bed and lay on her back staring at the ceiling. A knock sounded at her door just as she was trying to force herself to sleep. ‘Come in,’ she called out


He mother and sister burst into her room almost immediately.


‘Can we talk?’ Her mother asked


‘About?’ She asked even though deep down she had an idea what her mother wanted to talk about.


‘The man you brought home tonight.’


‘Oh! What about him?’


‘You can’t marry Chard,’ Christina finally said looking at her.


‘Pardon,’ Mattie sat upright


‘That man is not what you think he is,’ she said ‘Oh.’


‘Your sister is right you can’t marry that man he will only give you headaches.’ ‘They will be my headaches right? So why are you worried for me?’ she asked ‘You are my child it’s my duty to make sure you marry a honourable man. Mattie laughed, ‘Wonders shall never end.’


‘I know Chard more than you do he will only hurt you,’ Christina said


‘Just because you had s£x with him doesn’t mean you know him, it was just casual s£x after all and it meant nothing to him. He couldn’t even remember your name, Chrissie,’ Mattie said angrily placing an emphasis on ‘Chrissie.’ ‘You had s£x with that man?’ her mother gasped


Christina took in her mother’s stricken expression reading the shock in her face. Christina had just told her mother that she and Chard dated for a few months and she dumped him after she discovered he was cheating with her friend.


‘Yes, your virgin child had s£x with Chard.’ ‘Christina! Is this true?’


Mattie laughed again her sister had played a fast one on their mother.


‘Mum yes I had s£x with Chard and he dumped me after. How did you expect me to tell you about this?’


‘Oh lord, does Jericho know that you are not a virgin?’



Christina laughed, ‘Mum this is the twenty first century, everyone is having s£x, Jericho knows and he is okay with it.’


‘Fine we shall talk about that later,’ she turned to Mattie ‘So you know he had s£x with your sister and you still want to be with him?’ ‘Yes.’


‘A sister will not date a man who had s£x with her sister, isn’t that the sister code?’


‘Fuck that sister code,’ Mattie snapped


‘You are cursing in my face?’


‘You wanted me to bring a man I did so stay off my case.’ ‘I demand that you break things off with that man.’ ‘Or else what?’


‘Or else I will…,’


‘Threaten to disown me like you did with Van?’ she finished the sentence for her. ‘You have grown wings,’ Christina said


‘I was taught by the best,’ Mattie responded.


‘Over my dead body will you marry that man,’ she yelled


‘Then be prepared to die.’


‘You want me to die?’


‘Your choice.’


‘You can’t be talking to mum like that,’ Christina warned ‘This is my house I will talk in any way I feel like. ‘You are a fool,’ her mother screamed


‘You know what,’ Mattie began, ‘I have had it with you mum. You are always judging and belittling me, always defending everyone else but not me, what sort of a mother are you? Wait are you sure you are even my mother?’


With that said, her mother slapped her as hard as she could across her face. She fell back on the bed and her mother slapped her face again while screaming profanities at her.


Christina got hold of her mother’s hands.


‘It’s okay mum.’


‘How dare you question me? How dare you?’


Mattie shook her head, ‘I thought you would be proud I met someone but look at your reaction.’


‘You have brought me nothing but shame, I can never be proud of you,’ she spat on the floor and marched out of the room.


‘You had better break off things with Chard for your own sake,’ Christina said before she walked out too.


‘Lord!’ Mattie exclaimed.




‘Get undressed,’ Thomas demanded




He slapped her hard across her face. She fell backwards on the floor. He picked her up.


‘Why have you suddenly become disrespectful?’


‘You treat me like a trash and you expect me to obey your commands.’ ‘I own you Zita. You belong to me.’


She shook her head.


‘If you don’t want to get undressed, I’ll do it for you.’ She had on a blue dress on; he grabbed it and tore it.

‘I am going to punish you for disrespecting me,’ he shouted at her.


He picked her up and placed her on the bed then he quickly undressed too.


She tried to get up he pushed her back and climbed on top of her before he entered her. When he was finished he tied her face down on the bed, the ropes where binding her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, she was panting heavily. Thomas walked out of the room then he walked in with a cane in his hands.


He swung the cane hitting Zita’s butt.


A searing pain went through her buttocks like a thin line of fire.


‘You can’t hit me with that cane, it’s too big and thick,’ she pleaded with him but he ignored her.


Zita tried to wriggle off the bed but she couldn’t because her hands and ankles were tied.


She screamed and cried as he whipped her mercilessly. He was angry and this was his only form of release.


Finally he put the cane down, Zita was silently weeping. Her entire body was covered in black and blue marks.


‘I warned you, I am not done with you yet,’ then he was gone.






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