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Sequence 25


Mattie was smiling at herself in the mirror she liked how good she looked. The outfit she had chosen for the dinner fit her perfectly. She let her curled weave loose and flowing about her shoulders.


She was pleased with her look, not too little and not too made up. ‘You look good mummy,’ Trinny said walking into her mother’s room. ‘You look good too Mama Bear.’


‘Thank you mummy,’ she twirled around showing off her new dress.


Mattie laughed, ‘Child of mine, you complete me,’ she said.


‘Come let’s go and wait for uncle Chard in the living room.’ ‘Sure,’ they walked out together and sat down in the living room.


‘You guys look amazing,’ Vanessa said, she was slowly becoming friendly not only with Mattie but Trinny too, she had come to realize that a child was a blessing no matter how it was conceived and she was glad her sister had kept Trinny, she would do the same for her child too.


At precisely six-thirty, there was a knock at the door. Mattie opened the door wide enough to see Chard standing waiting. He looked handsome in a blue dinner jacket and bow tie.


‘You look perfect,’ he said


‘Thank you,’ she said softly


Trinny ran into his arms when she saw him.


‘Hey Mama Bear.’


‘Hi uncle Chard.’


‘How are you?’


‘I am okay, where is Theo?’


‘We will find him where we are going.’




‘Shall we go?’


‘Van see you,’ Mattie said.


‘You guys have fun.’


‘Thank you.’


They walked to where he had parked his car he put Trinny in the passenger seat behind and helped Mattie into her seat.


Once inside, he put the car in gear and eased onto the road. Mattie stared out of the window wondering if going to meet his mother was a good idea, she’d come to value their friendship but would what would his mother say about him bringing a woman with a child over for dinner.


After a few minutes passed, he pulled up in front of his mother’s house. He opened the door for both Trinny and Mattie.


As soon as Trinny stepped out of the car, she ran down to the door, she was excited she couldn’t wait to see Theo.


Chard placed his arm at her waist and walked her towards the door. ‘I hope they will like me,’ she said ‘They will like you. Trust me.’




Chard’s elder sister Olivia opened the door for them.


‘Chard,’ she said excitedly wrapping her arms around his neck.


‘I haven’t seen you in like ages,’ he said.


‘Work has been hectic lately.’


‘You are all about work and whores. I wonder when you will get married.’ Chard cleared his throat, ‘Meet Mattie,’ he pointed at her, ‘She is my friend.’ Olivia burst out laughing, ‘You don’t have female friends.’


He gave his sister an evil look and she shut up.


‘Hey Mattie.’


Trinny cleared her throat to be noticed, ‘Hey to you to,’ she smiled come in.


As soon as they walked in, his nieces and nephews ran up to him and bombarded him with kisses and hugs.


Trinny and Mattie stood at a side watching in amazement.


‘Hey you guys meet my friend Mattie and her daughter Trinny.’ Olivia’s children went up to greet Mattie and Trinny.


His mother soon joined them she had a large smile on her face. Mattie guessed that Chard’s mother would not have expected him to show up with a woman.


‘Mattie this is my mum.’



‘It’s nice to finally meet you, you are so pretty,’ she said ‘Thank you,’ Mattie blushed


His mother stepped forward and embraced Mattie.


‘You are welcome, please feel at home.’


She was ushered into the living room where they all sat down. Trinny went upstairs with the other kids.


A while later, Maya appeared with her husband, they were holding hands.


‘If it isn’t my baby brother,’ Maya exclaimed.


Chard rolled his eyes, ‘Mum warn your daughter!’


‘Well they say the first twin is usually the youngest so ya she is your elder sister.’ ‘Whatever.’


‘Hey Mattie,’ Maya smiled.


‘Hey! You look good.’


‘Thank you.’


The two had been introduced by Chard a few days ago.




Chard’s family was small and Mattie saw they all loved each other. This was something she wanted for herself too.


The family were to dine in their large dining room, Mattie loved how well decorated the house was, some day she wanted to have something this big and beautiful.


Mattie sat next to Chard on one side with his mother on the other. Facing her across the table were Maya and her husband who seemed absorbed in each other. The children were all eating from the other room.


‘She likes you,’ Chard said in her ear




‘I am serious.’


She smiled


‘What do you do Mattie?’ Olivia asked


‘I am a photographer.’




‘She is the one doing the Maternity shoot.’ ‘I am impressed.’


Half way through the meal, Emma and Theo walked in.


‘Sorry I brought him late,’ Emma said


Chard stood up and carried his son, ‘It’s okay.’ She greeted everyone at the table inclusive Mattie.


‘I will pick him up on Sunday evening.’




‘I had better get going I have someone waiting for me in the car, Theo be a good boy, don’t bother grandma,’ she said


Maya walked her to the door.


‘Who’s the other lady at the table?’She asked when they got outside. ‘Oh that’s Mattie, Chard’s friend.’ ‘That’s Mattie?’


‘Yes. You know her.’


‘No but Theo mentioned her once.’




‘You said she is his friend?’




She laughed, ‘Since when does Chard keep female friends?’ ‘Well people Change.’


‘I am glad he is changing.’


‘How are the wedding preparations coming along?’ asked Maya


‘So far so good.’


‘That’s nice.’


‘I know. Anyway I better get going, I will keep in touch.’ ‘Sure.’


Maya walked back into the house and sat at the table. The crew continued chatting while eating, Mattie was no longer nervous they made her feel like she was a part of the family.


As the meal came to a close, everyone began to rise and head back to the living room.


Each of them had a glass of wine in their hands except for Maya.




She dialed her daughter’s number for the umpteenth time that evening and it gave her the same response.


Frustrated and angry, she started to pace back and forth in the room. ‘Mum!’


‘What?’ she snapped.


‘Are you okay?’ Christina asked


‘How can I be okay when I don’t know where Vanessa is?’ ‘Vanessa is fine.’


‘How do you know that?’


‘She called me.’


‘You know where she is right?’


‘No,’ Christina lied.


‘You know where is and you are going to tell me.’ ‘But mum.’


‘Vanessa is a married woman I will not allow her to disgrace me in this manner. She has to go back to her matrimonial home.’


‘That man abuses her mum do you want him to kill her?’ ‘What do you even know about marriage?’


‘I know enough mum I will never allow Jericho to lay a hand on me.’ ‘Marriage is a life time commitment you don’t just walk in and out of it.’ ‘Okay.’


‘Now tell me where your sister is.’


‘Christina, don’t let me disown you.’


‘But.. mo- mother,’ she stammered


‘Tell me where your sister is now,’ she yelled angrily


‘She is at Mattie’s house.’




‘She has been staying at Mattie’s house.’


‘I will deal with her.’




‘Did you have fun?’ Chard asked as he drove her home later that night after dinner. ‘I did.’


‘You are sure?’


‘Ya, your mum is an amazing person, your sisters are amazing too.’ ‘I am glad you had fun.’


‘Trinny had fun too I saw how excited she was to see all those children.’ ‘I know.’


‘So you and Theo’s mum, what happened?’


‘It was a rebound relationship, there were no strings attached though.’ ‘Oh.’


‘Ya, she is the most matured woman I have ever been with. After she discovered she was pregnant we both agreed to take care of the baby even though we couldn’t be together, she has never given me any problems, she is in good terms with mum and my siblings a few women would react the way she did towards our situation.’ ‘Ya she is really matured.’


‘I am just glad she is getting married, she will finally get the love she deserves.’


‘Oh wow.’


When he finally parked in front of Mattie’s house, he stepped out of the car and carried Trinny in his arms, she was fast asleep. Theo had remained at his grandmother’s house.


He headed for the door as Mattie followed behind closely. Once in the house, he handed the child to Tess.


‘I have to get going,’ he told her


‘I will see you out.’


She walked him to the car.


‘Thanks for tonight,’ she said


‘You are welcome.’


‘Good night.’


‘Good night.’


He opened the car door but paused then he looked back at her.




Without any notice, he leaned in and captured her lips with his own. She kissed him back and they both froze.


He stared into her eyes, she was so close.


He wrapped her arms around her waist pulling her closer to him, their hips touching. Then he kissed her again, his mouth clinging to hers, pouring all the words he could ever say into that kiss.


Mattie pulled away, breathless. Panting. Her heart was racing.


‘I bet.. better get back inside,’ she stammered slightly.


He held her hand tightly beneath his, she tried to pull it back but he was too strong.






‘I need to rest.’


He took a deep breath before he released his grip on her hand.


‘Good night,’ she said hurriedly walking back into the house.


She closed the door behind her then she rested her head against the door,


wondering what had just happened.










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