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Sequence 23


The next few days flew by and before Mattie knew it, the weekend was there. Every night during the week, Chard had taken her out, some nights they went to dinner and others they stayed at his house watching movies.


He talked a lot about his mother and siblings, he also talked about his work, she got the feeling he didn’t have many friends, she didn’t mind listening- he was an awesome companion, he made her nights less boring and she loved how he perfectly bonded with her daughter.


She turned over in her bed and checked the time on her phone it was half past seven she had a photo shoot with Zita at 10 hours.


She climbed out of bed and stretched then she visited the bathroom and padded downstairs to make breakfast.


‘Morning Mama Bear,’ she greeted Trinny who lay relaxed on the couch in front of the TV.


‘Morning mummy!’


‘You are up early.’


‘I couldn’t sleep.’


Mattie smiled, ‘You should have woken me up.’


‘You were sleeping peacefully I didn’t want to disturb you.’ ‘You are such a darling.’


Trinny giggled uncontrollably.



When Mattie stepped into the kitchen, the smell of breakfast cooking wrapped around her nose.


She paused in the kitchen doorway watching her sister who was at the stove cooking breakfast. Vanessa was in another world completely unaware of her sister’s presence.


‘Mattie,’ she smiled wildly when she turned to face her.


‘Hey sis, what are you doing?’


‘I am preparing breakfast.’


‘You shouldn’t have.’


‘You have been too good to me this is the least I can do for you.’ She took a seat at the table, ‘How are you feeling today?’ ‘I feel fine and energetic.’


‘You still don’t feel like going out?’


‘No,’ she shook her head.


Vanessa hadn’t left the house in seven days afraid her husband would find her, speaking of her husband he had left her countless messages on her phone-apologizing and asking her back but she wasn’t ready to go back, she wasn’t ready to risk the life of her unborn-child.


Her mother too had been calling and sending her messages but Van ignored most of them.


‘I will come when I am ready, don’t look for me,’ she had told her


Vanessa finished making breakfast and set the table. She dished up for everyone and they quickly devoured the food in minutes.


After breakfast, Trinny went back to watch TV while Vanessa and Tess remained in the kitchen to clean up.


Mattie went back to her room, she walked into the bathroom after she undressed then she cleaned her teeth and started a shower. Once her shower was done she dressed in a black button up blouse over a pair of jeans then she paired it with ankle boots.


When she was done, she walked out of her bedroom and into the living room. Sitting at the table, she went through her schedule for the coming week she needed to clear some things off her schedule so she could dedicate time to the Maternity series photo shoot with Maya.


‘Hello!’ The door suddenly flew open and Chard walked in, she wasn’t expecting him to drop by this early on a Saturday morning.


‘Hey you,’ she said smiling even though she tried not to.



‘How are you?’ he pulled her close to her and wrapped her arms around her before he kissed her forehead.


‘I am fine.’


‘Hey uncle Chard,’ Trinny greeted him politely he pulled away from Mattie and


grinned at her, ‘Hey Mama Bear.’


‘How are you?’


‘I am okay, how is Theo?’


‘Theo is great I will bring him over soon.’


‘You should.’


‘I will.’


‘Trinny, time for your bath,’ Tess called out.


She hurried out of the living room to the bedroom.


‘What are you doing here?’ Mattie asked Chard when it was just the two of them.


‘It’s a Saturday.’




‘Well I thought we could spend some time together.’ ‘Well I have a photo shoot at ten.’


‘I thought you said you are free this Saturday.’ ‘Last minute photo shoot came up.’ ‘Then I am coming with you.’


She laughed, ‘Suit yourself.’


‘Okay,’ he got up from his seat.


‘Just give me a minute,’ she disappeared into the other room, she reappeared a while later with her back pack in her hands. Chard grabbed it from her.


‘Shall we.’




She followed him out of the house, when they got to his car he helped her inside before he went round and climbed in his seat then he turned the engine over. ‘So!’ he said while driving.


‘What?’ she looked up from her phone.


‘I was wondering if you’d go with me to my mother’s house tomorrow.’






‘It’s her birthday and we are throwing her a little get together dinner.’






She remained silent.


He waited for her to respond.


‘Come on, mum will love you, she is a very down to earth person.’ ‘Will see.’


He frowned, ‘Mattie.’


She chuckled, ‘Fine I will come. But this isn’t a date I am only coming a friend.’ ‘Fine,’ he smiled she was the only woman who needed to be coerced into going out with him.


‘And Trinny can come too Theo will be there as well.’ ‘Great.’


They got to their location a few minutes before ten Zita had chosen a private park in the outskirts of town for the shoot.


They stepped out of the car and found the perfect place to set up the background and equipment.


‘When did you discover you wanted to be a photographer?’ he asked She bit her lower lip,’ When I was very young.’ ‘So you have always wanted to be one.’


‘Yes and my late father knew how much I loved to take photographs so he got me


a small camera,’ she said, her face was beaming with excitement at the memory of


her father.




‘Hey!’ Zita smiled at Mattie, she had just arrived but she hadn’t expected to find Mattie with Chard.


‘Hey,’ Mattie smiled back at her.


‘Sorry I am late.’


‘It’s okay.’


‘So Chard, meet Zita and Zita this is chard.’ Zita extended her hand and Chard shook it. ‘Nice to meet you,’ she said ‘Nice to meet you too.’


‘Your wife is such a great photographer it’s good to see you support her dream.’ ‘Wife?’ Chard asked


Mattie and Chard exchanged glances then he turned to look at Zita. ‘Ya I am her biggest support system.’ ‘Aww!’ she exclaimed


‘Shall we get started,’ Mattie asked, her camera was ready and she was in high spirits.


‘Oh ya.’


Zita posed for her first photo, she was smiling wildly just as Thomas had asked her






He was standing at the other end of the path miles away where he couldn’t easily be spotted, he pulled the binoculars up to his eyes and squinted trying to make out who was there with Mattie.


‘That bastard,’ he cursed when he saw Chard, this would have been the perfect


opportunity to get close to her, why did he have to come. Chard was beginning to


annoy him he needed to get him out of the way before he ended up ruining his











The Clock is Ticking




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