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Sequence 18




‘Hey,’ she said when she opened the door for him.


‘Hey,’ he grinned at her


‘Come on in.’


He moved past her through the open door. She walked into the house and shut the door behind her.


‘These are for you,’ he handed her some flowers.


She smiled, ‘Thank you.’


He stared at her as she put the flowers in the vase, she was wearing a loose black dress, her hair was unkempt and she wasn’t wearing any make up. She looked beautiful still.


‘What?’ she asked when she caught him staring at her.


He sat back on the couch and shook his head, ‘Nothing,’ he lied ‘If you say so.’


He put his arm around her as she sat next to him on the couch.


‘How are you today?’ he asked


‘I am okay.’


‘You didn’t sound okay when you called.’ ‘Well, I had a bit of situation.’ ‘Talk to me.’


She stood up, ‘My Ex has been stalking me.’ ‘Stalking you.’


‘Yes and this morning when I went jogging, someone was following me.’ ‘You are sure?’


‘Yes, I actually got a restraining order against him a few days ago but it seems he is back. He sent me this today,’ she pointed at the box on the table. He looked at the box then back at her, ‘Is he Trinity’s dad?’


‘No,’ she said. ‘I think he is close by because he even mentioned you.’ ‘He is a psycho.’


‘Yes he is, I wish mum can see him for who he really is, she keeps pushing him to marry me.’


‘Your mum wants you to marry such a man, why?’


‘Well she thinks I am too old to be single and no man will want me apart from him.’



He laughed, ‘That’s absurd, you are a beautiful woman and any man would be glad to have you.’


‘My mother has different beliefs.’


‘No offence but your mother is old fashioned.’ She laughed.


‘He needs to be reported again.’


‘I doubt the police will be able to do much for me now.’ ‘What do you suggest?’


‘I don’t know maybe I should move to another place.’ ‘I could hire someone to watch over you.’ ‘I don’t think that will be necessary.’


‘You know what, let me get to the office and talk to one of my men, maybe he will be able to get me information about him, who knows we could find something that we can use to get to him threaten him to stop all this nonsense.’ ‘I will really appreciate.’


‘Anything for you.’


She smiled.


‘I need to get going,’ he stood up




‘I will see you in the evening,’ he said. He leaned down and kissed her cheek.’ She walked him to the door.


‘Take care of yourself and if anything strange happens don’t hesitate to call me. ‘I will.’


‘Least I forget where is Trinny?’


‘She is probably playing some games with Tess.’ ‘I got carried away I forgot to ask about her.’ She laughed, ‘My beauty distracted you, I guess.’ ‘You can say that again.’ ‘Silly.’


‘I gotta go now.’


‘See you,’ she waved at him and shut the door behind him.


Ashe made his way towards his car Chard had suddenly felt like he was being watched. He quickly looked behind him. He saw nothing there.


He shook the uncomfortable feeling from his head and got into his car before


driving off.




‘Mummy!’ Trinny called


‘Tsup baby.’


‘Why didn’t I go to school today, am I sick?’


Mattie laughed, ‘What make you think you are sick baby?’


‘Because the teacher said you can only miss school when you are sick.’


‘Well you aren’t sick baby.’




‘Mummy is sick.’


‘Sorry. You will be fine soon okay.’




She leaned in and kissed her mother on her forehead then she whispered, ‘I love you mummy.’


‘I love you more than life itself my butterfly,’ she responded After that Trinny ran off to the kitchen to get Mattie some juice.


Mattie smiled, she was grateful to God for giving her Trinny, her little human was everything to her. No matter how dark her tunnel got, Trinny would always light it up.


A loud knock at the door startled her out of her trance.


She walked towards the door and opened it, only to find her mother on the other side.


‘Mother!’ she gasped in surprise.


‘Aren’t you going to ask me in?’


‘Come in,’ she stepped aside and allowed her to walk in, she closed the door afterwards.


Mattie’s mother looked round the room reviewing the photos on the wall she shook her head and sat down.


‘Can I get you anything to drink?’


‘This isn’t a social visit please sit down,’ she commanded She sat down on the couch across from hers.


‘So I heard you got Thomas a restraining order.’






‘Thomas is a psycho.’


‘Are you a psychiatrist?’


She shook her head


‘So what makes you so sure he is the psycho and not you?’ ‘Mother!’


‘I am trying so hard to be calm right now because I want to understand you. Are


you a psychiatrist?’






Trinny walked into the room just before she could respond. She got down on her knees, ‘Here’s your drink mummy.’ ‘Thanks hunny.’


She turned and looked at her grandmother, ‘Hey.’ ‘Hey,’ Mattie’s mum responded coldly.


‘Baby, go and play a game on my laptop, I need to talk to grandma.’ ‘Okay,’ she said and hurried out of the room. ‘So?’


‘Mum I don’t have to be a psychiatrist to know that Thomas is sick,’ she said


‘That man loves you.’


‘No he doesn’t.’


‘That’s the same Thomas you were in love with once upon a time.’ ‘That was then.’


‘Why are you so stubborn?’


‘Mum, Thomas tried to force himself on me.’


‘Obviously you did something to push him to that extent.’


Mattie stood up and shook her head, ‘I don’t care what you say I am not marrying Thomas.’


‘You want to disgrace me again?’




‘Then you must marry him.’


‘I am sorry I will do no such thing.’




‘Fine,’ she stood up. ‘You don’t want to marry Thomas, I won’t force you but you have thirty days to find yourself a husband or else all hell will break loose.’ ‘You can’t be serious.’


‘I am serious, you will have to get married before your thirty fifth birthday whether you like it or not.




‘I hope I have made myself clear,’ she cut her short.


‘Have a good day,’ with that said she picked up her bag and stormed out of the





















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