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Sequence 12




Two Weeks Later


‘Chrissie I need you to relax, you are too tense this isn’t quiet the look I am aiming at,’ Mattie said to the model in front of her.


Chrissie drew in a deep breath and slowly released it, she was nervous this was her first official photo shoot as a model, the photos would be running alongside her story in an entertainment Newspaper, she wanted them to be perfect.


‘You can do it, I know you can just cast aside that fear and self doubt. Be you.’ She managed a smile,’ ‘I am just a little nervous but I will try.’


‘You can do it, just relax and act as if I am not even in this room, you’ve got this.’


She nodded her head.


‘Great, let’s get to work.’




‘Sit on the arm couch of the couch and lean forward on your knees.’


‘Ya! Perfect.’


‘Like that.’


The clicking of the camera echoed throughout the room as she took picture after picture. She tried different expressions as her eyes followed the camera.


Half way through the shoot, the door to the studio flew open and Gracie walked in. ‘Tsup.’


‘There is a parcel for you that you need to sign for.’ ‘A parcel?’






‘Chrissie that will be all for now, take a little break and change into something






‘You did great.’


‘Thank you.’


‘You are welcome.’


She placed the camera on the table and walked out to find a man holding a gift bag, she could see a banquet of flowers inside.


‘Are you Miss Mattie?’




‘I’d like you to sign here for your parcel please,’ he indicated, holding out his clipboard and a pen.


Mattie quickly scribbled a signature and gave it back to him, then he handed her the parcel.




The man immediately headed for the door and walked out.


‘Who are those from?’ Gracie curiously asked


Mattie dealt her a scornful look, ‘Busy buddy, learn to mind your own business.’ Gracie laughed.


Mattie ignored her and walked into her office, she placed the gift bag on the table and stared at it for a brief moment, there was only one person she knew would send her a parcel- Thomas, was he back to stalking her again, she had to inform the police.


After the last incident, she had reported Thomas to the police and


She picked her phone so she could call the police when her phone rang, it was a strange number, she was even scared of picking the call she watched it ring till it cut.




‘Mattie,’ the voice on the other end was warm and instantly recognizable.


‘Yes, this is Mattie who is this?’ she asked even when she knew perfectly well who was calling.


He laughed, ‘You know who it is.’


She cleared her throat, ‘Chard?’


‘See you know me, why were you tripping?’


‘How can I help you? Wait how did you even get my number?’ ‘Which question should I answer first?’ ‘How can I help you?’


‘Did you receive my parcel?’


‘Oh! So you sent this?’


‘What? You haven’t read the card?’


‘Well I haven’t even opened to check what’s inside.’ ‘Why?’


‘Look Chard, I am working, I don’t have all day to chat,’ she said ignoring his question


‘Okay I will hung up, open the parcel, I have a message for you in there.’ ‘Okay.’


She took out the flowers first and stared at them, they looked amazing and she absolutely loved them. Careful not to spoil the flowers, she snagged out the card and opened it then she began to read the note that was written on the card.


‘Just sent this to apologize for being a jerk last time we met. Accept to out with me for dinner tonight so I can formally apologize. Love Chard…,’


The short card’s contents caused her to blush as a smile crossed her face, what had gotten over him that he was finally apologizing, she wondered.


When she finally opened the small gift box in the gift bag, she was amazed to find a pair of dangly earrings with a matching necklace and a bracelet with her name engraved on it.




He phone rang again.




‘Is that a way to answer your potential future husband?’ he asked


‘I don’t have time for you.’


‘And you said I am the rude one.’


She laughed, ‘Thank you for the gift, you didn’t have to.’ ‘Does that mean I am forgiven?’


‘Yes I have forgiven you but that dinner just won’t happen.’ ‘Why?’


‘I have plans.’


‘Oh please.’


‘I am serious.’


‘I will pick you up at 7.’




‘Have a great day Mattie,’ he hang up before she could protest.


Irritated she picked the flowers and placed them in a vase then she walked out of


her office to the studio so she could finish with the photo shoot, she would worry


about Chard later.




He was clad in a pair of black jeans and a black T-shirt that fit him like a second skin and left his muscular arms visible. He had black sneakers on his feet and a pair of black glasses adorned his eyes. Black was his favourite colour, it represented darkness, despair and danger. It also described the kind of person he was.


He was out at the mall shopping for his wife to be, the first thing he figured he needed to get her was some new clothes because he didn’t like the kind of clothes she wore.


She usually wore skimpy clothes that exposed a lot of skin and that displeased him a lot. As soon as they got married, he would make it mandatory for her to dress modestly.


For almost an hour, he wandered through a couple of shops but nothing really caught his eyes, he was almost leaving for the next mall when he spotted a display window that caught his attention. The mannequins in the window were dressed in elegant and decent dresses.


He smiled to himself as he strode towards the shop.


As soon as he walked into the shop, an attendant walked up to me, ‘Hello! Welcome to Zanji, Do you need any help?’ She asked in a polite manner. ‘Yes actually I need to buy a few dresses for my wife.’


‘Are you looking for anything in particular? She asked grinning up at him He pointed at the mannequins at the far end,



‘I need dresses like that in black or red but they should be long enough to cover the knees.


‘Just red and black?’




‘Sure! What’s her size though?’


He pulled out his phone from his pocket and showed her a photo,’ what size recommend for her?’


She glanced at the photo and smiled, ‘You have such a beautiful wife & she is lucky to have you.’


‘Thank you,’ he beamed with excitement, he loved it when people complimented her beauty.


‘You are welcome. I think she is a medium.’ ‘Okay.’


She walked towards the dresses and started picking through them, after about thirty minutes she had managed to pick a mountain of dresses.


‘Come and take a look. Pick what can work for her.’ ‘Okay.’


He spent the next few minutes going through the pile of dresses till he finally decided on the ones he would get for her, they were beautiful and he couldn’t wait to see her in them.


‘You can take the clothes to the counter and pay,’ she told him ‘Thank you so much for your help.’ ‘You are welcome.’


‘I will come back for some shoes once I am clear about her shoes size.’ ‘I will be glad to help again.’


He smiled then walked to the counter, after he paid for his items they packed them in plastic bags and handed them to him, he was proud of himself, he knew she would be happy to have some new decent clothes; he waved at the attendant and left the store.


Now all he needed was an engagement ring. He wanted to get her the most expensive ring, soothing that would stand out and he knew just the place to go to. ***











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