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Rose got excited as she respond to the kiss. Just as her tongue was about to slide into his mouth he broke the kiss.



I knew it…I knew you still love me….”







let’s end this….

I only kissed you to see if I do have feelings for you….


…I don’t feel anything, when


I kissed Gem it’s different….I want more….I want her….

but you…

it’s just a kiss…..

I do still care about you,


you’re my life savior…I own you alot

….I guess my family was right I mistook gratitude for love. Rose am only


grateful to you and your family but I have found love…..

am sorry”




“No Leonel…..she Bewitched you…..

she’s a witch, am sorry I left….

am sorry…..



“No Rose am Glade you left me two years ago, it made me know who I really am……

stay away from Gem….I


don’t want to hurt you…..

to me you’re someone dear to my heart but don’t cross the line”



my love you know I can’t forget you….I love you….”






“Am sorry Rose but I want to be faithful to my wife…”


“Wife?….., you…..

you’re lying to me right….I know you’re just using her to make me jealous…. please Leon am


jealous enough….

and stop this madness!!!” she yelled in tears.


“Gem and I are legally married….

two months ago and…….


“But you’re not wearing a ring…..

stop the joke Leonel it’s not funny… went too far to marrying her just to


make me jealous???” she yelled.




“Am not doing anything to make you jealous…..I love gem……

and nothing will make me leave her……I want us


to remain friends as we are not…..





“Fine……I admit defeat…..I want us to stay friends….but you’ll come begging me to come back to you but I won’t…… Goodbye Leonel” she said and ran out.


Leon took a deep breath of relief. He called Ruth.


“Mr….Mavis…..” she stammered.


“Where is Gem?” he asked.


“She went to see…..gosh am not supposed to tell you this…..” she murmured


“Spill it out now!!!” Leon voice turn cold.


“She went to see Ryan….he came to apologise yesterday so he took her out for lunch today” she said and


Leon burns on anger. It’s only been few days since they got into an argument now she’s seeing another guy?, great.


“Sir….I came to report something to you”


“Not now Sasha am in a bad mood” he said


“It’s about a guy named Ryan and your wife…..look it’s all over the news that they are dating” she said and


Leon grab the news paper from her hands. It had a picture of Gem hugging the man. Leon’s face darkened as he read the topic: Actress Gem says she doesn’t have a boyfriend but why is she hugging Ryan Lucas so affectionately???.


Leon was so angry he tear the paper into pieces. “Find me the reporter who publish this rubbish!!!, and tell my men to bring down this news” he said. “And Sasha!, Good job!” he said.









Ryan was practically my best friend even though I fell in love with him I couldn’t tell him…. because he


belongs to Jolene.


“I broke up my engagement with Jolene” he said and I was surprised.


“Why?” I asked, “Sorry…you don’t have to tell me…..hehehe”


“It’s not love Gem!” he said and I stared at him. “Well she was behaving strangely lately, saying Leonel Mavis was better that me….I couldn’t take it, her mother later told me that she’s dating Mavis Leonel….so I broke up


with her…..” hearing him I almost burst into laughter.


“Oh…so what now???” I ask him.


“Gem let’s take a walk down the street” he said.


“No way….am a celebrity and if people see me and you they’ll misunderstand…..let’s just stay here” I said and


he smiled.


“Gem…..I regret…..I should never had listen to my mother….I should have followed my heart” he said


“Ryan….what’s with that look on your face” I asked and he suddenly hold my hands.


“After breaking up with Jolene I felt free….and now I want to follow my heart….Gem….since we knew each


other….have you even had feelings for me?” he asked


This was the moment I’ve been waiting for to date my first love….to tell him how I really feel…..but….am


married now….and am in love with my husband.


“Hehehe….Ryan what are you saying….?, no….I never had feelings for you!!” I lied.


“what if I tell you I do?” he said and I was shocked, my face began to turn red. “You said on the TV that you are single…so I wanted to take this chance…..Gem I…I love you”.


“Kitten!!” I heard from behind, I was really feeling uncomfortable with Ryan anyway but hearing that voice, that name I jump up and turn around. Leon was behind me. He was wearing a simple set of clothes but he still look like a spoilt rich child. He was so handsome, he was wearing sunglasses. He was walking up to me, his every step made my heart beat faster.


“Leon…..” I whispered.


“Gem….do you know him?” Ryan asked, Ryan knew the face was familiar but he doesn’t seem to recall where


he knew him. But his mighty aura show he was no ordinary person.


Leon walk close to me. We were really close, he wrap one of his hands round my waist and drew me closer to him as our body press each other. He jam his head with mine. The hands he had on my waist move to my bare back.


“Kitten I told you not to expose your body to other men” he said.


“Leon ……” I whispered again not knowing what to say.


“Gem……” Ryan called and Leon glaze at him with a deadly gaze. Ryan shiver.




“Let’s go home….then we’ll talk” he suddenly carried him in his arms. All eyes were on us. Thank good I was


holding a scarf to cover my face if not people would have recognize me.






Leon carried me to the car. After placing me on the seat he kissed my head softly and said.


“Today I want to make it up to you……My love” he said and I was in daze. Did he just call me My love?.


“Leon what are you up to?” I asked and he could only smile.


“To spoil you” he said and winks………………..





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