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I turned around and saw Leon. My body was overjoyed to see him if I didn’t control myself quickly I would have run to hug him. I remembered what happened in his office anger took over me again. Leon walk up to me. He looked stressed out. His eyes were down and tired.


“Kitten……” he called again, Grandma followed him from behind.


“Grandma you’re here” I walk pass him and went to hold Grandma’s hand. Grandma looked at me and patted my cheeks.


“Little Gem….your husband is here” she said with a sad face.


“I don’t have a husband grandma…..see?” I showed her my fingers “do you see any ring on me?” I asked trying


as hard as I can not to cry but my throat was heavy.


“Little Gem….don’t say that… to him” she said again.


“I don’t want to!” I said.


“Gem….. please… sorry” I heard Leon say and the tears broke free from my eyes. I quickly wipe them off, I


hate myself for being such a cry baby.


“I’ll excuse myself” she said and walk towards the living room.


“What do you think you doing?” I asked looking at him with hatred. Seeing him reminds me of my foster parents.


“Gem please….I know I was stupid…..just I want you back home….I’ve missed you” he said


“You missed me?, oh really, all you want is your happiness….have you think of me… promised to find my parents but you’re doing nothing about it. You were the one who asked for space…so am willing to give you all


the space you want” I said about to walk away but he grab me and pulled me in for a kiss. I whine in his hands and broke free from his kiss. I wanted him to know I was dead serious with him and I was really angry and disappointed in him. Immediately I broke free I slapped him.


“No Gem!!!!” Grandma yelled. I watch Leon grow angry his eyes landed on me with sharp gaze and dying era.


“Leon…..son…..” Grandma quickly home his hands. I was confused at first. What’s going on.


“Grandma am fine…..” Leon whispered and grandma was surprised. Leon look at me and gave me a sad smile.


“I’ve found your parents kitten….but I was afraid you’ll be sad if I let you know, I hate to see you hurt see you


sad. Kitten…your mom died while giving birth to you and you had a serious accident with your dad when you were 5, he died in that car accident but you were injured. I heard a man treated you and put you in the orphanage, when you woke up you didn’t remember anything, that was when your foster parents came to adopt you………” he said.



” I was speechless.











“Leon you need to rest…..

I’ll call doctor Chen”







“No grandma….

she have to…..


” he groan and fell on his knees. I ran to him.





are you okay?” I asked and he shook his head.






how can I….

I be….

you hate me now….

I…I messed up….





“Grandma what’s happening to him….

?” I asked







“You shouldn’t have hit him….

gosh you two really no nothing about each other

….” she said.



I….I don’t hate you….

am sorry…

you can’t be like this….

huh?, please….


” he fell on my body ”
















“Call doctor Chen…..

don’t just stand there!!!!!” Grandma yelled but Leon suddenly moved his hands and hug


my waist.













“I love you Gem….I know I do…..

I know I’ve hurt you….but I really love you so much” he said and hugged me

















you’re up…

how are you feeling?, I’ve called doctor Chen” grandma said.



“No need grandma, my heart doctor is right in front of me….

am happy and satisfied……

” he said and I just gaze


at him “Kitten I’ll make things right….

I promise……






Leon was resting in his room and grandma lock us up in the room.




I sat down on the couch pretending to be busy with my phone.





“It’s not comfortable there….come to bed” he said




















“If you don’t want to stay near me it’s okay, you can come to bed I’ll stay on the couch” he said again.

















” my phone started ringing. Oh thank God.




















where are you….

the set date was wrong….

the last scene is today….you have 39 minutes to be here…..”


Ruth said.














I’ll be on my way…

” I jump off the couch.







“Going somewhere?” he asked again.








I ignore him “Grandma….

open the door…

o have to be on set…..

grandma!!!” I yelled.



“She won’t answer you” he said. I called and called but grandma who answer me. I look at the time. I was


already 9 minutes late.












help me” I said to him and he smiled.








“Call me hubby” he said and I frown.


“Go to hell!” I said but do I have a sale. “Fine hubby help me”


A wide smile appeared on his face. He stood from bed.


“Now for me to walk up to u you, you have to say I love you for every step I take”


“What???, no way!!!” I yelled and he sat on the bed staring at me.


“Fine…..I love you” I said and he took a tiny step, “Really?” I frown and he nodded. “I love you…. I love you l


love you I love you…….” I said until he finally get to the door.


“Now kiss me then I’ll open the door” he said and I frown again. I tiptoe and peck his lip.


“Aww…my kitten…you’re really a bad student…how the hell did you graduate from school?, I thought I taught you how to kiss last time?” he said and drag my waist close to his body. His lips landed on mine, I kissed him back.


(What even though am angry with him my body still react to him, don’t blame me). ……………



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