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“Hi Mr Leonel” she said.


“I thought I already made it clear to you…….”


“I know am here because your business partner sent me….so we’ll be seeing each other more than expected”


she said and drop a file on my table. She raised her hands showing me the ring I gave her two years ago.


“I will never give up Leonel…never… you’re mine” she said and left the room.


I watch her leave. I don’t know but I felt am no match for Rose. Seeing Leon coming back to the room I ran back to the bed pretending to be asleep. Leon came and lye down close to me, hugging me to himself…….


“Don’t mind her too much, she’s just crazy….go.to.sleep you look stressed out” he said. So he knew I saw Rose.


I opened my eyes as I look around the dark room. Oh I remember I was in Leon’s room.


I walk outside and he was seating on his couch receiving a video call speaking different languages. The person on the screen seems to notice me and pointed in the screen. Leon turn around and gave me a smile. He turned back to the screen and they all started smiling again.


I turned to go back to the room, he looks busy but Leon called. “Gem….” well I’ve come to not like the Gem


name, I love it when he calls me Kitten….it put butterfly in my stomach. I frown, I’ve came to notice he only


calls me Gem when he is in a bad mood and calls me Kitten when he’s happy. I guess right now he wasn’t happy.


I turned around and faced him.


“You’re awake!” he said standing up and walk up to me.




“You look so tired, you should have stayed at home, why did you come back so early….I thought you loved it in


Paris” he said


“Ha…. really….after telling me we are attending a grand ball, making me wait like hell for you, leaving me without notice, you expect me to stay in Paris?” I said, my tone was calm but anger and pain filled it.


“Leon…..you loved it in Paris”


“I love Paris because I was there with the man I love…..I loved Paris because……” I broke in tears. Damn….I


tried not to cry. He was about to hold my shoulders but I push his hands off.


“How could you leave me there?” I asked.


“Gem….you have Sasha….and few of my men to guard you….”


“Leon….you’re making me confused really……” I said, I remembered seeing the ring on Rose fingers. It was so


beautiful. I looked at my fingers which was clutching my skirt. I was his wife but I don’t even have a ring. This is crazy.


“Am sorry about what happened in Paris” he said “Gem….I know I don’t deserve you…”


“Leon…. seriously where are you heading to?” I asked.



“All I want is for you to be happy but I keep on hurting you……

I….I think we both need some space” he said


“What???, Leon….that’s not what I want…..all I want is to know you so I can change you……”


“I don’t want to be changed…..but you’re driving me crazy……

Go home…..I need time to think” he said and


turned his back at me.




“No you’re the one driving me crazy. Am a girl who believe in fairytale but you ruined everything when you came into my life. I fell for you….you saved my life…you protected me….and out of nowhere you asked me to


marry you…I did…. thinking this was fate…. thinking at least all be safe and happy…..but I was wrong…..I don’t


even have a wedding ring, I didn’t get to see my wedding certificate…..Fuck this Leon……The whole world still


think she’s your fiancee and you are not even bothering to tell them you guys are no more together. If she’s your fiancee then what am I to you?, A f**k bunny?, or….or… you threesome?………..You know what Leonel Mavis……I regret,….I regret ever know you….ever accepting you, ever loving you, no……I regret ever been alive…..you need some space?, fine…. I’ll give it to you…in fact I’ll give you lots of space…….” I walked towards the door but stop and said to him “Oh….and that ring looks good on her fingers too……don’t search for me……. goodbye”


Leon was still trying to hold back himself. But he burst as he started breaking and scattering his office. Gem’s each and every word repeat in his head. He growled and punch the wall untill his hands was bruised. He sat on the floor crying like a little child. Leon hasn’t cried for long, infact he never cried too much as a child but today…..he cried his heart own.


“Gem……Gem……no….you can’t leave……” he ran out. Everyone was surprised to see Leon in that state. His


hands were bleeding, he had blood all over his face, his shirt and his knuckles. His eyes were red, his face was wet.


“Were is she???” he yelled and grab one of his men. “Gem….where is she?….,find her FIND HER!!!’ he yelled


and fell unconscious on the ground.


Leon opened his eyes. He look around and saw Grandma. He stood up and rip the drip off his hands.


“Going somewhere?” she asked angrily


“Am going to find Gem!” he said.


“Don’t bother….she safe….she’s in my Villa” she said.


“I have to go see her” he said and stood up.


Leon got to Grandma Villa, as he was about to enter the house but the men stopped him.


“Am afraid sir but you can’t go inside”


“Are you out of your mind!!!??, do you know who you are dealing with?, am here to see my wife….more while


am being nice” he said.


“Am sorry sir but your wife is not here” hearing this Leon landed a punch on his cheeks. The guy passed out instantly.


Many men surround him. Then grandma car drove in.


“What the scene all about?” she yelled.


“Madam….he insist on entering the house but we refused so he use violence”


“Granny they won’t let me see my w……..”


“Mr Mavis why are you here?” she said.




“I don’t have a shamelessly grandson who push his lovely wife away out of stupidity!!!!” she yelled.


“Please…. please grandma…..I know….I was a coward….I messed up put please don’t take her away from




“I didn’t take her away from you….you pushed her away…..you pig….you told her you need space…. you’re


getting the consequences for your actions!” she yelled but Leon went down on his kneels. Grandma was shocked. This is the Leonel full of pride, he won’t even agree to kneel in the church but now….he’s down on his kneels because of his woman.


“She doesn’t want to see you Leon…..you made her almost killed herself…..she cries day and night…..I


can’t….no…I won’t let you met her” she yelled. As she was about to walk pass him Leon hold her feet.


“Please grañny please……”


I was inside the room, If it wasn’t for grandma I guess I’d have been far away from earth.


I decided to take a walk into the kitchen when I heard the name I was longing to be called.






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