Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Karen’s POV

I was done doing shopping when I bumped into someone on my way to the counter.

‘Sorry,’ I said picking up my stuffs.

‘It’s okay, let me help you,’ came the angelic voice.

I looked up to meet a very handsome guy but not as handsome as Alex. He helped me and paid for me.

‘Thank you,’ I said heading to my car.

‘Can I get your contact,’ he said.

I dialed my number in his phone and left. I drove home smiling. He seems rich, I will inform mum about the new catch.

Alex’s POV

Cindy woke up and she is a bit calm. She was just seated in one corner staring at as like someone who is lost.

‘Cindy, eat this,’ I said handing the food to her.

‘Am not Cindy am Joy,’

‘Okay, allow me to call you Cindy,’

She nodded and took the food.

‘Where did my mom go?’ She asked after a while.

‘She died,’ I said.

‘Will they kill me to?’ she asked in tears.

‘No they won’t, I will protect you,’ I assured her.

I moves closer and hugged her.

She was still crying.

‘I want to get out of here,’ she said.

‘You will but not now,’

‘I have stayed here long enough I want to leave,’

‘Not so long,’

‘Who are you and why are you so caring? I was with my mom when I was young, how did I end up here?’

‘You will recall everything with time.’

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