Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Lenata’s POV

I was heading to the garden when Myve pulled me back abruptly. She looked disturbed.

‘What’s his name again?’ She asked.

‘Who?’ I asked back surprised.

‘Roy’s dad,’

‘Martin, why ask?’

‘I saw him, he looks somehow like him,’

‘I don’t remember telling my PA to invite him,’ I said.

‘Am damn serious. He is with him right now,’ she said and I felt like cold water being poured on my body. I looked behind me slowly and I saw him staring at me.

‘What should I do now?’ I asked confused.

‘Tell him to leave,’

‘I don’t want to create a scene her. Roy got stubbornness from him,’

‘Then make sure you don’t cross paths. I will get the children out of there,’ she said and I nodded.

I started walking towards the other corridor but Myve shouted behind me.

‘He is following you.’

I ran to the elevator and went upstairs.




Martin’s POV

I guessed right, that was Karen.

Can he be my child?

I need answers and I will only get from her. I followed her but I didn’t know where she went to.

I went back to the garden but the kids were gone. I sat down and buried my head in my knees frustrated.

I stood up again and started looking for that Myve. She spoilt everything when she talked to her. Its not time to blame, I just need to beg her to show me where Karen is. I went back inside and they were already through with the speeches.

I guess my day wasn’t made to be good. I walked to my car and drove to the hotel. My problems have just increased, I don’t know where they stay.

How on earth am I going to look for them.

I took my laptop to search something about Roy. He is a celebrity, maybe I can get some useful information about him.

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