Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Lenata’s POV

I need to do some shopping for Roy before he gets to my neck. We drove to the mall and he went inside with the driver while I remained in the car. Its over an hour and he isn’t back. I tried to call his phone and it ringed inside the car so I called the driver.

‘Why did you take so long?’ I asked him when he entered the car.

‘A blind Mister bumped into me and scattered all my things,’ he said.

‘A blind what?’ I asked surprised.

I thought blind people walk with helpers or stick to show them the way.

‘Mum, he has big eyes but couldn’t see I was coming,’ he said with a smirk and I couldn’t help but laugh. This child will kill me one day.

‘Its not funny mom, even my mask fell of. Thank God there was no one else around that place,’

‘I’m so sorry darling,’ I said and continued laughing until we got home.

He turned and looked at the other side.






I prepared dinner and we went to bed early. Tomorrow would be a tiresome day and we needed rest.


Andrew’s POV

I drove home still thinking about Roy. I could give anything to have him as my son. I just hope I find Karen she is all I need for now.

I woke up so early to prepare for the event later in the day.

I drove to the venue and it was beautifully decorated.

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