Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Andrew’s POV

This woman was testing my patience. After all the money I gave her she still took her daughter away. I just have to deal with her.


????Hello boss.

????I need her in the next twenty minutes. Alive.

????Okay boss.

With that I hanged up.

She doesn’t know who she is dealing with.




‘Where is your useless daughter?’ I asked with a straight face.

If she gives me an answer, I won’t hurt her.

‘I don’t know,’ she said.

I signalled my boys to freeze her legs. They placed her legs in cold ice.

‘Once you are ready to talk, inform us,’ I said and left.

That is just the beginning she better talks.




Eva’s POV

They placed my legs in cold ice and left. I started feeling cold. I remembered my daughter, she used to call and complain of how she was treated but I was full of greed to see. What if she’s dead? What if she is still alive? Where could she have gone? I have never been a good mother. I used her to satisfy myself. I separated her from her sister, the only family she was left with.

I lifted my eyes up, ‘if I happen to die in here. I just have one request. I wish she forgives me.’

Everything came back to my mind. The people I have hurt, those I have killed to get rich.

Karen she took me as her mother and did everything I wanted. But what did I do, hurt her and make her life miserable. The only reason why Andrew still wants her, is because she is carrying a son and he thinks he will be a good heir. Andrew can’t father a child and he needs a heir. He offered a large some of money to kill Karen after she delivers and raise the child as his.

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