Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Alex’s POV

‘How is she, doctor?’

‘She is fine, she was recalling her memory that was the reason for the headache,’

‘Thank you doctor. Can I see her?’

‘She is sleeping, but you can just go in,’ he said and left.

‘I hope we can go back to how we used to be before all this happened,’ I whispered in her ears.

Cindy’s POV

I flopped my eyelids and slowly opened my eyes. I have regained all my memories and I can’t help but pity myself. I know I have forgiven them but I don’t think I can forget easily.

‘You are awake,’ Alex said with a smile.

I now understand why I had this feeling towards him and why he was so caring to me. I stared at him. I wanted to talk but words betrayed me. As I recalled my baby, I couldn’t help my tears.

‘Why are you crying?’ He asked concerned.

‘Am sorry for making you get involved in an accident,’ he said with pleading eyes.

Its not even his fault. I need to meet Karen maybe she will tell me what they really did to destroy my wedding. If she tells me the truth am fine with her but if she dares to lie to me then I won’t forgive her.

‘It’s okay am well now,’ I managed to say.

‘We can plan another wedding, right?’ He asked.

‘What if something happens again,’ I said.

I don’t think I can handle any other heartbreak.

‘We will do a civil one in court then a white one later. No matter what happens nothing can change us being husband and wife,’ he said with a smile.

It was good news but I wasn’t fully satisfied. I lost my baby and I can’t change that fact.

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