Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

Story Written by Virginia Asenath


Cindy’s POV

It was always my dream to have a wedding and today is a dream come true. Getting married to the love of my life is my greatest joy. I walked down the aisle and even though nobody walked me down I was still overwhelmed. As the priest was conducting the program I looked around but couldn’t detect where the two were. The only people I can say are my relatives though am not sure.

‘If there is anybody who wants to cancel this wedding, come out now or remain silent forever,’ the priest announced. His words brought my attention back. I have always been afraid of this moment. I was staring at the priest when I noticed he was staring at the door. I looked beind and what I saw shocked me. Karen walked in with her mom beside her and was wearing a wedding gown. I looked at Alex and he was smiling. I felt warm tears on my cheeks. She came in front both smiling, I couldn’t watch anymore and I ran out.

‘Cindy,’ I heard Myve calling my name.

I didn’t stop, instead I took the car and drove off at a high speed.

My eyes were teary and I couldn’t see clearly.

‘Watch out,’ I heard shouts. I tried wiping my tears but it was too late. I hit on a tree and everything went blank.

Clara’s POV

I was driving to my nephew’s wedding when I heard shouts. I drove to a safer place before going to where the people were gathered. It wasn’t hard to get to the front due to my status. The girl had already been gotten out of the car. She had blood coming from her left arm and her gown was now red. I felt pity for her. I took her to my car and headed to the hospital. I know I will miss the wedding but saving a life is more important.

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