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Cheryl and Jacobs love story was something else,a strange one indeed.She had met him at a club where she went to see someone else,actually she came to see her boyfriend Sam but after waiting for two whole hours and didn’t see him,she decided to get herself some drink,then go back home.She bought the drink but didn’t drink it,it got spilled on the floor by some clumsy drunk guy,the guy who turned out to be Jacob. He apologised to her about it and offered another drink which she took and then a conversation started,he told her about himself and how he caught his girlfriend with his best friend, she felt pity for the drunk stranger and she barely told him about hers.She left the club that day and went home,Anne wasn’t back from work,so she just prepared dinner,ate hers and went to bed.

Over the next few days,Cheryl wasn’t herself,Sam hadn’t called her to apologize for not showing up and she keeps bumping into Jacob almost everywhere she went to.When everything became to much of a coincidence,Jacob asked her out for dinner one night and she went,then another dinner, then a date.Anne wasn’t really happy about the sudden stranger that took interest to Cheryl,so she ran a check on Jacob and the was clean,so she accepted him.Not long after,Sam came in,apologising for not being around and not being able to make it with Cheryl that night,shed forgiven him but made it clear that she was already in love with Jacob.

“Love? How can you love someone you met two weeks ago?” Sam had asked Cheryl angrily,she told h that was what love is all about,it doesn’t give time Same left that day and didn’t come back to her,that didn’t bother Cheryl,she had Jacob to think of.The both of them decided to get married right after Thanksgiving, Anne objected to it,

“You can’t marry someone you’re just met.” She said to Cheryl when Cheryl had told her she was gonna get married to Jacob after Thanksgiving,

“Why?” Cheryl asked angrily,

“Cause its not right,marriage isn’t something you can just rush into.

“But having a child with a total stranger is something you can rush into?” Cheryl retorted back in a fit of rage,this hurt Anne, so she walked away.

“Anne,I’m sorry,I didn’t mean that.” Cheryl said over the next few day but Anne was so angry enough to listen.After Thanksgiving, Cheryl went ahead and got married to Jacob, they had a small wedding with few friends of Jacob and few of hers but Anne didn’t come,she wasn’t really in support of the wedding.During the reception, Anne showed up,Cheryl was so happy to see her,

“I couldn’t be so angry not to come to your wedding.” Anne had said to her as she congratulated Cheryl for her wedding,they hugged each other,

“Anne,I’m sorry for what I said to you that day.” Cheryl apologized,Anne nodded,

“And um sorry for trying to stop you.” They hugged again and sat down to enjoy the party.

That night,Cheryl and Jacob had lodged in a hotel,they had fun that night and consummated their marriage,Cheryl was so happy but her happiness was cut short when she woke up the next morning and Jacob wasn’t in bed with her,she searched for him but found a note on the table meant for her,she took it,

“Sorry darling,

There’s an emergency at work, I had to go there


After reading it,she heaved a such of relief,she freshened up,ordered breakfast then went to see Anne who was having a break from work.Cheryl and Jacob moved to his house and that was where she got tired of the marriage, Jacob was barely at home,he work from morning and comes back very late at night,have s£x with her then go to sleep right after that,she was left alone all day and even on weekends, she tried talking to him but it was of no use,Jacob prioritizes his work to any other thing including marriage, he doesn’t even talk about having kids.Cheryl left him after one month,she went back to Anne’s house unknown to her that she was pregnant for him.Jacob never came to ask her why she left or tried to bring her back,the next she heard was that he’d flown to India and it was after that she found out that she was three weeks gone.She had plan to abort the child but fortunately, Anne found out and stopped her right on time,Anne talked to her about the importance of keeping the child even though she wasn’t able to keep Jacob. She gave birth to her son and named him Ace,his original name was Jace but Anne concluded on calling him Ace and the name stucked.

P0 “Mommie!”Cheryl turned and saw Ace running to her,she stood up from the seat and ran to hug him,Jacob was carrying Ace’s spider man’s bag,

” Honey you’re back.”Cheryl said as she kissed the boy,Anne rushed to Ace,

“Aunty Anne!” Ace left Cheryl and rushed to Anne,she hugged the boy and kissed him,

“Aunty Anne,where did you go to,I was asking Pearl about you.” The boy said,Anne carried him,

“I went somewhere but now I’m back and I won’t leave you ever again.” She said to him and touched his nose,

“You’ve grown a lot,Ace.” Anne said to him,Jacob cleared his throat so they will acknowledge his presence,

“Hi.” Anne waved at him,as much as she had hated his gut for these past years,she couldn’t hide the fact that Cheryl is in love with him,

“Hey Anne,you look great,a nice house you’ve gat here.” He said,Anne smiled at him,Cheryl east saying anything,

“Jacob, you can come inside if you want to.” Anne said and left him alone with Cheryl,

“Thank you for bringing Ace back.” Cheryl said immediately Anne left,he nodded,

“Cheryl,I’m sorry.” He said,she stole a glance at him,

“I’m sorry for everything and for not fighting for you back then.” Jacob said, Cheryl was now crying,Jacob came forward and held her hands,she didn’t fight him,

“I’m sorry for everything I put you through,if you won’t mind Cheryl,I’ll be so glad if we forget about everything that happened and start afresh again.” He knelt in drone of her and brought out a ring,

“Cheryl,would you give me the pleasure of spending the rest of my life with you,would you marry me?” Jacob asked,Cheryl with a tear filled eyes,nodded and brought forth her hand while Jacob slid the ring into her left ring finger,he stood up and she hugged him,Anne,Deville, Mrs Phina and everyone else in the house came out and started clapping.

“Daddy,I hope you won’t make mommy shed tears when you’ll propose to her?” Pearl asked smiling,Deville turned to Anne who was beside him,

“Nab,I won’t even ask her to marry me.” Anne gasped,

“Why?” Pearl asked,

” Cause,she’s already married to me,she gat no choice.”Anne frowned while Deville winked at her,

“Congrats man and welcome to the club.” Deville shook hands with Jacob,

“What club?” Cheryl asked,

“Getting married isn’t easy that why I’ve formed a club called How To Handle Your Wife Club.” He smiled mischievously,

“That’s a great club,it such a good idea,I’m now a member right?” Jacob asked Deville finding his words funny,

“As long as you’re married,you’re in.” Anne sighed,

“Cheryl let’s leave this crazy guys and go inside.” She held Cheryl hands and they went inside while Mrs Phina took Ace and Cheryl inside,

“Wait up ladies,don’t leave us here.” Deville yelled after them,

“Women are trouble,mark that.” Deville said to him and they went inside.





Happy Ending????????????

Anne and Deville got married on the same day Cheryl and Jacob got married, it was a grand and fabulous wedding indeed,Deville’s friend were all present including Archie, he came all the way from Mexico and he came with Renato too,his right hand man.Tim and Jake were present too,they searched the grand hall for someone as pretty and beautiful as the brides but found none,

“No one could be as pretty and angelic as Anne.” Deville whispered to them when he saw their disappointed faces,

“Every girl is beautiful in her own way,so go fix yourself up with one.” Jacob added, the boys left happily in search of their own future bride while William was contented with his girlfriend Mia.At the end of the day,Tim and Jake found themselves two girls both sisters while Archie took a liking to Sasha,Anne’s cousin.

After a few months:

“What’s the need of going there ma?” Deville was asking his mom,

” Anne please talk to him,he listens to you alone.”Mrs Phina said.She had wanted to go back to Alaska but Deville refused,he’s insisting that she stays in Las Vegas with them,

“But mom,Deville’s right,we don’t want you to go back to Alaska,stay with us here.” Anne said,Mrs Phina shook her head,

“I can’t believe I’m listening to……”

“Argh!” Anne cried from the seat,Deville who had stood up to leave ran to her,

“Anne,what’s wrong?” Deville asked her dead worried,Mrs Phina stood up too,

“Deville, she’s having the baby.” Mrs Phina announced,Anne was still crying.Pearl rushed out of her room when she heard her mom’s cry,

“Daddy what’s wrong with mommy?” Pearl asked,

“Honey stay with grandma while I take mommy to the hospital, she’s having the baby.” Deville carried Anne and rushed outside while Pearl stayed behind with her grandma.

At the hospital,the nurses asked Deville to go outside and wait but he insisted on staying with Anne,he hadn’t been with her during Pearl’s delivery,so he won’t miss his son’s delivery.

“Anne,you gat to be strong okay.” Deville encourage her,

“Ma’am, you need to push harder the baby’s head is almost out.” The matron said to Anne,

“Take a deep breathe and push.” She chanted to Anne,she did as she was told,

“Deville, Deville look at me.” She said to him,Deville as scared as he was turned to Anne,

“Deville, I love you a lot.” She whispered, he became scared,

Why’s she saying all this?

“I know Anne,that’s why I want you to keep pushing,our son is almost out.”

“Not only a son,there’s another baby inside.” One of the nurse announced, everyone gasped,

“But the ultra scan showed us one baby,a boy.” Deville said now confused,he looked at now,she wasn’t surprised at all,

“Sir,this is a miracle.” The matron said,

“Anne take one deep breath.” Anne breath in,

“Now push.” She pushed with all her strength, all energy in her,one baby came out,the nurses got hold of him,cut out the umbilicate cord and wrapped him up.

“Anne,ones out,now breath in.” Anne was closing her eyes and it got Deville worried,

“Nurse,she’s closing her eyes,do something.” He cried,now he’s dead worried,

“Mr Salvador, we’ve to go through a Caesarian Section to save her and the baby.” The matron said to Deville, he was now crying,real tears were dropping from his eyes,

“Doctor do anything to save them,do anything.” Deville said,

“Okay Anne take a deeper breathe now,the baby is contracting now.” The matron said,Anne face curved into a smile and she opened her eyes,

“Okay ma.” Deville was surprised, Anne took a deep breath and pushed,the second baby,

“Its a girl.” They cut out the second umbilical cord and wrapped her up too while Deville stood in amazement.

“Sir,here are the babies.” The nurse pushed the double crib to Deville,

“Matron.” Deville called the matron while the other nurses left smiling at each other,

“What just happened?” He asked her,the woman was smiling and so was Anne,

“Nothing,your wife just gave birth to twins, that all.” She turned and left.He looked at Anne who was now laughing out loud,

“You should see your face when you’re crying.” Anne said to him,he was surprised,

“You knew you were having twins?” She nodded,

“I didn’t tell you cause I wanted to surprise you and also play a prank on you.” She said,Deville cleaned his wet eyes with the back of his palms,

You wanted to see me cry?”She nodded,

“You nearly killed me.” Deville exclaimed,Anne was still laughing, he went to the crib and brought the babies out,

“They’re so cute,what should we name them?” Deville asked,

“Pearl should decide that,they’re her siblings.” Deville nodded, Pearl would be so excited when he tells her about her newest siblings.


“What would you like us to name them Pearl?” Anne asked her,she looked into their cribs and smiled,

“Jersey and Jenny.” She said smiling,

“Jersey and Jenny it shall be.” Deville said and he hugged Anne,

“I love you Anne.” He said to her and kissed her forehead,

“I love you too Deville.” She whispered to him.

Cheryl, Jacob and Ace came later to visit them,Cheryl was super excited for Anne,

“Guess what guys?” Jacob said,Anne and Deville looked at each other,

“What is it guys, are you leaving now?” Cheryl shook her head still smiling,

“Were expecting our second child.” Jacob blurted,Cheryl hit him playfully,

“I told you to allow them guess.” She pouted,”That’s great news man,such great one.”Deville said,Anne was so happy for Cheryl,

“Thanks Anne.” She stood up and hugged Cheryl,

“Man,can you give me in one sentence what your relationship started with?” Deville asked Jacob when Anne and Cheryl left to see the babies,

“Its started with spilling drinks and a one hour marriage,yours?” He replied smiling,

“Mine……mine started with A BABY CONTRACT.” Deville replied smiling at Jacob.



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