Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

There were all shocked at the power failure,

“Guys don’t worry,its a minute power failure,we gat thing under control.” Renato yelled an apology from the rear end of the large door,

“Okay,no worries.”Tim said,not up to a minute later,the light came on.

” Told you it won’t buy your time.”Renato came inside,got something from the coffee table and left,

“Now where were we?”Tim asked no one in particular,

” Let me have a look please.”Jake took it over from Tim

“Let’s show this to Archie,he might be able to help us.” William said,Jake shook his head,

“Leave him to Gods Eye while we take care of this,” he turned to Deville,

“Who did they say this came from?”Jake asked referring to the parcel,

” Didn’t see no address, the person must have been hiding his identity.”Deville said,Alex hadn’t told him who brought the parcel and he didn’t brother asking because he had been so tensed and angry at that moment.,

“There’s something fishy going on and we need to figure that out.” He kept the scroll in his br**st pocket,

“Remind me Dev,who else was with you on the day Anne was kidnapped?” Jake asked,

“Our wedding planner,Fred Sullivan.” Deville answered,

“Tim,run a check on him will ya?” Tim nodded,

“No! Fred’s kinda clean,” Deville protested,

“Everyone is a suspect.” Jake retorted,William shrugged,

“If you ever need to run any DNA around here,let me know,I’m free willy to help.” They all smiled,

“Okay,were a team on this one.”He said,

“Yeah,when we go to the bank tomorrow,run a check on Fred Sullivan and Charles Zhang,” he turned to Deville,

“Hope you didn’t buy that crap of him being outta town for weeks now.”Deville didn’t say anything,

” Okay,”After some other discussions they all went to their separate chambers to test and as well get ready for tomorrow’s journey.

The next morning, Archie and his men drove Deville and Jake to the bank while Tim and William stayed back to do some research on both Fred and Charles.

“Archie,nice to meet you again,” a young man walked out of the bank to welcome them,he shook hands with Archie,

“Marcelo told me you would come visit today,”Archie nodded,

” And who ate these blokes?”He asked,he had been expecting Archie to come alone or bring his right hand man,Renato.But now,not only Renato but with two other stranger,

Hope I don’t get caught and lose my job,he thought to himself as the men walked past him.He went after them,

“Mr José,mind if you go in front,you’re leading the way not us.” Renato spat,

How I hate this cunt of a bloke,Renato thought.

“Okay.” He hurried in front of them and led them past the IU and them came to the Vault,Mr José brought out his card and slid it across the ID machine,the door opened and they all went in.

“Here we’re,” they came into a glass like room,

“Here’s what you’re searching for,Gods Eye.” He pointed to the highly technological device in the room, it screen took almost half the room,

“This is the real thing Jake,” Deville whispered,

“This is the solution to our problem.” Jake handed his bag to Deville and took out the evidence bag containing the cufflink.He placed it on the Data Center (DC) of the device,it scanned the cufflink, accessing the the fingerprints then a mans picture appeared on the glass screen and so did his data,

“Dimitri Rudgoy,”It showed,

” Dev,copy that.”Deville brought out a pad and pen and wrote the man’s name down,his origin and other necessary data’s to be copied,

“Get his current location.” Jake swiped the screen and clicked on ‘locate’ icon.Suddenly the globe appeared on the screen and a red arrow pointing at London,

“They’re in London?” Deville asked,the red arrow flew to another place,

“We’ve got a second match in Beijing,” Deville said when the arrow flew to another place,

“And Tokyo,” it flew again,

“And Wyoming,”

“As well as the whole cities on this map.” Deville said in frustration,

“What’s wrong with it?” He asked Jake,Archie and the other were surprised too,

“They must be using a flee relay for Gods Eye to be giving us all this random location.”Jake said,

” So just track it back to the origin and get his true location.”Mr José said,Jake nodded and did it.The false arrows kept vanishing tillnthere was one left,it continued to flicker,

“Baja California.” Jake said,

“They’re in Baja California.” He said aloud,Deville took that down too.

Meanwhile, Tims search on Fred and Charles was a bit of success, Fred was found clean except for his family who were last seen over a week ago,

“Wasn’t that same week,Charles checked out of the hotel?” Will asked,Tim nodded,

“There’s something fishy going on,” Tim took his gaze from the system and faced William,

“Charles checked out over a week ago and according to our source,Fred’s family were last seen over a week ago,don’t you think that’s incriminating?” William nodded but didn’t really understand what going on,

Police men and their silly instincts, he sighed.

“Let’s call Dev,” he brought out his phone and called Deville,

“Hello Dev,we got some quite unclean info on Fred and a no nothing on Charles.”

“Okay,get ready were going to Baja California tonight.” Deville said to him over the phone, T gasped,

“Why?” He asked at the sudden change of environ,

“Got the bloody cunt that’s holding my Anne.” He said,

“Okay,you guys coming back here first?” He asked,

“Yeah,Archie said we need to get a couple of thing ready before we cart over there.” Deville said,

“And why are you talking like Archie?” He asked,

“Never mind,get yourself and Charles William ready too.” Deville said before he hung up,

“Man,we’re going to Baja California, Dev said the cunt that’s holding Anne is there.” Tim informed William as he kept back the phone,

“Baja California, is between America and Mexico right?” William asked,

“Yeah…Yes I guess so.” Tim said wearily,

“Then BAM means border between America and Mexico.” Tim gasped,

“True,true bro.” He was excited,William was happy at his effort,he never expected himself to be a smartass like Jake and Tim were.

“Then whoever sent that parcel must have known where they are and was giving us clue.” Tim added,

“Yeah,I think so,now we need to figure out who that person is.” He continued.

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