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After a whole day of futile search,Deville decided to go home and continue his search for Anne the next day,still there was no news from the cops or anyone.Deville lost sleep that night,the next morning,he rushed to the Police Headquarters,fortunately for him Tim Grayson was back in town,

“Deville, I heard what happened and…..”

“Tim,I need that cufflink.” He interrupted him,

“Tim,your men aren’t working as fast as I want them,its almost twenty hours but still no news on Anne.” Tim asked him to sit and sent someone to get him a cup of coffee,

“Dev,what do you intend to do now?” Tim asked as calm as ever,he knows what Deville was going to suggest and he isn’t going to object,

“I want to take that cufflink to the FBI,if I hand it over to Jake,I think he’ll do a better job than this.”They handed him the coffee,strong and black,

” Okay,but don’t hesitate to call me if you need my help, I’m fully out to help. “They shook hands,

“And how’s mom and that little fairy you call Pearl?” Deville lip curved into what look like a smile,the first ever since Anne’s disappearance.

“They doing fine I guess.” One of the cop brought the cufflink still wrapped in a zip lock bag and handed it to Deville,

“Here you go Dev,remember to call me when you need me.” Deville took the bag from Tim finished his coffee and went to his car,

“Anne,I’m going do everything possible to find you and bring you back home to us,to your family.” He assured himself and drove to the FBI quarters.


Deville, William, Tim,Jake and Archie are close friends from different background though,Deville, Tim and Jake grew up in the system before being adopted by two different families to nurtured them while Archie and William are from well to do family, Archie’s family is the richest amongst the five friends.Deville is into the raw material business, own some companies which sole mission is to distribute raw materials most especially Crude Oil to different countries of the world,Tim is in the Police Force while his elder brother is with the FBI, William a renown doctor and last Archie. Being born with a golden spoon,Archie earliest memory was playing with toys that later became real guns and hard drugs,his father Archie Snr was a great Cartel before he died,Archie at the age of sixteen, took over his father’s business,he runs the cartel and now has joined the money laundering business,he’s making good pit of it,lives in his old man’s old Mexican ranch which has been renovated to match his taste,he’s an ideal kingpin.


“Deville!” Someone called him,he turned and saw Jake,the bimbo with him turned and waved at Deville too,

“Old habits die hard.” Deville muttered as he walked to them,

You can never see Jake standing with Simone if not a bimbo with nice and gigantic tits,he though as he stood a foot from them,

“Hey bro,” They shook hands,

“Deville, this is Sara and Sara this is my oldest friend Deville..”

“Deville Salvador,I’ve sure heard a lot of him,” she stretch forth her hand and Deville took it,quite irritated at her seductive looks on him,he dropped her hand immediately,

“I hope its good things?” Deville asked faking a smile,for now he wants nothing more than to fine Anne and take her back home safe and sound.

“Jake can I talk to you in private?” He said to Jake,he nodded and followed Deville inside leaving his bimbo,

“Jake I need you to run a test on this.” He brought out the wrapped cufflink,

“Anne has been missing since yesterday and I strongly believe its kidnap,we found this in the crime scene.” Jake collected the zip lock bag from him,

“Is there any other clue,like a CCTV footage to see who last entered there?” Jake asked taking a closer look at the content of the bag,

“There’s but it isn’t informative enough.” Deville said,Jake motioned him to come with him and they went inside,

“Dev,do you have any suspects?” Deville was not sure whether to place Charles as a suspect or not,he finally nodded,

“Charles Zhang but the issue now is,I went to the hotel he was lodging and found out he checked out a week ago.” He explained to Jake,

“Okay,Tedd!” He called,one of his FBI men came running toward them,

“Take this,try run a test on it to check for fingerprints, I’ll be back soon for a match.” Jake turned to Deville,

“If there’s a possibility that no one has checked in into that Charles’s room,we can find something that we can use to match the fingerprint on the cufflink.” Deville nodded,

“And then well try get that CCTV footage of yesterday.” He dismissed Tedd then himself and Development drove to the hotel to try their luck.

“Mr Zhang’s room?” Deville said to the receptionist when they got to the hotel,

“Sir,I told you yesterday that Mr Zhang had checked out a week ago.” She complained,Jake brought out his ID card,she kept mute and nodded,

“Has anyone checked into that room since he left?” Jake asked,she shook her head,Deville smiled,actually that was all needed,

“Okay,the keys please.” Deville said, she handed the key to them and they left to his room.

“Wear this.” Jake gave Deville a latex glove,he’d wore it himself too and they ransacked the room.After awhile of nearly futile search,Jake came across a piece of broken glass in the trash can,he picked it up,

“Dev,seems like we have something.” Deville ran to him,and took the glass from him,

“It has a blood stain on it.” Deville said taking a closer look at the piece,

“Then that’s actually what we needed.” He put it in another zip lock and they rearranged the room to its normality,

“Let’s get outta here.” They left the room,gave back the keys to the ever appreciative receptionist and drove back to the FBI quarters.

Back to the FBI quarters, Jake gave the glass to the man,

“There’s a blood stain on this glass,pair it up with the fingerprints on the cufflink and check whether it matches.” He took the cufflink, then Deville and Jake waited for the result.

“What really happened Dev?” Jake asked,

“We’d gone to see the wedding planner,I and Anne,she said she wants to use the female room, I wanted to go with her but she refused,protesting on being pregnant not crippled,I allowed her go but she didn’t come back.When I went to search for her,I saw her phone but didn’t see her anywhere,asked the janitor around but no one saw her leave the place,called the manager and we went to the operating room,we checked the……..”

“Sir.” They were interrupted by the other man,they stood up and went to him,

“It doesn’t match,I mean the fingerprints on the chick and the bloodstain on the glass.” Deville was kinda not really shocked but surprised, the man handed the result to them.

“Okay..but is there any other way I can find the owner of those fingerprints?” Jake patted the man,telling him to leave them alone,then turned to Deville,

“There’s,but it is far within our reach.” Deville was kinda curious,

“What is that?” He asked Jake,they sat down,

“Its an advanced technological device created ahead of it’s time,God’s Eye is the only device that can do such task with ease.” He explained,

“Last we heard,KGB handed it down to the Mexicans and we haven’t heard a word of it since.” Deville’s phone rang,interrupting their discussion,

“Mom?” He took the call,

“Deville, can you come home now?” She said,

“Mom,I’m in a…..”

“It’s Pearl,I bet you need to see her.” She hung up,his brought back his attention to Jake,

“Bro what’s up?” Jake asked,

“Place a call to Archie, tell him were coming to Mexico tonight,I’ll have to go home now and handle my daughter,call me when everything is ready.” He headed to the door,

“Do take care of that bimbo,the one I met you with,she’s a real beauty.” Jake smiled and he left.

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