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*****EPISODE 55****”


Daisy chuckled. ‘Yeah, a wonderful one at that’ she said and they both laughed. ‘Ehoa, I’ve missed loads! Just two weeks since last I saw you and you’ve got this story for me?’


‘What can I say? It just happened. The whole sh.i.t was weighing me down, no joy in my heart, got fed up, everything and everyone was so d–n annoying, and I just had to shut down and booth again. All thanks to my coz – you need to meet her – she told me so much from her wealth of experience, now look where I’ve ended – am so happy like a butterfly’


‘Butterflies ain’t happy insects Dee’ Brenda said and frowned.


‘That’s what you think’ Daisy drawled, then in an euphoric state she added: ‘They are beautiful and happy, those helpless tiny things, life takes them through phases – egg, lava, pupa – till they become such beauties…with pretty wings and shiny dots…just like me’ she completed. Her expression distant and thoughtful.


‘Uhm Daisy, we aren’t talking about butterflies here’ Brenda said jolting her back to reality.


‘Sure we aren’t’ Daisy smiled and faced her friend.


‘So, what’s his contribution in all of this?’


‘Nothing big, I don’t need much from him either, just need him to communicate with me, and so far, we’ve said so much like we are on Oprah’s show…he knows me in and out, everything about my past and present, and so, what more can I ask for?’


‘Nothing I guess’


‘Yeah, nothing! Just working through the good and the bad together is all that matters’


Daisy fell silent for a moment, then with a thoughtful look she continued: ‘Know something else Bree, I’ve realised a lot and I’ve changed much too. Now, am going to stop living like some goddamn hypocrite. I mean, I profess to hate the Ibos passionately, but here you are! A full blooded Ibo! And Peter? He’s also Ibo! Then whether I like it or not, am Ibo…well technically offcourse…But the point



remains that I never got my facts straight, people ain’t the same, my father is different from everyone out there, people won’t treat me like he did, just because they are Ibos! Right now, am so ashamed of me, but I promise to get my head and facts straight again. No more hates, am ready to forgive and stop the ridiculous hatred already! Gush!’ Daisy concluded.


‘By God grace! little Daisy is fully grown and getting all philosophical on me!’ Brenda replied.


Daisy scoffed. ‘welcome to Nigeria girl’


‘You can say that again! But am truly happy for you Dee’ ‘I know you are and have always had my back’


‘Yes girl. Through the thick and thin, tough-lady Brenda is ever here for you’ ‘Like hello! no more toughness girlfriend, go get yourself a strong man, will you?’ Daisy teased.


‘Whatever’ Brenda replied waving her hands. ‘Cos you got yourself one hunh?’ ‘Yeah! and a good one too’


‘A pighead you mean’ Brenda replied although in a light tone.


‘Would you stop hating on my man already?’


‘That’s after he hits it right with me. It ain’t easy on this part of the divide, you know?’


Daisy smiled. Yes she knew. And she would leave it to Jide to sort his way through her friend’s cold shoulders that served as a mask to the warmth in her. Brenda was a darling if you got to know her better, just a lil bit spoilt and indulged which makes her raise her chin up at people. But she loved her friend and would really like them to get along.


‘Speaking of which where the heck is he?’ Brenda continued.


‘He’s in somewhere’ Daisy replied.


‘For real?’ she asked in amazement.


‘Yeah, he’s in…he’s looking for some document of his’ Daisy replied then relaxed


on the settee. Then suddenly she sat up, her eyes gleaming. ‘I can’t believe I left


out this part! Oh silly me! Come this Sunday, we are gonna be out and on our way


to Boston!’ she almost screamed.




‘Yeah, its kinda like a honeymoon. I so miss Boston and wanted us to go there, and I told him! And he’s cool with it too…God! am so excited! you’re gonna help me pack, thank goodness you’re here!’



‘Slow down girl, this suit ain’t on me for nothing! I started working for the company this week and…’


‘For real? well that explains the suit up. But you’re the bosses daughter, You can skip…’


‘Nah nah nah, my dad’s gonna…’


‘I see you girls are catching up on lost time?’ Jide interrupted as he entered into the parlor, wielding a brown envelope. He was putting on a denim blue jean and a customized sports polo.


Then heading for the table in the middle of the parlor, he added ‘hello Brenda, how you doing?’


‘Good as you can see’ came the curt reply from Brenda.


Daisy smiled as she watched her husband and friend, knowing that they’d be a word battle soon and hoping that they’d get to settle whatever issue they had going on, even though she knew Brenda was the one with the adjusting problem.


Jide picked up his car keys from the table. ‘You look rather odd in the suit, going to work or something?’ he asked.


‘Some of us work you know’ she retorted.


Off course, no food for lazy men, they say’ he replied.


‘Then why aren’t you working?’


‘Am sure you know what’s up’ he winked.


‘Whatever… Just get going already!’ The guy was intentionally trying to annoy her, but he wouldn’t get to her!


‘I can’t wait to leave ‘your’ presence too’ Jide replied sarcastically ‘…and off course you’re looking great as usual’ he added.


‘Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t need it’ she drawled and eyed Jide. ‘You’re always welcome’ Jide said and chuckled. ‘So sunshine, got to go finish up today’ he addressed Daisy


‘Sure honey, Brenda will keep me company’ Daisy replied smiling. ‘So, can I get my lucky charm’ he asked grinning mischievously


‘Coming right up’ Daisy replied, then rose up, took a step further to wrap her arms around his neck, while her lips produced ‘good luck charm’


Brenda watched on, feeling both envious and happy for her friend, and finally understanding what Daisy had been on about all morning. She had to admit that they looked good together, the love seem to radiate from both sides. Daisy’s fantasies and precarious leap of faith, had finally paid off. Lucky for her too! But



personally, she couldn’t take such chances on a man, having nothing tangible to run with but some out of the blues feelings? Hell no! That wasn’t how she groomed herself. It Definitely wasn’t! Whenever that naughty boy, Cupid, decides to play a fast one on her with his arrow, she would be ready for him, with eyes and senses wide open! Twas the 21st century for crying out loud, and such things shouldn’t exist! Brenda concluded with a scoff and diverted her attention from the unabashed kissing couples to the clock slowly ticking away to 9am.


‘Guess this charm would carry you through today?’ Daisy asked softly after she broke the kiss. Her eyes still cloudy with emotions.


Jide put up a contented smile, then Softly he replied: ‘not entirely for the day…It wouldn’t’. Then loudly and with a mischievous grin he added : ‘but we have got company and we wouldn’t want to make her uncomfortable, would we?’ Brenda’s attention redirected then. She glared at Jide, waved her hands like she didn’t care and stuck her tongue at him.


‘Now see, she’s already grumpy’ Jide said and chuckled, then gently shoved Daisy aside and headed for the door.Stories from Topster–stories


Daisy slowly sat down, whilst smiling at her friend.


‘Have a wonderful day ladies, and be a nice lady Brenda’ he called back then hurried out, not waiting or wanting to hear what Brenda would spit back. He knew the chick wouldn’t warm up to him that easily, not that he cared offcourse, because Daisy was all that mattered to him. Nevertheles, he had finally come to the conclusion that Brenda couldn’t just change an attitude which was obviously part of her and seem pronounced where he was concerned. He would just have to work his way through her rudeness, to see if he could get to her soft spot – That was offcourse if she had one. Jide thought and grunted.


‘Must be some femaleish with their friend’s husband’ he said to himself as he rode out of the compound, enroute to the embassy to get his papers completed.


Going to Boston was Daisy solemn wish and idea, and he just had to indulge her. His own honeymoon wish would kick off when they returned to Nigeria, he would take her to one of the serene resorts that characterised Nigeria. And give her her the African treat. That much was certain! He concluded and zoomed off.







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